November Recap

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The season of feasting has officially begun! Here at Menuism, we like to think of Thanksgiving as basic training for all those holiday parties ahead. We hope all that turkey and dressing left you wanting more, more, more, because it’s time to loosen up your belts and get ready for all the delicious dish we’ve got in store for December!

In the meantime, wet your whistle on these tasty tidbits from the last month: from throwing a holiday party on a budget to tips for dining out with kids and restaurant wine etiquette, here’s the scoop our experts served up in November.  (more…)

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Halloween Candy

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Too much Halloween candy got you feeling less than stellar? We’ve got the perfect antidote: bite-sized tidbits from the past month that’ll whet your appetite for all that’s in store for November. In October, we introduced Menuism’s new rewards system, powered by Badgeville, and our experts navigated the way by showing us all how to avoid a hangover, 10 ways to save money eating out, how to pronounce tricky French wine terms, why grass-fed beef is tops for health, and more…

Here’s a look at the treats from last month!

Menuism Updates

Eat Big or Go Home: Introducing Badgeville for Menuism by John Li

Eating & Entertaining

Southerner’s Guide to BBQ Sauce: 4 Barbecue Sauces You’ll Love by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr

10 Ways to Save Money Dining Out by Rachael White

Beyond KFC: Fried Chicken Done Right by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is Better for Your Health by John Brady

The Politics of Chocolate by Kate Steffens

Wine, Spirits & Beer 101

The Bartender’s Guide to Preventing Hangovers by Duggan McDonnell

Video: How to Pronounce French Wine Terms hosted by Etty Lewensztain

Coming Up

We’re headed into the holiday season and this month we’ll be highlighting favorite holiday cocktails, classic Indian desserts, a guide to stouts, wine and dining etiquette, and tons more tasty treats that’ll get you ready for all your holiday entertaining, pre- and post-Thanksgiving. We’re ready to start working on that winter layer; what about you?

P.S. The Menuism Blog is expanding! We’re looking for a few good food experts to add to our team. Think you got what it takes? Drop us a line at editor[at]menuism[dot]com and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Editor’s Note: What sweet treats did you eat on All Hallows’ Eve? Did you stay away from the politically charged chocolate this Halloween?

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With Thanksgiving under our belts and the holiday cards beginning to pile up, it’s clear the holidays are officially upon us. There’s no stopping the snowball effect now, so pull up a seat, grab a steaming mug of spiced cider or an eggnog and stay awhile, won’t you? Here’s our round-up for November, which includes interviews with a delightful bunch of new experts and influential foodies we’d love for you to meet.


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Halloween’s come and gone, and if you’re anything like us, that probably means you’ve spent a week solid stuffing your face with sugar in all its glorious forms. So–just for you–we’ve rounded up our most mouth-watering posts from the past month, and guess what? They’re all zero-calorie, 100% guilt-free goodness. So go nuts! (more…)

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