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Nicely Shared

I have only visited Starbucks restaurant for drinking coffee and tea. I prefer to visit...

They have the best tasting eggs! Service is excellent, the waitress loves my little nephew! She's so friendly and attentive!...

Reyns Coffee Shop

It's been years!

It's been years since I've been here! There waffles used to be the best! Looks very dated from the outside,I think I'll wait...

Cameron's Seafood & Market

Seafood excellence achieved

I'd give Cameron's more than 5 stars if I could! I had some of the best seafood I've ever had there & every bite was perfectly...

Super Antojitos

Fill up the kids

The "Garbage Burrito" fed me and my two kids back about 1980. (1) Garbage burrito

Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant

Greasy Food & Horrible Service

We placed an order over the phone on a Friday night during Lent, and the lady repeated it for confirmation. We ordered "ravioli...

Gaon Korean BBQ


Good (1) Bulgogi:

Gaon Korean BBQ

Bulgogi Nang Mun

Bulgogi Nang Mun


Very good

Very good (1) Charashi: Excellent

Mike & Anne's


Excellent (1) Corn beef hash: Excellent

My Taco Taqueria

Hard shell tacos of ANY kind

Hard shell tacos of ANY kind

My Taco Taqueria

Hard shell tacos

Hard shell tacos

1810 Argentinean Restaurant

Michelle returning to Boston.

Michelle returning to Boston. (1) My steak:

Noodle World


I visited this place when I was visiting some friends in LA. It's sooo good! I recommend the house spaghetti and chicken wings.

Barkley Restaurant & Bar

Went into a place which use to be called...

Went into a place which use to be called "CrossBow". Decided to check it out. Big mistake. Walked in to find two employes...

Food is great. Services need improvement. Otherwise I'd give higher rating.

Amigo's Restaurant & Cantina

Good Food,Great Service

Our waiter was outstanding! For the life of me,I can't remember his name(maybe it was the strong margarita) (1) Chicken...

La Nueva Posada Mexican Restaurant

Greatest Tostadas

Great service!! (1) Chicken Tostada Compuesta: This is THE BEST tostadas I've had. Crispy corn tortilla,beans, salad of...


Unhappy Customer

I agree with other reviews about the disgusting experience you can end up having at Grassroots. The female owner, middle-aged...

Chipotle Mexican Grill

worst resturant in alhambra with the highest prices!

cold expensive garbage served in tin foil (1) burrito: burrito full of rice and sour cream with a few tomatoe chunks for almost...

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Worst food in Alhambra

We went to this eatery a couple of weeks ago on a sunday and ordered 2 carnitas burritos and 2 orders of their chicken tacos....

magnolia lounge

Happy Hour Not So Happy---

I had never visited Magnolia until my friends invited a group of us for a going away get together. We went during the week for...

El Portal Restaurant

Disgusting place and horrible drinks!!!

Hi I went to this Restaurant today with a couple Friend's we order Margaritas and mojitos, the drink were fine until the second...

Kingston Cafe

Bad food, slow service, worst ever manager

I was the only customer during all of lunch hour (that should have been my first clue). The service was terribly slow, and even...

Ice House Comedy Club

Sean Sullivan is the biggest joke of all general managers.

Sean Sullivan is the biggest joke of all general managers. Sean Sullivan is the general manager of the Ice House Comedy Club...


Fan's For Twenty Years!

For more than twenty years, my husband and I have both been avid diners at Houston's restaurants. Spanning the country, we've...


The Hat

Nothing Special

I know alot of people love The Hat's pastrami but I don't think it's all that special. You're getting a huge sandwich with lots...

The Boiling Crab

Served RAW catfish and refused to exchange it!!

Had dinner at the Alhambra location on Main St. last night and ordered the bland oysters, yummy but gritty clams, and the...

Hot Stuff Café

Great French Fusion Cuisine

Very nice French fusion with great presentation in a town that's focused on inexpensive, Chinese casual dinning. Different,...

Firefly Bistro

Not Going Back

My wife and I went here for Valentine's Day and had an absolutely terrible meal with atrocious service. The $100/couple set...

Rose Tree Cottage


Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, the coo coo store: don't even push the door. Save your time and your money. I placed an order for..

Rose Tree Cottage


This is an outstanding tea experience and shop, and still a vibrant part of the Pasadena experience - they just moved! Find...


did the job.....

i will admit i'm a dominos pizza addict, i dont usually go anywhere else but thought i try something totally different. anywho...

The Slaw Dogs

Not Your Ordinary Hot Dogs at The Slaw Dogs

For the past month, I've been hearing a slow buzz about a new hot dog joint called The Slaw Dogs. I finally decided to Google...

Perdue's BBQ & Catering

Best BBQ in Pasadena

Maybe I shouldn't have said "Best" in the title, but it sure tasted like it that day. With the stars aligned, with a full moon,...

Dong Nguyen Restaurant

Hainan Chicken Rice

Dong Nguyen is a neighborhood favorite in San Gabriel. Their menu features languages in Vietnamese, Chinese, English, and Thai....

Japon Bistro

Popular Japanese In Pasadena

Japon Bistro, yes - with an "O", is located in the heart of Pasadena off of Colorado near Lake. Pasadena features a one of most...

Happy Kitchen

Harbin Style Chinese

I've been an amateur journalist that eats for some time now. And occasionally, my friends will insist upon me trying a place....

Yoshida Sushi Bar

Overrated Sushi

My personal sushi policy as I have stated here is a quirky, one might say. I feel that you should stay with one particular...

Happy Sheep

Chinese Hot Pot

Lamb in certain cultures is the beef or pork staple. I know there are those who detest lamb in the utmost fashion. This...

Half & Half Tea House

Afternoon Tea in San Gabriel Valley

You don't usually find guys at a tea house on a weekday afternoon. With my flexible schedule, I was able to invade this oasis...

Savoy Kitchen

World's Best 海南雞飯 (Hainan Chicken Rice)

I've had Hainan Chicken in the US, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau. I can tell you honesty, that the Best Hainan Chicken is...

LA Fiesta Grande

Skip this Mexican Dump

Ugh! I can't have Amigo's anymore else my guy friend has to deal with his girl drama. Whatever...not sure why I'm being dragged...

Pinocchio's Pizza

Subpar Italian

It's nice when you can be friends with the ex, and even better when you can punch him every now and then for picking a less...

Aladdin Nut House

Hand roasted nuts and dried fruit

Being a Disney fan, the name Aladdin caught my eye. Hmm, what is this place? Last night, I had a chance to check it out. Its a...

Dots Cupcakes

In the mood for a cupcake

Every now and then, I get a sweet tooth, so I popped in last night since this location is about a mile or two from the 110 exit...


Late Night Place in Old Town Colorado

If you're looking for sushi or anything resembling good Japanese food, this is NOT the place to go to. Kabuki, located down the...

Newport Seafood Group Inc

Superb seafood

So, three friends and I braved the holiday rush and actually dared to go to Newport Seafood on Christmas eve. I had called the...

Cafe Bizou

Homey elegant bistro fare at Cafe Bizou

went here recently for the first time a couple of months ago, and had a really good meal. I'd describe their menu as kind of...

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