's consumption-minded visitors skew female, higher income, and highly educated.

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Income visitors are more likely to have a higher average household income then the average internet user.

  • x.8 $0 to $30K
  • x.9 $30 to 60K
  • x1.03 $60 to $100k
  • x1.24 $100k+
Age visitors are more likely to be between 25 to 34 or over 65 than the average internet user.

  • x.73 for 18 to 24
  • x1.20 for 25 to 34
  • x.97 for 45 to 54
  • x.90 for 55 to 64
  • x1.1 for 65+
Gender visitors are more likely to be female then the average internet user.

  • x.92 male
  • x1.05 female
Education visitors are more like to have a college and graduate eduction then the average internet user.

  • x.79 for No College
  • x1.10 for College
  • x1.30 for Graduate School

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