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If chocolate is involved, sign me up!

I love to eat and I love to try new foods. I enjoy eating in and out equally. I decorate cakes as a (paid) hobby. There is a 90% chance that I will order chicken in a restaurant. Forced tipping for substandard service (aka svc charge) is a BIG pet peeve.


Café Bistro Lomo

 1887 Rue Beaubien E
Montréal, QC


I was here for a midafternoon break. I had been out and about, and wasn’t quite ready to go home yet.

The café is decorated in a photography theme, with a special emphasis on the Lomo, a Russian camera. I sat in the comfy easy chair beside the window. There is no terrasse, but the flowers growing in the lane brushed over the open windowsill. The staff were pleasant and eager to please, with welcoming smiles.

I liked it here, I felt very relaxed and would return.

iced mocha

The drink came in a humongous glass with a straw. It tasted strongly of chocolate (a good thing) and it was so thick I needed a spoon to get the last bits out of the bottom.

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Hi there… is Liver, Yellow Beets, Potato and Pineapple a dish or some sort… or were you cleaning up the left overs ? :-)



Oh darn! Missed the Pointe a Callieres Cultural Feast this year. It´s so much fun & tasty too. Lucky you!

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chocolate anything
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whoever is making the "chocolate anything" for my immediate consumption!
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Group Service Charges
Evil dirty rotten service charges. I don't like them and I try to avoid places that slap them on to the bill. If the policy is upfront on the menu, it's more tolerable. But sometimes the charges sneak on, especially without merit.
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