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Katz's Delicatessen. Photo by the_junes.

Restaurants scenes are certainly common in movies–usually as a backdrop to a simple conversation, but sometimes the restaurant scene is exceptional and forever leaves an imprint in our minds. With so many choices, there’s plenty of room for debate, but we’re putting a stake in the ground and are naming these…


Viewer discretion advised.

1. When Harry Met Sally Fake Orgasm

Hands-down the most-remembered restaurant scene in any movie.

Where it was filmed: Katz’s Delicatessen in Manhattan

2. Anchorman Jazz Flute

Only Ron Burgundy could make a jazz flute solo so entertaining.

Where it was filmed: The Dresden Restaurant

3. Lady & The Tramp Spaghetti Scene

Classic romantic Disney restaurant scene shared between dogs, not people.

4. Great Outdoors 96oz Steak

Ever been to one of those restaurants where if you eat the oversized dish, your entire meal is free?

Where it was filmed: Ducey’s on Bass Lake

5. Spiderman 2 Almost Kiss

A somewhat romantic scene turns into a life-threatening event that leaves your spidey senses tingling.

Where it was filmed: Universal Studios “New York Street”

6. Road Trip French Toast

All those fears about how your food was prepared come to life in this scene from Road Trip.

Where it was filmed: The Gwinett Diner

7. Pulp Fiction Return of the BMF Wallet

Talk about messing with the wrong person at the wrong time.

Where it was filmed: the now-defunct Hawthorne Grille in Dayton, OH

8. Reservoir Dogs Why I Don’t Tip

Mr. Pink explains why he doesn’t tip before being forced to tip (partial scene below, full here).

Where it was filmed: Pat & Lorraine’s Coffee Shop

9. Dumb & Dumber Sea Bass

Great near-fight scene at a small diner. (Here’s a bonus clip of actual fight from the movie).

Where it was filmed: Mama’s Kitchen in Fort Morgan, CO (now a Quiznos)

10. Gaylord Focker Truth Serum

This scene takes place shortly after De Niro gives Greg some truth serum.

11. Heat DeNiro Pacino Restaurant Scene

How often do the cops and robbers have a sit-down session before taking each other down?

Where it was filmed: Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills

12. As Good As It Gets Compliment

Biggest scene in the movie for Jack Nicholson’s awkward character.

Where it was filmed: Khoury’s Restaurant

13. Blues Brothers Sell Me Your Children

Quick scene from Blues Brothers.

Where it was filmed: Chez Paul in Chicago (now closed)

14. Ratatouille Starts Cooking

Hard to pick one scene from this restaurant-focused movie, so we’ll go with Remy’s first restaurant cooking experience.

15. Animal House Food Fight

Okay, it might take place in a cafeteria, but many might be disappointed if we didn’t include this scene.

Where it was filmed: Fishbowl Dining Area of EMU Building at the University of Oregon

Editor’s Note: What did we miss? Add your favorite restaurant movie scenes in the comments!

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