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Vigan Express

2 filipina waitress has a Bad attitudes

Dirty Hands unsanitary kitchen...holding money n food at d same time...service...contaminations. (1) 2 sunnyside up n rice.:...



They have a brand name not only in the country but also around the whole world. When I "write my paper for me...

Hank's Pizza & Deli

Very good food & cozy place

I have been to Hank's so many times, always felt at home, warm atmosphere, the place is relaxing the food always enjoyable. Once..

I was recently referred to Rosario's Italian Restaurant, and was told to try their GREAT Pizza. I must say, "NEVER AGAIN!!!!"...

Lupitas Family Restaurant

5 Time Winner of Best Mexican Restaurant in Carson hmmm

Wanted to see if they live up to the voting to win as BEST. Had the typical combination plate with Taco, Enchilada, rice and...

D.A. Handugan

Avoid This Bad Restaurant!

Diners do not deserve to get a tummy ache after eating in a restaurant. But this is exactly what happened to me after eating...

Seashore Chinese

Oily deep fried maybefood with no seashore in miles

The photo on this page well depicts most of their food - VERY oily from unskilled (as compared to the flash frying Japanese...

Fantastic Charbroiled Burgers



Karachi Tandoori

Roche's Mix Chicken Baryani:

Roche's Mix Chicken Baryani: I don't know where to start, I was with my friends Sunday 6/16/2013 . at 9:00 PM, we orders...

I really think that this chipotle is the best. They have really good food and the service goes really fast.. People always are...

Big Burger

The Big Burger

For what you would spend at Fatburger, you could get 3 meals at the Big Burger. The burgers are the big, juicy ones with lots...

Frankie, Johnie & Luigi's

Pizza in Old Town Torrance

Good food. (1) PIzza (2): 1) Frankie's Special: Pepperoni, Mushroom and Sausage. Thin crust, appears to be hand tossed. 2) My...

Bechamel Bakery


Bechamel Bakery (located next to what was Express Pizza) is also no longer in business. When it was, the food was good.

Express Pizza


Express Pizza has not been in business for at least 5 years. When it was, the pizzas were good.

Lucky Star Cafe

Hamburgers and Burritos

They have one of the best breakfast burritos around for under $5 you get your choice of either bacon or sausage breakfast...

columbia restaurant

Dirty Fast Food Place

Driving around with a coworker, not a care in the world, just looking for a place to grab lunch that's open and looks...

Mulan Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is great!

I have been enjoying food from Mulan Chinese Restaurant since 2006 and I have never been disappointed! I'm really surprised by...

columbia restaurant

Unreal! Still Open???

This is an American restaurant which served us up some mediocre Mexican and Greek cuisine. The entree's weren't bad, but...

columbia restaurant

Lunch Hour Is A Disaster Here

I usually eat here when I am in the area,but last week I stopped by for a quick lunch plate... and.. my day was totally ruined...

columbia restaurant

No Treat Here

We buy a lot of tacos from this place because they were cheap, but when they stopped giving us extra hot sauce and salsa, and...

columbia restaurant

Average Fast Food

They have a huge selection of menu items. Their service is slow, if you are in a rush. IF you have time, try their chicken...

columbia restaurant

AAhhhhhhh Columbia

We saw all these daily specials when we walked in. So i jumped on the Breakfast Burrito Special and when it came it was the...

columbia restaurant

This place is now my new FAVORITE SPOT

My boss actually recommended this place to us saying, "If you want to get a ton of food and really cheap prices, then you go to...

Pho King

They Try Hard to Please You

I had a satisfying meal here. But something was missing from the whole scenario. Cannot figure out yet what. Will visit again.

columbia restaurant

Lots of Footprints at the Specials

New specials are in town and get ready to eat all you want. They have food waiting to be cooked. But with a small footprint...

columbia restaurant

False Advertisement

Read the specials very carefully! Each one has a requirement that brings the overall value up to a higher one, than what is...

columbia restaurant

Not Like Back In The Days

I used to eat there ten years or so ago. But is not the same anymore. They don't make the food as tasty as it was. They changed...

columbia restaurant

Mexican Grill Restaurant

I had a Chicken Nachos Plate. The place looked like they know how to make a real Mexican Nacho Plate. But I asked how do they...

columbia restaurant

Ice Cream Headache

I had a shake with chunks of ice cream that couldn't go thru the straw. Also I paid 5 bucks for it.. hmm.. (1) Chocolate Shake:...

Pho King

Restaurant Cohoice for the Hungry

I love their food. They have a good service and they believe in what they do. They have much to offer in the next year.

columbia restaurant

Another Food Place With an Attitude

I bought the Ham sandwich. The price was 4.69 +tax which gets to a 5 dollar sandwich. Adding the fries and the Coke will reach...

columbia restaurant

I find the place very expensive for the average...

I find the place very expensive for the average pocket. Something similar to their menu prices I find at Beverly Hills. (1)...

columbia restaurant

Chinese Chicken Salad

I had a Chinese Chicken Salad which was not what the ordinary Chinese Chicken Salad is. Looked more like a Mexican Salad....

columbia restaurant

Food Place with Overrated Quality

The location of the fast food restaurant is near Compton's exit at 91 freeway on South Central Avenue. I always pass by this...

Alpine Inn Restaurant

Not bad

Had to stop and get something to eat quickly and this was it. Not a bad place, by any means, for a lunch sandwhich, etc.

Alpine Inn Restaurant

Never go here....

Worst service ever and I know someone that almost died from being poisoned there....avoid at al cost. (1) Brat: I did not eat...

Taco Sinaloa

Bomb taco's

If you like carna Asada tacos or burrito's This is the place open 24/7 for those late night munchies and there red sauce is one...

Arturo's Restaurant

New Management

As a 50+ year patron of Arturo's I must say that I do not agree with the new management in a couple of things: 1) the exterior...


Awful Or Offal: Torihei In Torrance

They specialize in yakitori which consists of grilled skewered chicken parts and oden which is a Japanese dish stewed in a...

Red Lobster

Red Lobster..lobster, not!

There is a reason why I've never been to a Red Lobster in my life!! Tonight, I went to meet up with an old high school...

Yogurt Island

Good Selection of Bad Yogurt

YOGURT ISLAND's froyo is the WORST I've had in terms of both taste and consistency. I wondered how this place had a high...

King's Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant

Fine Hawaiian Diner

I wouldn't exactly call King's Hawaiian a nice restaurant, but it definitely feels nicer than a normal American diner. The...



This place opened recently near to the city hall in lomita where i work so tried the lunch buffet with friends today. The place...

Chicken Maison Rotisserie & Grill

Best Mediterranean Restaurant in the South Bay

Step aside, Zankou. If you want it done right, head on over to Chicken Maison. This is one of my frequent lunch stops. The...


Tasty Japanese cooked dishes

Musha Restaurant in Torrance offers tasty home styled Japanese cooked dishes. Diners can dine at individual tables, at the...

Red Fort

Brunch at Red Fort

All dishes were authentic and well prepared. The food here is absolutely delicious. It is not rustic looking as the original...


Desperately need to turn up the A/C!

Had lunch with a client here today. Seems like a place for a lot of business lunches. Given that there aren't a lot of great...

Shin Yakitori Dining

Not my favorite Yakitori restaurant but it's...

Not my favorite Yakitori restaurant but it's up on the list ;) The food is pretty good and the atmosphere is nice.

Red Ribbon Bake Shop

Red Ribbon bakery

Their food is Delicious! (1) Ube Cake: The Ube cake is absolutely heaven! Made with Ube from the Phillipines (Purple Yams) it...

Hakone Sushi

Homey & good value japanese

Hakone is a small restaurant located in a Torrance strip mall. The people are friendly and the food is a good value. They've...

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