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Boston Market

Burnt Meatloaf

I love Boston Market's meat loaf but yesterday it was totally burnt on the outside. Also, the drive through line moved very slow.

Pina Pizza House

Sick to my stomack

Do yourself a favor and not eat here. The service is lousy and food is not good. This was a very good place about a year and a...

I would like to see a menu before I drive from Long Beach to Norwalk. All the other restaurants are proud show their menus on...

Angel City Cafe

This place as a whole.

I have been a part of Angel City for eighteen years! For the last three I have volunteered helping with this and that. Now I am...

Bob's Big Boy Broiler

The food, service, cleanliness

I am a regular customer here of Bob's and they have great food! I have eaten several of their dishes and none...

Garden Buffet

The meals of Garden Buffet

I love all dishes they serve here! Especially the tiny boiled octopus they have! Will you ever serve frog's legs and a wider...

Quiznos Sub

First and Last!!!

Got some coupons from work. Asian woman behind the register was very nasty like it was an imposition for us to be there. Gave...

Nelly's Mexican Food

Would come back if in the area and hungry for...

Would come back if in the area and hungry for Mexican food...would not seek the restaurant out specifically otherwise. (1)...

Papa Joe's Pizza

overall good experience

love the large pizza with lots of cheese topping! (1) 1/2 Cheese&1/2 Choice


Where did they go?

I have been going to this location for years now. Marcos, Rick and Jose. I know Jose had left some time back because of the...

Taco Nazo

Taco heaven

Sometimes I swear they put crack in their tacos, I literally think about them all the time. I've had their fish, shrimp,...

Rosewood Family Restaurant

Go for what you know

I've been coming here for over 13 years. I order what I know to be good and am happy with the service. (1) Menudo: The menudo...

Albert's Mexican Food

The Absolute BOMB in FOOD Amazing Taste

I give this place 5 Stars on Taste and quality alone. The place is small, not quite a hole but close but aren't those ussually...


best sizzler

service and the food were the best I had. Very clean restaurant in and out. Friendly staff. Had a ball!!!! thanks guys (1)...

Kung Pao Bowl

Chinese fast food in corporate Environment.

This place is pretty average. Can i be honest here? the food just isn't all that great in terms of flavour. The kung pao chicken..

Carino's Italian Grill

Tasty and affordable!

This is good Italian eating! Located in a small but busy shopping center in Downey, Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant offers...

Renu Nakorn Restaurant

Solid Thai Food

Came here once for dinner based on all the positive Yelps and wasn't let down. FOOD =================== Very good. Ordered the:...

Gloria's Cocina Mexicana

Amazing Molcajete and Tequila

Gloria's....Molcajete. Oh mama. I'll admit it: I know how to get my grub on so I was HANGRY (hungry+angry) and nearly foaming...

Albert's Mexican Food

Cheap, Good and Humongous Portions of Fast Food Mexican

Hungry and don't have a lot of money to spend on food? Then go to Albert's in Norwalk (or any of their other locations). This...

In-N-Out Burgers

Fast food burgers to perfection!

Burgers! Burgers! Burgers! What carnivores would say no to an In-N-Out burger? w/ sweet sliced onions n fresh sliced tomatoes,...

Wood Grill Buffet

Better than Hometown Buffet

If you are ever hungry while driving up or down the I-5 near the LA-OC border, then exit at Imperial Highway - Wood Grill...

Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse

Good ole southern flavor

This hole in the wall restaurant is easy to miss but really shouldn't missed by anyone. It has a really cool vibe about it....

Jazz-Melody Thai BBQ

Nice place for lunch.

Quiet, wooden seat with wood paneling. A nice place for a date. Background music from CSULB radio station. Family run. Small...

ABC Donuts

5 Years and Counting

I remember every Saturday morning I'd wake up and head straight to the kitchen to find a pink box of freshly made donuts just...

UNCLE Henry's Deli & Meat Spec

the best food i've ever tried has been from...

the best food i've ever tried has been from this deli =]

Bruce's Restaurant

I agree it is a hole.

A other reviewer reffred to this steaming heap as a hole in the wall . that is correct it is a HOLE , perhappse even a pit. I...

Bruce's Restaurant

Bruce's After Hours

If your looking for a place to unwind. This hole-in-the wall maybe the place. Originally designed has an office building in the...

Ming's Chinese Food

Ming's Chinese Food

I've been coming to this restaurant since 1954. Even though it has changed ownership in recent years, the food is still...

Angel City Cafe



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