From humble beginnings in Dallas, Chili’s rose to national fame through a combination of great service and innovation in Tex-Mex cuisine. Here are a few little-known facts you may not know about one of America’s most successful restaurant chains.

1. The first Chili’s was in a post office
The very first Chili’s restaurant was a converted post office in Dallas. It served classic Tex-Mex dishes, burgers, and fries.

2. The first Chili’s is now a gas station
A 7-Eleven, to be precise.

3. Chili’s sells 135,000 gallons of its Presidente Margaritas each year
That’s enough to fill 13 swimming pools.

4. Every Chili’s Restaurant Features an Upside-Down Picture
It’s a red and green picture, and you’ll find it hung in every location in America. The Chinese word for “arrive” rhymes with the Chinese word for “upside down.” Go figure.

5. Around 20,000 miles of the famous baby back ribs are sold every year
That’s enough for two round-trips between LA and London.

6. Chili’s was modeled on two burger restaurants
Larry Lavine used his childhood haunts the Burger House and Goff’s Hamburgers in Dallas as his inspiration for Chili’s.

7. Another inspiration for Chili’s was a Texas chili cook-off
The Terlingua Chili Cook-Off in 1967 captivated the young Lavine, and he promised that his first restaurant would capture the event’s spirit.

8. Chili’s uses the sounds and smells of food to entice diners
Called the “Fajita Effect,” sizzling fajitas are paraded through the restaurant to generate interest and drama.

9. Schlitz was once the only beer sold at Chili’s
Before Chili’s could get credit with suppliers, it was forced to sell just one brand of beer — Schlitz.

10. There’s a St. ChiliHead Day
This is a celebration of the company’s birth, which is marked with a huge outdoor party in Dallas.

11. Chili’s uses robotic waiters
The company installed 45,000 Ziosk tablets in more than 800 of its restaurants. The devices allow customers to order, pay, and play games.

12. Tablet devices increased dessert sales by 20 percent
Making ordering easier led to a sudden surge in the sale of Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies.

13. The man behind the Chili’s jingle has never eaten baby back ribs
His name is Guy Bommarito, and he says he wrote the song in five minutes. He also doesn’t care for ribs.

14. Chili’s sells a Kellogg’s product
The veggie burger at Chili’s is manufactured by the famous breakfast cereal brand.

15. There are Chili’s restaurants in 35 countries
The countries lucky enough to boast a Chili’s include Russia, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia.