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This Week in Food News: Researchers Develop Hydrating Beer, Cronut Burgers Land People in Hospital

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Photo by manasis_tacbobo

Photo by manasis_tacbobo

Cronut burgers land people in the hospital, researchers develop hydrating beer, and an angry couple attacks a Dunkin’ Donuts employee. Read below for the full stories:

As if cronuts weren’t adventurous enough, the innovative minds at Toronto’s Le Dolci and Epic Burgers and Waffles decided to kick things up a notch. Using a combination of cronut buns, a burger patty, maple bacon jam and cheese, the cronut burger was born. While the bizarre creation attracted some buzz, it was the hybrid’s involvement in a recent health scare that got everyone’s attention. After consuming the cronut burger at the Canadian National Exhibition on Tuesday, twelve people fell ill, and five were hospitalized for gastrointestinal distress. Hospital staff soon discovered that the one thread of commonality among the cases was that each person had consumed a cronut burger. Toronto Public Health has launched an investigation, ordering Epic Burgers and Waffles to remain closed until further notice.

Attention beer drinkers–the dreaded hangover may soon be a thing of the past. Researchers from Griffith University’s Health Institute in Australia have developed a hydrating beer that may help prevent hangovers. In an experiment involving two commercial, one average strength and one light brew, researchers had participants sample different beers with modified ingredients. Researchers found that the addition of electrolytes and a reduction of alcohol content effectively hydrated their participants. Out of the varieties used, they found that their altered light beer was the most hydrating, showed a one-third improvement in hydration compared to normal beer. With these findings, beer dehydration (which plays a big role in causing hangovers) may soon be reduced.

We’ve seen stories of customers losing their cool over disappointing orders, but this one takes the cake. At a Dunkin’ Donuts in Lauderhill, Fl., a man repeatedly struck an employee with his gun over an unsatisfactory coffee order. Jeffrey Wright, 27, and his wife Alexis Longo, 22, went into the store to complain to the manager after purchased coffee from the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through. The couple never did communicate the issue with their order, but ended up getting into a heated argument with 19-year-old drive-through worker, Rajay Hall. After Longo attempted to hit Hall, Wright threw a punch at Hall and proceeded to strike him on the head with a loaded gun. Longo urged her husband to shoot Hall, but Hall managed to lock himself in a restroom as customers intervened. Wright was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and was held on a $20,000 bond. Longo was charged with simple battery and was held on a $1,000 bond.

Watch surveillance footage of the altercation:

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