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Finding Great Sushi in Chicago

Photo by Seth Anderson

Photo by Seth Anderson

We all know Chicago is famous for deep-dish pizza and hot dogs — but what about its sushi? As sushi’s popularity has skyrocketed, the city has met the demand with some truly noteworthy sushi restaurants. With the help of Gino Williams of Chicago Alphabet Soup and Devin Ruddy of Gears, Beers, and Grub, we compiled a list of Chicago’s hottest sushi spots. Ittadakimasu!

Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill

1715 W Chicago Ave

“Located at 1715 W. Chicago Avenue, Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill is a gem that really should not be missed. Very close and intimate, but bursting with some of the freshest and most exotic sushi to be found in Chicago. The service is out of this world and if you think that is the icing on the cake, just wait until you work your chopsticks on some signature maki rolls, sashimi, or something from the robata grill.” –Gino


1829 W Chicago Ave

“To say I was impressed with Arami would be a disservice to my experience there. I was overwhelmed. We tried almost everything on the menu and barely took time to breathe. Was it the best sushi in Chicago (like so many have written and said)? I’m not sure. What I can say for sure is that it was an event and I can say three things without hesitation:
1. Everything tasted good.
2. Nothing dissapointed.
3. Go there and try it for yourself, you’ll leave happy.” –Devin

Roka Akor

456 North Clark Street

“If you want a restaurant that gets fresh fish every day, then you are certain to get fresh sushi every day. Roka Akor at 456 N. Clark Street is the restaurant where that certainty is real. The dining experience may be pricier than most, but rest assured that you will get sushi that will put New York City and West Coast sushi restaurants and lounges to shame. And with a new location in Skokie, Illinois, there are two options from which to choose.” –Gino

Sen Sushi

814 S Oak Park Ave

“If you blink, you may pass by the restaurant and miss it. But if you’re paying attention and you enter Sen Sushi at 814 S. Oak Park Avenue, you will know that there is a such thing as very good sushi. The space on the inside is small and close, but it’s the signature rolls, classic rolls, and sashimi that becomes a magnet with a constant pull for returning.” –Gino

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