15 little known facts about mcdonaldsSure, you know McDonald’s is convenient, thanks to the 24-hour drive-thrus on nearly every corner. You know you love the fries. But you might not be aware of McDonald’s long history in the United States and around the globe. Learn some fun facts about this fast food restaurant.

About McDonald’s Food

Your favorite combo meal hasn’t always looked the way it does now. Here are a few examples of how the food at McDonald’s has evolved over the years:

  • The McDonald brothers originally opened a hot dog stand, but they shut it down to focus on selling burgers and fries.
  • McDonald’s tried serving pizza nationwide, but it took too long to cook. Now, only a few locations in the United States still offer the McPizza.
  • McDonald’s didn’t have French fries on the menu until nine years after it opened.
    Today, those fries are its best-selling item.
  • It’s no wonder that 7 percent of all potatoes in the United States eventually become McDonald’s fries.

McDonald’s Around the World

McDonald’s is located in 120 countries and operates more than 68,000 locations worldwide, but those locations are anything but uniform. Here’s what you should know about a few of the restaurants:

  • A McDonald’s location in Sedona, AZ, has turquoise arches.
  • The Queen of England bought a McDonald’s near Windsor Castle.
  • Some McDonald’s — such as those in the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, France and Germany — serve beer.
  • In Hong Kong, McDonald’s offers wedding packages that include decorations in the restaurant, invitations, bouquet, and emcee.
  • Beijing is home to the largest McDonald’s location, with a footprint of over 28,000 square feet.

By The McNumbers

As a publicly traded corporation, McDonald’s has to deliver big numbers when it comes to sales and new stores.

  • McDonald’s opens a new location about every four hours.
  • Every second, McDonald’s sells 75 burgers.
  • The restaurant employs more than 1.8 million people.
  • McDonald’s sells over 500 million cups of coffee in the United States every year.
  • Every day, McDonald’s locations around the world sell 9 million pounds of fries.

Now that you know these fun facts, your next visit to the Golden Arches just might feel a little tastier.