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I love to eat and I love to try new foods. I enjoy eating in and out equally. I decorate cakes as a (paid) hobby. There is a 90% chance that I will order chicken in a restaurant. Forced tipping for substandard service (aka svc charge) is a BIG pet peeve.

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3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 943-6982
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Feeding time at the zoo

This is the cafeteria at the Las Vegas convention center. I was here in October 2013. It is situated between the North Hall and Central Hall. There are stations for salad, deli, pasta, sandwiches, and more. There is no lack of variety!

I have never seen such a crowded cafeteria in my life. Every station had a huge lineup, and after I cashed out, there was literally no place to sit. There may be seating for 700, but I couldn’t find a chair. I had to sit on a padded tuffet in the hall to eat my lunch.

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Salad bar

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There are lots of choices on the salad bar, and two sizes of takeout containers that you can fill to the top. I filled a large one with, among other things, sliced onion, carrots, chickpeas, and green beans. Everything was fresh and filling, not a brown leaf to be seen. It was good to have something healthy to chew on.

iced tea

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You can choose sweetened or unsweetened, but what comes out of the dispenser isn’t cold! Do what I neglected to do, and look for the ice machine.

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Hi there… is Liver, Yellow Beets, Potato and Pineapple a dish or some sort… or were you cleaning up the left overs ? :-)



Oh darn! Missed the Pointe a Callieres Cultural Feast this year. It´s so much fun & tasty too. Lucky you!

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Group Service Charges Evil dirty rotten service charges. I don't like them and I try to avoid places that slap them on to the bill. If the policy is upfront on the menu, it's more tolerable. But sometimes the charges sneak on, especially without merit.