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LA Goccia Espresso Bar

Good little spot to pop in

Food is good, reasonably priced. Pop in, grab something, but it is not the kind of place you want to hang out in. If you have...

Snookie's Cookies

Fast delivery!

I received my order on time and I must say that I love the selection this place has. You get a lot of different cookies in the...

Snookie's Cookies

The brownies are the best!

I ordered a cookie basket and it came with brownies also, the brownies are so good! I can't wait to order again! (1) Brownies

Snookie's Cookies

They make the best custom cakes!

I can't say enough how much I love this place! They make the best custom cakes. I ordered a beautiful gift for my babe from...

Snookie's Cookies

Love the large baskets

Just wanted to say this place made our christmas with the large baskets they delivered. It was enough for my entire family and...

Snookie's Cookies

The best brownies

I had the best brownies this morning, I placed the ordered and the package was delivered fast! They were so tasty (1) Brownies:...

Snookie's Cookies

Enjoyed the ice cream sandwich

Took my kids by your place today and ordered the cookie ice cream sandwich, the kids loved them!!! will be back soon! (1) ice...

Snookie's Cookies

I love the birthday cakes

Thank you for doing such a great job with my son's birthday cake! (1) Birthday Cake: The cake was perfect!

Snookie's Cookies

Sno balls are perfect for this heat

Love the cherry sno ball, its perfect for this heat (1) Sno-balls: Sno ball

Snookie's Cookies

Delicious oatmeal cookies

I will order again soon! The oatmeal cookies are good :-) (1) Oatmeal Cookies: The oatmeal cookies are good

Snookie's Cookies

My sister loved the birthday box

You guys are the best! I ordered the birthday box for my sister and she loved them!!! Thank so much! (1) Birthday Box: I...

Snookie's Cookies


Great place! Very creative cookie baskets :-) will be back again soon! (1) Cookie Basket: Very creative cookie baskets :-) will...

Barrio Fiesta

Barrio Fiesta Glendale

Good food and accommodating servers. I love the sisig, crispy pata and karekare. Will definitely go back when we go back to...

Snookie's Cookies

I like your guys cake in a cone

I like your cake in a cone, very creative! Loved it! will be back soon :-) (1) Cake on a cone: I like your cake in a cone, very...

Snookie's Cookies

The cake in a cone was a big hit!

Everyone loved the cake on a cone, It was a BIG HIT :-) (1) Cake on a cone: The cake on a cone, It was a BIG HIT :-)

Snookie's Cookies

The sno-balls are great!

The sno-balls are great! (1) Sno-balls: The sno-balls are great!

Snookie's Cookies

Loved the oatmeal cookies :-)

I loved the oatmeal cookies with my coffee!!! I had to write how good they tasted :-) (1) Cookies: I loved the oatmeal cookies...

Snookie's Cookies


I love the basket I ordered for my kids :-) will buy again soon!

Snookie's Cookies


Wow!!!! I Had the best brownies every! My friend took me and now this is my new place. New customer for life :) (1) Brownies:...

Snookie's Cookies


I had some great tasting oatmeal cookies, The best part is I can order them and have them delivered to NV :-) (1) Oatmeal...

Snookie's Cookies

Great Chocolate chip cookies

They were so good and made with premium ingredients!

Snookie's Cookies

My new place!

A new home for me lol They have the most delicious cookies! (1) Oatmeal Cookies

Snookie's Cookies


Yummy!!! The brownies are super good! will visit this store again. (1) Brownies: The brownies melted in my mouth, they was nice...

Snookie's Cookies

My favorite place!

I had my second order from snookies with a friend. My favorite place! (1) Oatmeal Cookies: They are so soft! by far the Best...

Snookie's Cookies

Love snookies

I had the best time with my family last weekend, everybody brought something for the thanksgiving holiday, but I got the best...

Snookie's Cookies

Great deal on the basket specials!

I got the basket special for thanksgiving, I can't wait to share this place with the family :) (1) Cookie Basket: I got the...

Snookie's Cookies

In Love With Cookies!

They have the best tasting cookies, with the perfect texture, just chewy enough and still crispy they are delicious. So many...

LA Cita Restaurant

Most authentic 'country Mexican' in Atwater/Glendale

If you're looking for a real down home Mexican experience at an excellent price, you've got to go to this hole in the wall...

Snookie's Cookies

Original New Orleans Snoballs Have come To Glendale!

We hadn't thought of dessert venues for our food and wine blog until my husband and I stumbled upon an ad in the L.A. Times with..

Ahn Joo

Grand Opening of Ahn Joo at The Americana at Brand in Glenda

On Thursday, November 10, 2011, Chef Debbie Lee, debuted Ahn Joo, a Korean snack bar, at The Americana at Brand in Glendale,...

Katsuya Glendale


The chicken teriyaki was really good! They don't douse the chicken with teriyaki sauce, which I really appreciate. They supply...

Zankou Chicken

Delicious juicy flavorful chicken, you must try...

Delicious juicy flavorful chicken, you must try the grilled chicken plate. They give you large portions and it's very filling....

Katsuya Glendale

my favo sushi place!

I can't get enough of this place! I try something different every time I go! Definitely check out the Baked Crab Handroll. the...

Village French Bakery

Best Cafe Ole and french pastries

The was THE best cafe ole I've ever had and the creme puff and fruit tart were the best ever! The prices were unbelievable!...

Salo Salo Grill

So-so at Salo-Salo

Salo-Salo is okay. I went with a group a couple of weeks ago, and the dishes ranged from excellent to meh. Here's what we had:...

El Morfi Eatery

A-okay Argentinian

This is mainly a review for their empanadas. I've only had an entrée there once (one of their lunch specials, some kind of...

Porto's Bakery & Party Store

Pathetic people skills at Porto's

Am I the only person who has a problem with this place??? I would give them 4 stars for food quality, 5 for value, but negative...

DA Juice Bar

Da Juice is Delicious

I love this place. Great fruit (or vegetable) juices and smoothies. And yes, they use real fruit (or are specific when they...

Clancy's Crab Broiler

Terrible value. I spent $15 on an order of crab...

Terrible value. I spent $15 on an order of crab cakes which consisted of nothing but three tiny crab cakes , each only about 2...

Ilmi Sushi Restaurant

Inconsistent at Il Mi

Very average Korean food. I went here for dinner with a friend, and we shared the tofu hot pot (soon doo bu) and BBQ shortrib...

Roman's Gourmet Express

Savory soups, but pass on the pasta

Okay, so Roman's doesn't offer top quality Italian food. There is no question about that. Their pasta feels very "buffet"...

Panera Bread

Pretty good at Panera

So Panera's is nothing new. Most of us have been to a Panera location somewhere. I hate to admit liking chain establishments,...

Basement CafÈ

Bargain dining in the Basement

Good Armenian / Middle Eastern lunch spot. I've tried the chicken shawerma wrap, which is a great deal at $5.50. Nice blend of...

Bashan Restaurant

A bit of a letdown...

I visited this restaurant with three friends on a Wednesday night for their special $40 3-course dinner (Tues - Thurs). I had...

Thai In LA Restaurant

Take yourself to Thai Town instead...

I give Thai in LA a 2.5. I live near Thai Town, so my standards for Thai food are pretty high. However, sometimes I wind up...

Peking China

Cheap quality Chinese

I have no idea how this restaurant is rated so highly by reviewers. Are they confusing this with another place??? Peking...


Fairly good pho

My office is walking distance to Pho Hut, and I swing by once in a while when I'm craving Vietnamese and I'm really hungry....

Numero UNO Pizzeria

A "poor man's Pizza Hut"

Numero Uno's does an okay job with their offerings. I think of it as kind of a poor man's Pizza Hut. I don't crave their food...

Carousel Restaurant

Inconsistent Lebanese food in a festive environment

I've been to Carousel for lunch twice, and found it to be hit and miss. The first time, I loved the meal, but the second time,...

Cafe Bravo

Yet another solid Armenian hole in the wall...

Some of my co-workers took me here a couple of weeks ago, and Cafe Bravo turned out to be a satisfying lunchtime find. Like...

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