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I have been disappointed at this place a few times . Most of the time many of the items on the menu are not available . It's a...

The Pan

Great breakfast food Lumberjack Omelet

Great breakfast food Lumberjack Omelet

Hwang's Restaurant

WORST Customer service EVER

We have a Thursday night Girls night with a bunch of girlfriends, We enjoy hanging out and having dinner at different places in...

Stevens IV

Steven's IV

I finally stopped to try this after years of driving by. Should have stopped a long time ago! Burgers were the best I've had in...

Golden Phoenix


This is the worst restaurant I've ate at in a long time. The sushi had a terrible fish smell & mushy consistency, a huge sign...

Hummus House

Hummus Heaven in Hawthorne

Stopped by on Sunday for the first time (after UrbanSpoon "shaking" for Mediterranean food near LAX). Unremarkable neighborhood...

Asa Ramen

Late Night Ramen! Best served when buzzed

I was dragged here after some drinks one night. I wasn't even that hungry. But my buddy said that they had great Takoyaki -...

Shinsen Gumi

The BEST Yakitori Experience in Los Angeles!

One of the very very few places in LA that use bincho charcoal to grill. We go here at least once a week and make it a point to...

Azuma Japanese Restaurant

BEST Japanese Cafe food Evah!!

Hands down the best Japanese hole in the wall I've ever come across. If I'm ever in the area, as I was the other night, I can't...


The Traditional Breakfast at Fukugawa

Traditional Japanese breakfast definitely strays from the Western tradition of bacon and eggs, pancakes and waffles and in...

Mi Zacatecas Mexican Food

best mex food in hawthorne by far

I love this place it is so good. When ever i'm in hawthorne i always stop buy and get a chicken taco. The service is great.

Hummus House


Fresh, flavorful food and plenty of it at a very reasonable price. Easy to park and no waiting (at least the 2 times my wife and..

Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop

Hawaiian Breakfast at Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop

Of all the places you think you'd find a restaurant where you can order a Hawaiian breakfast, I bet that a bowling alley...

Sea Empress Seafood Restaurant

well it ain't the SGV

First of all, let me just say that everyone at Sea Empress was really friendly and helpful. Now, if we could just take that...

Jay Bee's House of Fine Bar-B-Que

Don't believe Guy Fieri - Jay Bee's serves Mediocre BBQ

Guy Fieri, you lost all credibility when you hyped up Jay Bee's House of Fine BBQ. Fine BBQ, this place ain't. I have tried...

Asa Ramen

Super Salty Ramen

I went to Asa Ramen in the hopes of finding another splendid version, but I was sadly disapointed. We started with a lovely...

The New Pizza Machine

Pizzas & Calzones

I’ve been going to this restaurant since I was a kid. It’s one of the best pizzerias around. Their pizza’s not greasy and...

Hummus House

Great food, service and ambiance

This restaurant has great hummus and a variety of different hummus'. The food is fresh and light. A meal that is filling and...

El Rocoto

Deliciously Exquisite!

Ive tried several Peruvian restaurants but this little joint is by far the best Ive had. Pollo Inka is good, but Roccoto is...

Asa Ramen

Great broth and ramen. The place feels like...

Great broth and ramen. The place feels like you took a trip to japan. The title is in japanese and the waitress doesn't speak...

Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi

I love this place. Brought my friends there...

I love this place. Brought my friends there and they all love it too.

Waleeto's Pizza

Excellent pizza and affordable!!!!!!!

Tried the pizza and it was very delicious. They are known around Hawthorne for the great hot wings, too! (1) Lg Cheese Pizza:...

Sanuki No SATO

Their Nabeyaki Udon is bomb!

Their Nabeyaki Udon is bomb!

Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi

Great ramen place. I like the d-set for...

Great ramen place. I like the d-set for lunch, which comes with ramen and spam masubi. You can customize the how cooked the...

Tasty Kitchen

Chinese food like yo momma made it at home : )...its pret...

Chinese food like yo momma made it at home : )...its pretty good


Tasty fresh noodles

This restaurant has a reputation of freshly handmade noodles and i've been wanting to try it for awhile. From the outside the...

El Rocoto

Peruvian + Chinese = Perunese

This is one of my favorite eateries. The food isn't special, nor is the decor, and the service can be quite slow at times, but...

Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi

Ramen at its best!

This is my favorite ramen shop. Without a doubt, it's the best ramen I've had in my life. When you first enter you're greeted...

Spoonhouse Bakery-Restaurants

Japanese spaghetti is different, but good.

Spaghetti at a Japanese restaurant? Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it's good. As with much "reinterpretted"...

Furaibo Japanese Restaurant

The lesser known side of Japanese food

Too often I run into people who think Japanese food and sushi are synonymous. Which is why Furaibo is the place I take my...

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