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One of the hardest things about writing reviews is simply remembering what you need to review.

Cheesesteak fan and Menuism user Dynamyk had a practical idea for keeping track of which restaurants to review – automating a link to any restaurant mentioned in a Gutcheck. If you’re twittering what you’re doing all day long, this is an easy way to further record your dining experiences.

See It In Action

We’re often able to match the restaurant you’ve typed into Twitter with its corresponding profile on Menuism.

Dynamyk gutcheck

Justin gutcheck - direct match

But if there are multiple matches, or possible matches, we’ll provide a link to a search for the restaurant, so you’re able to identify the exact location.

Justin gutcheck -search

How To Do It (It’s Easy!)

In your Gutcheck, you’ll want to format your Twitter as follows:

  1. write “at” or “from” in front of the restaurant name (example: “ate at Food Hut” or “ate a burger from Food Hut”…)
  2. “in” in front of the city (example: “ate a burger at Food Hut in Los Angeles”)

More Examples

I’ve highlighted the key terms to include to help us match.

If you’re using direct Gutchecks on the Menuism site:

  • at sushisamba in new york, ny
  • chicken sandwich from chickfila in irvine, ca

Gutchecks via Twitter – be sure to include “eat”, ate” or eating” at the beginning of your tweet.

  • eating a burger from shake shack in new york, ny. it’s awesome.
  • ate mahi mahi at moto in chicago, il

If you’re on Twitter, you can link your account by entering your Twitter screenname on your Menuism settings page.

Let me know if you have any feedback or other suggestions!


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