Healthy Eats in Santa Fe
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With the plethora of carb-heavy Mexican and Southwestern restaurants, eating healthy while dining out in Santa Fe can be a struggle. For a meal that’s good to both your body and palette, hit up these three eateries.


709 Don Cubero Alley, Santa Fe
(The nearest intersection is Cerrillos Road and Don Diego Avenue. The restaurant is slightly set back from Cerrillos Road.)


Vinaigrette is so healthy that there are even vegetables in the bathrooms. Admittedly, they are made from wood – a cucumber marks the door of the men’s and a half a head of cabbage signifies the women’s – but it demonstrates this salad bistro’s dedication to produce. The restaurant even has its own ten-acre farm, located twenty minutes from Santa Fe. During the peak growing season, the farm supplies about seventy percent of Vinaigrette’s produce – the epitome of the farm-to-table movement. Read the rest of this entry »

Terroir Talk: Tasting the Earth in Your Wine

Vineyard 002

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In wine jargon, terroir is a term that is trending amongst oenophiles and befuddling wine novices. Though the frilly French pronunciation (ter-wahr) may scare you off, it’s actually a useful term that will help you become a savvy wine drinker – and earn a few wine vocab points along the way.

Terroir comes from the Latin root meaning “earth” and refers to the collection of environmental elements that give wine a sense of place. Read the rest of this entry »

No Chinatown? No Problem! Part I: Atlanta & Dallas


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Once upon a time it was easy to find a good Chinese restaurant. If your city had a Chinatown, that’s where you went. If your city didn’t have a Chinatown, you were out of luck. But now things are different. Chinatown might not be the best place to go for Chinese food, and even if your city doesn’t have a recognized Chinatown, there still may be concentrations of good Chinese restaurants. The problem is that quite often in cities without a Chinatown, even most locals may not know about these Chinese restaurants, which will usually be in some suburb completely on the other side of town. Indeed, there are a number of American cities that follow this pattern. In this article, I’ll cover Atlanta and Dallas. Read the rest of this entry »

Vegan Foods You Already Love—and Didn’t Even Know It
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Black Bean Soup

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So you’re not much of a salad person. Believe me, I get it — neither am I. Some people adore a bowlful of chopped raw vegetables. Personally, I would rather opt for starvation. Fortunately, for me, it’s easy to be vegan with nary a salad bowl in sight. In fact, even before I decided to do my health, the planet, and animals a favor and stop eating meat and dairy products, I was already eating a lot of vegan food, and *gasp* enjoying it! Chances are, you are, too. So here are some of my (and maybe your) faves: Read the rest of this entry »

Why All the Fancy Bread at Fast Food Restaurants?
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It was the strangest thing: There I was in the drive-thru of my local Carl’s Jr. waiting to place an order when the following recorded voice greeted me:

“Hi and welcome to Carl’s Jr.! Would you like to try one of our Six-Dollar Burgers on our new fresh baked buns today?”

I was completely confused. Why all of a sudden was Carl’s Jr. offering fresh baked buns? When did it get so uppity? What was wrong with my usual $2.50 burger under a heat lamp? I didn’t want fresh baked buns, especially if I had to spend $6 or $7 for them. Who would buy this? Read the rest of this entry »