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New York City’s 5 Best Sushi Spots

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Photo by Filip Wolak

Photo by Filip Wolak

Featuring fresh ingredients and creative interpretations from the skilled hands of sushi masters, today’s post features five of the best sushi spots in New York City. With recommendations from popular food bloggers Malini Horiuchi of The Restaurant Fairy, Yvo of Feisty Foodie, Jean-Philippe of I Just Want to Eat, and Michael of New York Food Journal, you won’t have any doubts about how delicious the food will be. From Sasabune to Sushi Yasuda, here are the top five picks:


401 E 73rd St

“Sasabune is probably the closest you will get to experiencing truly fine Tokyo sushi in New York, without actually having to get on a plane. There is no menu at Sasabune. ‘Trust me,’ says master chef Kenji Takahashi …And I do – I really really do! You should too…” –Malini

Sushi Yasu

70-11 Austin St

“I hesitate to share this amazing neighborhood gem, but the reality is when you try to Google it, Sushi Yasuda is suggested anyway. Chef Yasu is a master; the omakase is a brilliant steal starting at $40 (you can go higher as you like), and his touch with the housemade sauces, the mixtures and even the specialty fishes he gets that aren’t on the regular menu are just amazing. If you don’t want to go that route, the Marilyn Monroll – so named because of the way the chef thinks the raw scallops perched on top looks like the pleats of her infamous dress – is a popular order. The chirashi may seem expensive but given the taste and care put into its preparation is totally worth it. Highly recommend this place.” -Yvo

Sushi of Gari 46

347 W 46th St

“Sushi of Gari is the abode of celestial sushi! Chef Masatoshi ‘Gari’ Sugio in his brilliant creations has redefined sushi completely. Gari set out to educate Americans on how to truly enjoy the delicate flavors of sushi without dousing it in globs of wasabi and soy sauce.” –Malini


88 10th Ave

“When you go to Morimoto, be ready to be transported to a world of creativity! Chef Morimoto is a genius and every dish he created is amazing. Besides traditional sushi and sashimi dishes, he offers his own interpretation of standard dishes such as the surf and turf, served with Kobe beef. Not only the taste is fantastic, but the presentation is amazing!” –Jean-Philippe

Sushi Yasuda

204 E 43rd St

“Sushi Yasuda probably serves some of the freshest sushi in New York City. This elegant temple of fine fish is housed in a soothing space that is adorned with calming planks of bamboo. Yasuda is all about simplicity and purity in its food and its space.” –Malini

“Founded over 10 years ago, Sushi Yasuda still serves the best sushi in New York. And they do it in a traditional and understated way. Just unbelievably, uniquely, fresh fish and expertly skilled sushi chefs. After a meal at Sushi Yasuda you may believe, as I did after a recent meal, that all other sushi you’ve ever had before were imitations. This is the real deal.” –Michael

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