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If chocolate is involved, sign me up!

I love to eat and I love to try new foods. I enjoy eating in and out equally. I decorate cakes as a (paid) hobby. There is a 90% chance that I will order chicken in a restaurant. Forced tipping for substandard service (aka svc charge) is a BIG pet peeve.


Las Tres Conchitas

 7476 Rue St-Hubert
Montréal, QC

mountains of food

I was here for supper in March. This restaurant has two main spaces; our small group was in the glassed-in area.

The menu is heavy on fish and seafood. But I wasn’t in the mood for fish that night, I was drawn to the “traditional menu” area. Portions are quite generous.

Service was quite prompt, but the waitress did not speak English. When I tried to order my dish using the word in the menu, the waitress did not understand and thought I wanted a Pina Colada.

The website promises karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. Apparently no one was interested in singing for their supper when I visited. One of my tablemates, who has been to the restaurant several times, did not remember any karaoke.

I might go back if I were in the area.


You get half a chicken, spatchcocked and fried with a thin, light, crispy crust. It came with a mound of plain rice and a salad with tomatoes, avocado, and the bare minimum of dressing. It was nice; it could use a sauce of some kind.

Plantain Chips

These were put on the table to snack on while we waited to order. They came with a couple of dipping sauces. We ate so many that we received another basket.

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Hi there… is Liver, Yellow Beets, Potato and Pineapple a dish or some sort… or were you cleaning up the left overs ? :-)



Oh darn! Missed the Pointe a Callieres Cultural Feast this year. It´s so much fun & tasty too. Lucky you!

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Group Service Charges
Evil dirty rotten service charges. I don't like them and I try to avoid places that slap them on to the bill. If the policy is upfront on the menu, it's more tolerable. But sometimes the charges sneak on, especially without merit.
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