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Eat Big or Go Home: Introducing Badgeville for Menuism

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Levels on Menuism

Here at Menuism HQ, we’re obsessed with two things: improving the site for you, our loyal community of avid diners, and food (duh). That’s why we’re excited to announce our new rewards system, powered by Badgeville. You may have already seen some of our widgets floating around on the site recently.

We want to reward the most influential members of our community—the ones who share their dining experiences so that we all eat better. You’ll earn points for doing things like writing reviews, and achieve higher levels, titles and badges for completing missions, like reviewing a certain number of restaurants. You’ll also see how you stack up against your fellow foodies. Do YOU have what it takes to stay atop the leaderboards?

The rewards and widgets that you see on the site now are just the start. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll add more missions, levels and badges, and we’ll tie in some real-world rewards for certain contests. We’re ecstatic about this new rewards system, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Happy eating,

P.S. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please drop us a line anytime—in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

  • _erica_

    I’m curious — I have 18 “lifetime” reviews, but only the post-reward-system ones (2) are showing up for my rankings. I certainly intend to keep eating and reviewing, but am a little disappointed I’ve “lost” 16 :-)

    • Justin C

      Erica, we’re going to roll out some special 1-time badges for user activity prior to the new rewards.  They should be rolling out in the coming week or so. 

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  • eryngo

    Maybe a running count of our Reviews (and Visits) in our Achievement Showcase? That way we’d know how many more to the next badge…

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