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Fresh take on mexican

Zaptista is one of those new trendier mexican restaurants with the cool decor and interesting takes on normal mexican food....

White Castle

Fun to eat, but...

The food could use a little more taste and the price can add up quickly since you need quite a few to satisfy your hunger. I...


yummy in the tummy

just like going to the opera can leave a dent in the wallet, this place is $$$$. it's probably the one reason that might keep...

Osteria Via Stato

molto delizioso

if you're a fan of italian food, and like to sample a variety of dishes, osteria is worth trying. they offer a "fixed menu"...


tasty pan-european pub

if you're looking for a semi-fancy pub that serves pan-european dishes, BB's is your place. the dishes are on the minimalistic...

Grand Lux Cafe

cheesecake factory twin

if you're a fan of cheesecake factory, you'll most likely enjoy eating at grand lux cafe. the plates are just as huge and...

Canady Le Chocolatier

calling all chocolate/gelato lovers!

you can't beat a good cup of in-house fresh gelato! this place carries 6 to 7 amazing flavors (death by chocolate, tiramisu,...

Eleven City Diner

different & fun south loop diner

i live just a block away fr/this new diner so i've been here a number of times for brunch, lunch, and dinner. the atmosphere is...

Chicago Chop House

a little disappointing

i walked into chicago chop house expecting to be wowed by their enormous, juicy steaks and mesmorized by a unique chicago...

The Wiener's Circle

2AM drunken revelry pitstop

the food isn't anything to rave about (altho at 2AM in the morning, anything will taste good), but watch out for the service!...

Wishbone Restaurant

gotta love the soul food

i've been to wishbone a few times for brunch, and i have yet to be disappointed. the portions are enormous, the menu is...


pub grub in south loop

big portions, pub-style grub like the title says. a half-enclosed patio on the sidewalk so there's an option to enjoy chicago...

Charlie Trotter's

fancy-shmancy food adventure

the dishes are an adventure-- the menu is fixed (carnie/veggie/"kitchen"), and offers 8-9 courses. the service is the best i've...

India House

tasty, but expensive

i love indian food, and i've been to india house a number of times for their lunch buffet. it's a good ambience (altho a little...

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop

Full and satisfied as usual

Whenever I go to Joy Yee's I always get stuffed. The portions are pretty good and you really get in an eating mood with all the...

Fogo de Chao

great meal for carnies

the wide selection of meats is impressive, and the brazilian cowboys serving them make for an even more impressive dining...

Cafe Iberico

festive, lively, well-priced tapas

this is our go-to tapas place. decently priced tapas that are quite tasty. the white sangria is always a winner-- very...

Thai Spoon

quick thai

i've been here a few times, and the menu is huge and varied, the service is quick (i mean 10 min. quick), and the food is...

Cafe Iberico

Always a good time and cheap!

Cafe Iberico is always a great place to go to have good food, good drinks, and a loud time. They have some of the cheapest...

Cafe Iberico

Cafe Iberico

Great sangria! Try the white sangria, just be careful, it goes down very fast!

Erwin An American Cafe

good breakfast

This is a nice place for a family breakfast; however, it doesn't open until 10:30 on Sundays. I've forgotten this twice and...

Cafe Iberico

Best Tapas in Chicago

Cafe Iberico is the best place in Chicago for tapas and the prices are terrific. Start off with a pitcher of red sangria and...

The Wiener's Circle

Wieners with Attitude

Best for late night drunk food...expect the counter service to give you an ear-full!

The Wiener's Circle

A Chicago Staple

I recommend ordering the Chocolate Milkshake. I like mine extra thick with lots of shake.


yummy fancy mexican

this is probably the one of the more upscale mexican restaurants i've been to in chicago. the service can be a little spotty,...


tasty sushi in south loop

i also live next to this sushi place! it's a clean, trendy, tasty sushi house that is moderately priced and offers a variety of...


romantic, excellent service, impeccable dishes

service is friendly, professional, but not snooty like some places can be. the food is well-prepared and tasty. the only con is...

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop

Great food AND great presentation

I was really impressed at how nicely presented the dishes were. Everything came in ornate bowls, bamboo containers,...

The Wiener's Circle

Crazy hot dogs

A hot dog, with a bright neon green relish, mustard, grilled onions, two pickle wedges, 3 tomato slices, seasonings, and celery...

Mr. Beef

Dripping with juice

A bread roll, sliced in half, loaded with lots of thinly sliced beef. Then, they dip the entire thing in beef juice, wrap it in...

Orange (CLOSED)

to-die-for brunches

this trendy, but oh-so-tasty brunch hot spot has some excellent dishes for all palates - carnies and veggies. highly recommend...

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop

tasty boba

the best boba in town! all kinds of fresh fruit boba with different kinds of boba sizes. i recommend getting the fruit tops -...

Fogo de Chao


How can you go wrong when waiters dressed as Brazilian cowboys serve you a limitless supply and selection of freshly barbequed...

Bongo Room

The best breakfast burrito

*I love Bongo Room.* It's right near my condo and the breakfast burrito is awesome. Everything is good too (really good...


Tasty, convenient and high quality

I live right next door so I probably eat here way more than I should. The sushi is wonderfully prepared and everything is...

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