Love Making Choices? Hate It? McDonald’s Caters to Both


McDonald’s is catering both to customers who love and hate making choices. While this may sound weird at first, don’t be surprised to see competitors start to do the same.

First, the burger chain expanded its “Create Your Taste” customized sandwich platform to 30 stores in five additional U.S. states — Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — with plans to bring the platform to more than 2,000 locations this year. The platform, which was initially launched in four Southern California stores, allows customers to bypass the counter and head to tablet-like kiosks where they can customize everything about their burger, including the type of bun, variety of cheese, toppings, and sauces. The platform will also be expanded to include chicken sandwiches. Read the rest of this entry »

Britain’s Strangest-Sounding Foods


Here in Britain, we have strange place names, strange terms for everyday items that vary depending on where in the country you are, and no shortage of strange-sounding names for our traditional dishes. Often, these fantastical names have very little do to with the dish itself (there are no bubbles in Bubble and Squeak, and the dish doesn’t make any noises when it is served!) Here are a few oddities you might encounter, and what the dish behind the name really is. Read the rest of this entry »

No Reservations: Taking the Fun Out of Chinese Dining

Lining up outside Din Tai Fung

Sometimes living in places like the San Gabriel Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, or New York City, which are the Meccas of Chinese dining in the United States, isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. No, it’s not that the Chinese food in these locales is overrated, as we’re talking about some unquestionably outstanding food. Rather it’s that quite often you can’t enjoy that great meal without waiting for an hour or two along with dozens of strangers crowded into the foyer of the restaurant or on the street outside. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Salads with More Fat than a Big Mac


With soaring obesity rates and ever-growing weight consciousness, it’s no wonder restaurants have tried to cater to diners looking for healthier choices. But don’t be fooled by a dish just because it’s on a bed of lettuce. The unhealthy choices aren’t always easy to spot. These ten salads have up to three times the fat of a McDonald’s Big Mac, which, in case you’re curious, has 29 grams of total fat. Read the rest of this entry »

2014′s Most Popular Posts


Another great year at Menuism! Our site continues to update thousands of restaurant menus, our ever-growing community keeps adding their restaurant reviews, our team aggregates hundreds of Restaurant Weeks, and here at the Menuism Blog, our content is as wide-ranging and scrumptiously delicious as ever! This year, readers were enticed by succulent subjects like vegan food, Chinese restaurants, fast food, and pizza. And we’ve developed a fiercely dedicated group of foodies in the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico! Read on to see the articles that got the most eyeballs this year, and then get to eating your way into the new year! Read the rest of this entry »