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Chicago’s Best Steakhouses

Photo by Glenn Keefer

Photo by Glenn Keefer

Bursting with an abundance of celebrated steakhouses, Chicago is every meat-lover’s paradise. With a dizzying amount of fantastic dining options, it can be difficult to choose where you want to spend your hard-earned dining dollars. In order to narrow down a list of the top steakhouses in the Windy City, we asked the help of some of Chicago’s finest food bloggers. With the expertise of Mary Jo Luppino of Carb Before the Storm, Rhonda Mix of Midwestern Adventures, Dwight Casimere of Dwight the Wine Doctor, and Carole Brewer of Show Me Chicago, we were able to come up with the ultimate meat-lover’s guide to Chicago steakhouses. Enjoy!

David Burke’s Primehouse – 616 N Rush St

“David Burke’s Primehouse scores highly at the top of my list. The steak is obviously the star at a typical Chicago steakhouse. However, I appreciate an establishment that puts care and thought into the rest of the food as well, specifically the side dishes. I’m the type of person that loves variety on a plate and I especially need that when the main event is a large cut of perfectly medium rare protein. I appreciate the fact that the appetizers and sides at David Burke’s are not ignored and compliment the main show well. Bonus, David Burke participates in Restaurant Week every year which is just a fantastic deal. I have also received coupons for a percentage off my next meal with them each time I dine. That’s a win in my book!” –Mary Jo Luppino

Benny’s Chop House 444 N Wabash Ave

Everything you’d expect to find on the menu of a typical steak house is on the menu at Benny’s. There’s one huge exception: the food that is served, the method of service and the presentation are head and shoulders above anything you have experienced before.” –Dwight Casimere

Gibson’s Steakhouse1028 N Rush St

“Gibson’s on Rush is definitely one of the best restaurants in Chicago to experience true fine dining. The ambiance of the place is fantastic – from its star-studded stairwell wall covered with photos of celebrities and restaurant history, to the relaxing mellow lighting and very attentive (but not annoyingly so) staff, Gibsons is surely worth the splurge now and again.  Check out this Chicago hotspot next time you’re in the area.” –Rhonda Mix

Tango Sur – 3763 N Southport Ave

“I doubt very many people would consider Tango Sur at the top of their Chicago Steakhouse list but it goes to the top for me. Tango Sur is located in the Southport corridor so you need to be willing to venture away from the River North area (I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds). However, I promise it is worth the trip.  Tango Sur is a BYOB Argentinian Steakhouse. Let that sink in… B.Y.O.B. STEAKHOUSE! The food is fantastic but you may have to bear a decent wait because they do not accept reservations unless your party is greater than six. Tango Sur is an affordable option for the person who wants to eat like Jay-Z on a Lou Bega budget (maybe a bad example but you get the drift).” –Mary Jo Luppino

Kinzie Chophouse400 N Wells St

“For me, Kinzie Chophouse is the resultant child if David Burke and Tango Sur got together.  Kinzie is the right combination of quality and price while still being centrally located in the heart of River North.” –Mary Jo Luppino

Keefer’s Restaurant20 W Kinzie St

“While Chicago seemingly has an unlimited number of steakhouses from which to choose, Keefer’s does it right. Named ‘Best of Chicago for Steak’ by The Food Network, the space is welcoming with bistro-styled booths and an upscale vibe along with upscale prices — making the discounted restaurant week prices an especially good deal.” –Carole Kuhrt Brewer

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