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So good! so friendly

Food is great. It's hot and priced well. The cashiers are so friendly. Every time I go there, they go above and beyond with...


Non tasty food

My wife and I ordered grilled chicken, shrimps and steak. It comes with one side and we chose mushrooms and onions. All this...

Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Best Chinese food in town, been going there for...

Best Chinese food in town, been going there for years. Never got anything there we haven't liked. Reasonably priced. Only been...

Wee Willie's West

My mate and I have eaten there many times in...

My mate and I have eaten there many times in the last 4 years. Until Sunday Oct 21 I'd never had a bad meal there. The service...


Fast food for full meal price. Bad food

I went there with my mom and ordered spaghetti and meatball meal, and she got an entree with water. It cost me $17.09 and I got...

Michael's Uptown Cafe

Cajun flavors in southern Indiana

Uptown Cafe is right off the Square in Bloomington. It's well-known locally for having good food ranging from standard American...


Absolutely horrible

Brought the wrong dish to me - I ordered hibachi steak and not teriyaki steak which they also sell, then lied about it being...

Pretty decent pizza (eastern style) and good service.

Samira's Restaurant

One of my three favorite places in Bloomington

The kabobs are great especialy the lamb or hen. The side dishes are very tasty and the service is usually good...but can be a...

Nadia's Bistro

Excellent and Different

I love Malaysian and Indonesian food and it is very good here. The other dishes are also great and the service and decor are nice.

Topo's 403

Greatly enjoyed Topo's 403

I really enjoyed dinner last night at Topo's. I had the scotch cocktail, the dates stuffed with goat cheese, and the special...

Topo's 403

Overpriced, small portions of untasty food

Our table tried just about every one of the mezedes: the portions were too small, the prices were high, the appearance was...

Topo's 403

Very disappointing

Beautiful space, fairly good service, but the food is meh. It bears no resemblance to the food I've been served in Greece,...



Beware of this place! I wish there was a rating for no stars at all. I've been to this restaurant quite a few times and on all...

Malibu Grill

Not Family Friendly - DO NOT EAT HERE

If you are a person with children DO NOT eat here. I went in to pick up a meal Friday night with my infant daughter and was...

Moe's Southwest Grill

Answer your PHONE! oh and awful food.

Not good at all. first off we ordered 3 meals, with those 3 meals you get chips and pico de gallo per meal. We just received...

Sky Cafe (CLOSED)

Great Place

I am a Chef and have dined here on a few occasions. I loved it and was impressed with the prices everytime. The owners take...

Noodle Town


Went with a co-worker today. Place was empty but service was so slow. I ordered garlic chicken and it tasted like sweet and...

Sky Cafe (CLOSED)

I'll be back again!

I actually hadn't heard of Sky Cafe before today, but stumbled across it searching for something else on the net. So glad I...

Greek's Pizzaria

Bad Delivery Service

Greeks has delicious pizza. If you can get them to bring it to you. Twice in two weeks we have ordered Greeks from work for...

Greek's Pizzaria

Absolutely disgusting.

For a little under $40, we received 2 large cold pizzas, 4 watered down drinks shoved in a 6 compartment cardboard beer...

Sky Cafe (CLOSED)

Ellettsville needs this place

This is serious mediterranean food for really cheap. I've been in a few times and it's consistently outstanding. The pides are...

Aver's Pizza

Nasty Dirty

Go carry out, that place is nasty, rude, the managers are idiots, and no one ever washes their hands!! cash register right onto...

Aver's Pizza

Nasty Dirty

Go carry out, that place is nasty, rude, the managers are idiots, and no one ever washes their hands!! cash register right onto...

Chow Bar


i love this place, bubble tea is my favorite thing ever and i get a new kind everytime. favorite kinds are taro and pineapple

Sky Cafe (CLOSED)

Best Mediterranean food in town

I was there with my wife last month. We loved that place and we've been there every week since then. We like everything about...

Cafe et Crepe

Tastiest Tea in Town

I love the Algerian tea served in attractive silver pots. It is sweet, delicious, and really gives me a mood lift for the rest...

Limestone Grille


I must admit, it was not easy to find - purely accidental - but we had a wonderful meal, great service and at a reasonable...

Samira's Restaurant

Best Lamb in the Midwest for Dinner - Yum Chicken for Lunch

Samira is an outstanding bargain for the quality of the food, particularly the lamb dishes, though they also have chicken,...


Great hibachi food

Really good, fresh food prepared right in front of you. A little pricey for lunch, but much cheaper than the dinner prices....

Sunny Palace

Lunch is a total steal here!

You can eat a delicious meal at the Sunny Palace anytime, but really, the lunch specials are a total steal! For under $6.00 you...

Fairfax Inn

Terrible Service!!! high prices, mediocre food

My girlfriend and I just ate at Fairfax Inn and the service was so awful that we wanted to post a review and warn other decent...

Aver's Pizza

Classic or unique, Aver's delivers (pun intended)

Aver's has been making unique and delicious pizzas since late 1995. They have three locations, two in Bloomington and one in...

Greek's Pizzaria

Good pizza!

Good pizza!

City Bakery

The best bakery in Bloomington

While I've always been a fan of the pastries and other yummies at the Scholar's Inn Bakehouse, there's just something about the...

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