26 Crazy Bloody Marys, from A to Z


Bloody marys are my favorite. They’re the perfect excuse to drink in the morning and not prompt your family to convene an intervention. Plus, you get to snack on cured meats and pickled veggies while you do. I sought out some of the craziest, over-the-top, most Leaning Tower of Pisa-esque bloody mary garnishes out there. Then I decided to alphabetize the list because amidst all this chaos, I believe a little order is called for, don’t you? Good. Then let’s proceed. Read the rest of this entry »

McDonald’s, Competitors Take Different Approaches to Increase U.S. Business


It’s McDonald’s versus the world!

OK, not exactly. It’s more like McDonald’s versus other major fast-food burger chains. But both sides have taken decidedly different approaches in their advertising recently to drum up more U.S. business. Read the rest of this entry »

No Chinatown? No Problem! Part VI: Orlando
Photo by Traveler Foodie

Photo by Traveler Foodie

In Orlando, searching for Chinatown leads not to a specific part of the city, but rather to a shopping center that proclaims itself to be the city’s Chinatown. The Westside Crossing Shopping Center on West Colonial Drive is a facility so massive that most people are inclined to drive, not walk, from one end to the other. This center was once anchored by a Walmart and Publix supermarket, but was later abandoned and rehabilitated by Chinese investors. Read the rest of this entry »

Hearty Vegan Takeout for Chilly Nights
Photo by Alyssa Corsi

Photo by Alyssa Corsi

When the mercury takes a dive, sushi and salads just won’t cut it. For those nights when all you want to do is get takeout and curl up in front of the fireplace, consider one of these hearty vegan meals that will keep you feeling warm and warmhearted: Read the rest of this entry »

The Road to Trying 6,000 Chinese Restaurants
Photo by Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

Photo by Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

People who read my Menuism columns or who have heard about my visits to over 6,000 Chinese restaurants sometimes react in disbelief. One commenter said he’d have done the math, and asked how could I possibly have eaten at over 6,000 different Chinese restaurants, since it would require trying a new Chinese restaurant every day for over 16 years? Even if you tried one per day, unless you kept moving from city to city, wouldn’t you run out of new Chinese restaurants to try? Read the rest of this entry »