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Los Angeles’s Best Steakhouses

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Photo by TheBusyBrain

Photo by TheBusyBrain

In our search for the best steak, we set our sights on the rich culinary scene of Los Angeles. Housing a great selection of steakhouses, diners have a wonderful selection that ranges from modern to traditional. With the help of L.A.’s finest food bloggers, we put together a list of top-notch steakhouses worth salivating over. Today’s post features Elaine of Elaine Travels, Kevin of Kevin Eats, Jess Winfield of L.A. Food Crazy, and Street Gourmet LA.

Musso & Frank6667 Hollywood Blvd

“There is a reason most people who come here order the steak. They cook it exactly as ordered, meaning rare is bloody and well is brown. The steak fries and sauteed spinach are also excellent. The old fashioned atmosphere with servers in red jackets and who have all worked there for decades adds to the classic ambiance. This may be the place your father went for a steak in a suit and tie, but you can enjoy it today without having to wear a ’50s outfit (unless you want to).” –Elaine

Jar8225 Beverly Blvd

“If [Chef] Tracht’s goal is to serve upscale comfort food with a twist, then Jar is spot on. For the most part, retro classics are presented here with considerable gusto, faithful to the original, but somehow a step above. As you might suspect, Tracht is a big proponent of braising, and her fondness for the technique shows through in the rustic appeal of the food — those braises are definitely the stars of the show here. Pair them up with some of the starters (which can veer more toward the creative side), and you’ll do just fine. It’s clear to me that Jar is more than ‘Just Another Restaurant.'” –Kevin

Taylor’s Steakhouse3361 W 8th St

“Classic, slightly funky steakhouse ambience; red booths; waitresses who call you ‘hon;’ signed pictures of John McKay (if you don’t know he is, you don’t know L.A.!) on the wall. Wedge salads with bleu cheese or Thousand Island; the best baked potatoes around; and big, delicious, impeccably prepared steaks, including their famous ‘Culotte’ cut. And for steak, the prices are utterly reasonable ($19.00-30.00 with all the trimmings).” –Jess

Capital Grille8614 Beverly Blvd

“Kona-crusted dry-aged sirloin with shallot butter — juicy, has a nice sear, and is very tender for the cut. It really did not need the shallot butter, but it is a nice rich addition for those who want to be decadent. Since I love my meat very very rare, I am always impressed when the meat is seared on the outside but red and cold on the inside. Service is old-fashioned with a discreet presence always nearby but not hovering.” –Elaine

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse445 N Canon Dr

“Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is a finely polished vision of the classic American Steakhouse, refreshing at a time when some are trying to update the archetype. It’s a place for thick quality steaks, jumbo shrimp cocktails, Caesar salads the way they’re supposed to be, and hearty sides. Order a nice bottle of wine for you and your best girl, or send some cocktails to the dolls at the bar from your Rat Pack. Valet your Porsche with a devil-may-care attitude.” –Street Gourmet LA

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    Any great kosher steakhouses?

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