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  • 156. Vegetable Mein Fun
  • C22. Orange Chicken
  • S10. Seafood Soup

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"We waited an hour and 45 minutes for a takeout delivery order. Called the restaurant twice after ..."

Best and freshest around

"Absolutley, the best egg rolls I have ever had (with the exception of my Japanese aunt Kazzako's..."


"I looooovvve going to Great Wall. My husband and I had the trickiest time finding a venue to soot..."

Watch out, they will overcharge your credit card

"Had dinner there, they charged my credit card $60 on a $20 tab, then tell me to trust them, that ..."

Sadly, they are gone

"They are no longer in business. I rated there food and serve as 4 out of 5. I ate there three tim..."

The place

"Place is amazing and so is the delivery driver. Better then the other local Chinese food places."

A True College Restaurant

"If you are looking for fine Asian dining, this is not for you. If you are looking for cheap, h..."


"First time here, I planned to sit in and eat with my son on a day off school. Too dirty to sit a..."