This week’s food news almost seems like it was made especially for Menuism’s super slate of experts.

• For our beef expert, John Brady, and our cocktails expert, Duggan McDonnell, may I present Beef Straws, the tubed meat that allows you to drink a Bloody Mary (or any other beverage for that matter) through a funnel of 100% beef. Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straws are available online, and are self-proclaimed “game changers.” Benny’s Vice President Nathan Klosterman says that he spent his life looking for an occupation he could be passionate about, and finally found his calling “one night on the deck of [founder Ben Hirko]’s home when he uttered the words, ‘Beef Straw’.” Inspiring. (more…)

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If this week left you too busy earning Mardi Gras beads, stuffing your face with king cake, or getting your fill of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, you may have missed the following food stories:

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• The menu from the final lunch of the Titanic is being put up for auction. According to the auction website, the menu was given to first class passenger Dr. Washington Dodge, whose wife, Ruth, put it in her handbag before the ship’s sinking. “I will never forget,” she said upon her rescue, “the awful scene of the great steamer as we drew away. From the upper rails heroic husbands and fathers were waving and throwing kisses to their womenfolk in the receding lifeboats.” The Telegraph estimates the menu will fetch at least 100,000 pounds at auction — or about $157,000. (more…)

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Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans, this week, I bring you my State of the Foodnion Address. Because our country’s restaurants are suffering. Hard-working diners are strapped with unequal access to seafood and wine that we should all share. But let’s remember that within each of our troubles there are green shoots of hope; and if we rise and fall as one nation, under food, there’s nothing America’s gourmands can’t accomplish. (more…)

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Well, folks, there was good news, and there was bad news this week. And since it’s mostly bad news, let’s get that out of the way first.

For starters, Dan Evins, the founder of highway eatery Cracker Barrel, died from cancer on Saturday at the age of 76. (more…)

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Halloween Candy

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Too much Halloween candy got you feeling less than stellar? We’ve got the perfect antidote: bite-sized tidbits from the past month that’ll whet your appetite for all that’s in store for November. In October, we introduced Menuism’s new rewards system, powered by Badgeville, and our experts navigated the way by showing us all how to avoid a hangover, 10 ways to save money eating out, how to pronounce tricky French wine terms, why grass-fed beef is tops for health, and more…

Here’s a look at the treats from last month!

Menuism Updates

Eat Big or Go Home: Introducing Badgeville for Menuism by John Li

Eating & Entertaining

Southerner’s Guide to BBQ Sauce: 4 Barbecue Sauces You’ll Love by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr

10 Ways to Save Money Dining Out by Rachael White

Beyond KFC: Fried Chicken Done Right by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is Better for Your Health by John Brady

The Politics of Chocolate by Kate Steffens

Wine, Spirits & Beer 101

The Bartender’s Guide to Preventing Hangovers by Duggan McDonnell

Video: How to Pronounce French Wine Terms hosted by Etty Lewensztain

Coming Up

We’re headed into the holiday season and this month we’ll be highlighting favorite holiday cocktails, classic Indian desserts, a guide to stouts, wine and dining etiquette, and tons more tasty treats that’ll get you ready for all your holiday entertaining, pre- and post-Thanksgiving. We’re ready to start working on that winter layer; what about you?

P.S. The Menuism Blog is expanding! We’re looking for a few good food experts to add to our team. Think you got what it takes? Drop us a line at editor[at]menuism[dot]com and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Editor’s Note: What sweet treats did you eat on All Hallows’ Eve? Did you stay away from the politically charged chocolate this Halloween?

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Oh, sugar, sugar! It’s a good thing we’re not shy about helping ourselves to the sweet stuff, because it fueled us all February long, and boy, did we need it! This month marked the debut of our latest expert columnist, Chef Amber Shea Ford, who’ll be writing the monthly raw and vegan scoop straight from the front line. What other sweet things did we cook up in February? Well, we thought you’d never ask!


Interview: Iso Rabins of forageSF by Nikki Jong

Interview: Debbie Lee of Ahn-Joo, “The Next Food Network Star” and “Chopped: All Stars” by Nikki Jong

Meet the Experts: Amber Shea Ford of Almost Vegan by Foodah

Food, Wine & Cocktails 101

A Chess Pie Love Story by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr

The Optimal Serving Temperatures for Your Favorite Wines by Etty Lewensztain

All About Sheep’s Milk Cheeses by Annie Lehrer

5 Tips for Throwing an Earth-Friendly Party by Rachael White

Valentine’s Day Dinner: Where Did You Eat? by Foodah

5 Innovative Pastry Chefs You Need to Know Now by Kate Steffens

What’s So Great About Raw Food, Anyway? by Amber Shea Ford

Cocktails 101: All About Bitters by Marleigh Riggins Miller

What Makes a Wine Age-Worthy? by Etty Lewensztain

Coming Up

A seasonal shift always ups the dining ante, and we couldn’t be more excited to swing into spring here at Menuism HQ. From food news to foodie views, we’ve got lots more tasty tidbits in store for March. Do stay tuned and let us know what you think!

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If January has been any indication of what’s in store, 2011 is sure to be filled with many more diverse and delicious discoveries. This year, we’re also looking forward to honoring new traditions–such as working with local organizations to give back to the communities that sustain Menuism nationwide.

Like right now: we’re currently teaming up with the San Francisco Food Bank to help feed the hungry in the Bay Area. Through the end of February, we’ll donate $1 for every new Facebook fan, which translates to two hearty, healthy meals for our neighbors in need. Help us spread the love! Become a fan here.

As you can see, we’ve been busy this month. In case you missed anything, here’s the required reading from January. (more…)

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It all starts out innocently enough: a cookie here, an eggnog there. Next thing you know, it’s turned into a fourth helping of turkey, yams and pie at Grandma’s place. If your December remotely resembles ours, we congratulate you on a job very well done! As we wrap up the final month of the year, here’s a look back at our recent indulgences. Thanks for joining us! (more…)

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With Thanksgiving under our belts and the holiday cards beginning to pile up, it’s clear the holidays are officially upon us. There’s no stopping the snowball effect now, so pull up a seat, grab a steaming mug of spiced cider or an eggnog and stay awhile, won’t you? Here’s our round-up for November, which includes interviews with a delightful bunch of new experts and influential foodies we’d love for you to meet.


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Halloween’s come and gone, and if you’re anything like us, that probably means you’ve spent a week solid stuffing your face with sugar in all its glorious forms. So–just for you–we’ve rounded up our most mouth-watering posts from the past month, and guess what? They’re all zero-calorie, 100% guilt-free goodness. So go nuts! (more…)

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