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Another great year at Menuism! Our site continues to update thousands of restaurant menus, our ever-growing community keeps adding their restaurant reviews, our team aggregates hundreds of Restaurant Weeks, and here at the Menuism Blog, our content is as wide-ranging and scrumptiously delicious as ever! This year, readers were enticed by succulent subjects like vegan food, Chinese restaurants, fast food, and pizza. And we’ve developed a fiercely dedicated group of foodies in the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico! Read on to see the articles that got the most eyeballs this year, and then get to eating your way into the new year!

10. Vegan Doughnuts

Mighty-O Donuts Credit PETA

Michelle Kretzer of PETA did extensive (and obviously pained) research to cultivate this list of dairy- and egg-free doughnuts across the country. French toast doughnuts? Whiskey tangerine fig? Lemon lavender? Yes, please!

> Iced or Spiced, Vegan Doughnuts Are All the Rage

9. Tip Jars

Tip Jar


Nevin Barich of Industry Intelligence follows fast food trends, and sees one particularly interesting trend emerging – tip jars. Could tips help bolster wages for fast food workers in a meaningful way? Read on and weigh in.

> Is Tipping the Future of Fast Food?

8. Chef or Sysco?

Shrimp And Chicken Satay Sauce On Chow Fun @ Mini Garden Noodle House

photo: madmarv00

David R. Chan, who’s eaten at over 6,650 Chinese restaurants, explores how food service companies like Sysco are changing the game. Dishes that were once cost-prohibitive to import or make from scratch can now be found in the far reaches of Idaho – but is it for better or worse?

> Who’s Really Making Your Chinese Food?

7. Eggs and Bacon All Wrapped Up

Did you know that the breakfast burrito was invented in Santa Fe? It’s no question, then, that the New Mexico city should offer some of the best. Juliet White of Southwest Compass runs down six burrito joints not to be missed in the morning hours.

> The Best Breakfast Burritos in Santa Fe

6. Unknowing Vegan

Michelle Kretzer thinks the transition to vegan eating might be easier than you think, especially since you’re probably already eating vegan dishes without even meaning to! From Panera Bread to Chick-fil-A, these dishes are plant-based and popular with vegans and carnivores alike.

> Vegan Foods You Already Love—and Didn’t Even Know It

5. Sometimes an Oldie’s Not a Goodie

David R. Chan has, as previously mentioned, eaten at an astounding 6,650+ Chinese restaurants, and he has a rule about them: no restaurants over 20 years old. Why?

> Why I Won’t Eat at a Chinese Restaurant That’s Over 20 Years Old

4. Pizza Pie in the City of Angels

Bun Boy Eats LA takes on the intimidating task of finding the best pizza in Los Angeles. Wars have been started over less! See if you agree with his choices — if you can stop salivating, that is.

> LA’s 12 Best Pizzas

3. The Cola Wars Rage On

One of the fast food industry’s most successful promotions this year wasn’t on its food, but rather, on soft drinks. Nevin Barich reports on how drinks are often up-selling fast food, rather than the other way around.

> Fast Food’s Soda Wars Latest Attempt to Gain Business

2. Houston’s Best Chinese

Houston, we have a problem – we don’t have a Chinatown. But, as David R. Chan’s “No Chinatown? No Problem!” series argues, that doesn’t mean cities like Houston lack awesome Chinese food. You just have to know where to look, and with David’s help, you’ll find the best.

> No Chinatown? No Problem! Part III: Houston
> Bonus: check out the rest of the series: Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, San Diego, and Phoenix!

1. Elite Street Meat


Santa Fe’s food truck scene might owe a debt to the days of chuck wagon. These six selections honor but upgrade these humble beginnings, offering gourmet meals to Santa Fe’s hungry masses. Juliet White’s list of Santa Fe street meat grew to our most popular post of the year. See why!

> Santa Fe Food Trucks Worth Chasing After

Hope you enjoyed this year of posts, Menuism readers! Let us know what else you’d like to see on the blog!

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