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This Week in Food News: Paula Deen Gets Axed, McDonald’s Franchise Tosses Embarrassing Newspapers

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Photo by Best Movies Ever News

Photo by Best Movies Ever News

Companies cut ties with Paula Deen after a racism scandal emerges, a McDonald’s franchise allegedly buries newspaper coverage of a lawsuit, and a study finds that cutlery can affect our perception of taste. Read below for the full stories!

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has had a rough week. After a former restaurant employee filed a lawsuit against Deen and her brother for racial and sexual discrimination, a video deposition showing Deen’s admission to using the N-word made rounds through the media. Lisa Jackson, a former manager for the Savannah, GA restaurant that Deen co-owns with her brother Earl Hiers, claims that Deen and Hiers routinely made sexist and racist remarks during her five-year tenure. Among Deen’s most damning remarks involved her desire to hire black waiters dressed like slaves for a catered event. Since the deposition surfaced, Deen has appeared on NBC’s Today Show for an interview with Matt Lauer in an attempt to recover from the media firestorm. Her side of the story did little to sway the general public, however. Since the rocky interview, a slew of companies have cut ties with the chef, most notably Food Network, Wal-Mart, Target, Smithfield, and Caesar’s entertainment. Readers, what are your thoughts on this scandal?

A Pennsylvania McDonald’s is under scrutiny for allegedly tossing out newspapers alluding to its recent debit card lawsuit. A former employee named Natalie Gunshannon is suing franchise owners Albert and Carol Mueller for making employees collect their payments with a fee-heavy debit card. The franchise owners faced further criticism after an employee submitted a post on Reddit about how the franchise owner had ordered employees to throw away newspapers covering the lawsuit. The post, featuring a photo of the newspapers in question, quickly circulated the internet. The owners have yet to respond to the latest allegations.

A recent study in the journal Flavour has discovered that cutlery can affect our perception of taste, and how much we consume. Researchers found that foods consumed with a lightweight utensil taste more filling than if consumed with heavier utensil. They also found evidence suggesting that tastes may be influenced by the color contrast between the cutlery and food item, and that less color contrast makes food taste sweeter. Foods were also found to be saltiest when eaten off a knife. Readers, do you agree with these these research findings?

  • Sandy Beech

    any company that cuts ties with Paula cuts ties with our family too!

  • Justin C

    Re: paula deen, totally understandable from a brand standpoint. There will be another celeb chef that will come along that caters to the same demographic.

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