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Sesame Grill

Truly remarkable for both food and service

What seems like an intimate neighborhood is actually one of the most remarkable eating experiences I had enjoyed. The service...

Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant

Greasy Food & Horrible Service

We placed an order over the phone on a Friday night during Lent, and the lady repeated it for confirmation. We ordered "ravioli...

G & K Burgers

everythings good

i like the food i like the atmosphere i like the people. (1) asada tacos: simply put...........outstanding!!!!!!!!

G & K Burgers

I LOVE G&K BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Joes Fresh MEX

food is nasty nancy

sorry guys youre not better than anyone. ?coprendo? (1) carnitas: dirty like the people who work here and own this place

Little Joes Fresh MEX

horrible horrible horrific not terrific HORRIFIC

they do not like white people. the cashier told me this to my face. this is the USA go back to Mexico or Guatemala or whatever...

G & K Burgers

This place beez the best geez

i am in love with this place. rock n roll

G & K Burgers


The bacon double cheeseburers are quite delightful.

Little Joes Fresh MEX

Dont eat here

Please for your own health and safety do not eat here. I developed a rare intestinal parasite and my doctor said he believed it...

stankonia. got sick. massive farts of the bamboo garden variety. later

Shrimp Ahoy

sucky shrimp

dirty nasty shrimp. ewweii

G & K Burgers

This place has great taste on lock

The cheeseburgers are yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

G & K Burgers

Western Cheeseburger Special...DELICIOUS!!!!!!

One recent Sunday afternoon I found myself playing online poker with people from all around the world. After six or seven hours...

G & K Burgers

Chicken Dinner Time!!!!!!

Outstanding fried chicken dinner. Two thumbs up. This place will be my new spot to stop when im in Arcadia for some great deals...

G & K Burgers

Pastramis are hugge

i ordered the pastrami and was so excited when it arrived at my table and saw it was enough to feed two people. crazy how some...

G & K Burgers

spectacular Steak Rancheros

the breakfast here is the absolute best.

G & K Burgers

Pastramis Perfect

Pastrami Perfect (1) Pastrami Dip: Great

G & K Burgers

Excellence Achieved

Excellence in fast food has been achieved (1) asada tacos

G & K Burgers

Delicious Food

I come to G&k once a week. The chicken and tuna salad are always a good choice. If your in the mood for a burger though go with...

G & K Burgers

STELLAR steak and egggs

Out of this world breakfast (1) Steak and egggs: Out of this world

G & K Burgers

Pastrami on French Roll is the Way 2 Go

A++++++ BEST Pastramis for 20 years or more. (1) Pastrami Dip: Best in the West

G & K Burgers

Great Food

I love the tuna sandwich . (1) Tuna Sandwich: Excellent!

G & K Burgers

Super Swiss and American Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Super Swiss and American Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (1) Grilled Cheese: Pure Excellence

G & K Burgers

Best Beef Taquitos

The beef taquitos here are made fresh daily and absolutely the best around. The guacomole salsa is gggrrreat as tony the tiger...

G & K Burgers

Magnificent Tuna Sandwiches

Love the Tuna sandwiches (1) Tuna Sandwich: Love it

G & K Burgers

Authentic Greek Gyros

Outstanding Authentic Greek Gyros made the same way they make them in the small mountain villages of Greece, believe me Ive...

G & K Burgers

Excellent Service

The employees here always make me feel like a VIP client at the Bellagio. This place knows how to rock n roll. (1) Garden...

G & K Burgers

Good Tacos

Good tacos (1) asada tacos: Good asada Tacos

G & K Burgers

I Love This Place

Best Cheeseburgers in Town. (1) Mushroom Cheeseburger: Cool

G & K Burgers

Great Local Business

I have been going to this place for years. Way before they even remodeled, back when they were just a drive-thru, and you just...

G & K Burgers

Popcorn shrimp

Really enjoyed the new popcorn shrimp meal. A good amount of shrimp and fries come with it. Glad to see they got all different...

G & K Burgers


I like this Place. (1) Steak Sandwich: Stupendous

G & K Burgers

Good food

This place has great chicken sandwiches. I also really enjoy the breakfast burritos with carne asada. They just added new...

G & K Burgers

Perfect Popcorn Shrimp

The Popcorn Shrimp Dinner is the best value anywhere around. It comes with a ton of popcorn shrimp, fries, salad and a drink...

G & K Burgers

Fried Chicken Dinner

Went here for lunch last week and had the Fried Chicken Dinner. It was enormous. The meal included four pieces of perfect fried...

G & K Burgers

Stupendous Chili Cheese Fries

The Chili Cheese Fries are THE BEST that I have ever had anywhere. Ask for Grilled Onions on them as well as Pastrami. You have...

G & K Burgers

Try the $6.99 Polish Sausage Sandwhich Special

Try the Polish Special. It comes with a huggge Polish Sausage Sandwhich, onion rings made fresh daily, and a Medium Coca Cola...

Shrimp Ahoy

Best Seafood and Steaks

I went to Shrimp House today with my girlfriend and had the best seafood and steak ive had in awhile. The jumbo shrimp was...

G & K Burgers

Awesome 99 cent Chicken Tacos

I went here Halloween weekend and decided to try the 99 cent value menu. I ordered a value fry with a value coke and two...

Shrimp Ahoy

Great seafood

Great seafood , excellent service, cold beer. (1) Jumbo Shrimp Platter: Best seafood in town. Thanks

G & K Burgers

great food

i have been eating here for years and the food has always been great. try the 1/4 pound cheeseburger special or the jr....

Zelo Pizzeria

Surprising Good

The pizzas are very innovative and tasty. My wife and I also had the corn and sausage pizza slices. Between us, we can only...

Hot Stuff Café

Great French Fusion Cuisine

Very nice French fusion with great presentation in a town that's focused on inexpensive, Chinese casual dinning. Different,...

Full House Seafood Restaurant

Full Stomach!

Came here to Arcadia with a bunch of friends, decided to stop by Full House Dim Sum lunch. What we got: Cheong Fun - got 2...

Phoenix Food Boutique

Man-Guo nai tsa

Came here and ordered the Mango milk tea with the mini pearls. It was good. $3.25 you get the small pearls plus shredded mango....

DAI Ho Restaurant

The Noodle Nazi

This place has been around for almost 10 years. Dai Ho's owner, in its early days, was notorious for being mean to the...

Sinbala Corporation

Good Taiwanese good

Good, fast, inexpensive Taiwanese/Chinese food. We got there before the crowd and were served quickly with tasty food. The...

Happy Kitchen

Harbin Style Chinese

I've been an amateur journalist that eats for some time now. And occasionally, my friends will insist upon me trying a place....

Yoshida Sushi Bar

Overrated Sushi

My personal sushi policy as I have stated here is a quirky, one might say. I feel that you should stay with one particular...

Happy Sheep

Chinese Hot Pot

Lamb in certain cultures is the beef or pork staple. I know there are those who detest lamb in the utmost fashion. This...

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