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How to Pair Wine with Spicy Asian Food

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Editor’s Note: Asian cuisine is often overlooked when it comes to wine pairing suggestions, and that’s something we’d love to change. If you love wine and enjoy spicy Asian cuisines–especially Thai, Indian, Vietnamese or Korean–then you’re in the right place!

Here are Etty’s top tips for pairing wines with some of your favorite spicy Asian cuisines, along with a couple of classic pairing suggestions. Our favorite tip: temper heat with sweet!

Do you pair wine with Asian food? Share your favorite pairings and tips below!

  • Aliamars

    I never knew what to pair with spicy foods. I will try your recommendations!

  • Justin C

    Most asian restaurants don’t seem to have great wine lists or much emphasis on wine so bringing your own sounds like a great idea. 

  • Robert Cerff

    I like the “temper heat with sweet” idea.  I’ve applied that to spicy foods and beers for ages.

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