Menuism is a combination of restaurant menus, restaurant & food reviews, dining journals, and social networking – all rolled into one. Like sushi or a taco, but better.

Menuism is a place where you can share both where to eat and what to order! When you’re done eating out, come home to rate and review the restaurant and the dish you ate – and share pictures.

In other words, you rate what you ate, not just where you ate.

Why rate the dish I ate?
Menuism allows you to review the restaurant generally and review the particular dish you ordered. Reviewing the individual dishes is just as important as reviewing the restaurant. After all, you can go to a 5-star restaurant and have a mediocre steak or go to a taco stand and have a 5-star taco. Menuism separates the restaurant ratings and the dish ratings so you can say just that. That way, Menuism helps you find both where to eat and what to order.
What is the social networking feature?
You get to be a food critic and you can use your critiques to interact with other local foodies. With the social networking features, you can find like-minded and/or local foodies and follow their good taste. You can interact by replying to reviews, sending private messages, or publicly commenting on their profile.
Menuism is built by users, for users. Anyone can add restaurants, “tag” them with descriptive attributes, or add dishes to the menu. Make sure your favorite restaurants – and dishes – are listed and invite your friends to do the same!

Of course, if you’re just looking for menus, we have those too – and we have the largest compilation of menus anywhere on the web!

Menu links
Menuism provides links to menus of all restaurants that have ‘em posted online. We have partners such as SinglePlatform, AllMenus, GrubHub, SnapFinger, and BringMeThat for menus and partners such as for dish listings. But, if you see something we don’t have and you can find it online, just “suggest corrections” and we’ll get it up there too!
User contributed dishes
In addition to full menus, users can enter in a restaurant’s dishes. When you rate what you ate, that menu item gets added to the restaurant’s page.

Menuism can be your dining journal – an online Rolodex! It’s like collecting business cards at each restaurant and putting little notes on the cards so that when you want to go back, you can see “Best chicken ever!” and you’ll know. . . well, to order the chicken.

On Menuism, you can catalog your dining interests and experience:

  • Add restaurants to your favorite list (if you like them!)
  • Add restaurants to your “try” list (if you see one you want to check out!)
  • Write a restaurant review and rate the dishes (so you know what you like and what to order!)
  • Upload unlimited food photos and menus (so you can remember what it all looked like!)

Menuism keeps all these sentiments about a restaurant in your handy dining journal. AND, it’s better than a simple Roladex because you can browse your journal alphabetically or chronologically.

Ready to get started?

What’s a "Menuism," anyway?
Well, enlightenment – inspired by Buddhism -- is the core spirit of Menuism. We started "Menuism" as a means for friends, family, and community to enlighten each other about their dining decisions at local restaurants. So we put together what we were doing – enlightening people about menus – and voila! Menu-ism!
What’s that chubby little orange thing?
Foodha likes stars He’s not a thing, he’s Foodha! Foodha’s name stems from Food + Buddha, so you can see we’re serious about this enlightening thing. Foodha is there to inspire you to share your thoughts on dishes and restaurants. He’s the fine eating sprit in all of us. And, more importantly, he reminds us that there's always room for dessert! :)
So, if Menu + Buddhism = Menuism, and Food + Buddha = Foodha, then who are you?
We started out as two college friends – Justin and John -- who had a huge stack of menus sitting by the phone. You know you have one too! It’s the stack of menus that is covered with notes? Where the chicken tortellini is circled and there’s a smiley face on it?
We wanted to share those menus, along with our notes and thoughts on the menu items, and we wanted to know what menus other people had and what they thought of the chicken tortellini at those restaurants. So we scratched our heads (respectively, of course) and came up with Menuism!
We hope you enjoy eating and sharing your thoughts on food as much as we do! If you have any questions or you just want to drop by to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy eating! (And don’t forget to rate what you ate!)

~ Justin and John

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