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Double Front Cafe

Yuckness Overload

The chicken you served was a few days old and I could feel it on my palate. Yuck!

Double Front Cafe

Lost Wallet

I somehow left my wallet with the cashier but they didn't even bother trying to give it back to me.

Double Front Cafe


We ordered grilled chicken but it came out burnt. The chicken was not worth it. I just wasted my money.

Double Front Cafe


This place isn't customer friendly at all. The staff was very impolite. (1) Regular dinner (Thigh): good meal

Double Front Cafe

Quasi Chicken

Ordered my chicken to-go. When I got home, it was not chicken. (1) Regular dinner (Thigh): Not chicken

Double Front Cafe


This is the worst burrito I've ever tried. The filling tastes so bad that a dog can't even eat it. (1) Regular dinner (Thigh):...

Double Front Cafe

Overrated !

Overrated. I don't think the chicken was that good. It was bland and raw. Eat somewhere else.

Double Front Cafe

Secret ingredients.

I thought I saw a cockroach crawl to the kitchen. I whispered my concern to our waitress but I don't think they'll do anything...

Double Front Cafe

rawr! cashier! rawr!

A cashier who yelled at me asked for my order details. This cafe makes me feel like I'm already tormenting in hell with this...

Double Front Cafe

I was sitting outside this cafe a couple of...

I was sitting outside this cafe a couple of months ago and I saw one of their waiters take out the trash, then I realized he...

Double Front Cafe

2 hour real life horror

So it took me over a year to finally review this place because I was waiting to recover from the horror that was "my trip to...

Double Front Cafe


This was the shadow to my light. I was having such a beautiful day. I was going on a happy afternoon stroll on such a perfect...

Double Front Cafe

Stress generator cafe

Whenever I do stress eating I always go for fast food and buy a bucket of fried chicken. But when I try to eat at this Cafe,...

Double Front Cafe

Eye of The Cafe

Misery loves company ! We loved Double Front Cafe's food and their services. I just don't like how that one guy in the counter...

Double Front Cafe

Cold Surprise

Chicken can be a tasty surprise. Unless its cold on the inside. Yours was cold on the inside.

Double Front Cafe

Double Front Cafe - Missoula, MT slow service

Now i can compare your services with Internet Explorer. I see things diferrently now. They made me wait like my exgf used to.

Double Front Cafe

I'll be back

I thought this restaurant was an absolute addiction to people based on google reviews, I'm not a fan of warmed-up chickens. I'm...

Double Front Cafe


I don't get what all the hype was about. I've had better fried chicken at another place and they serve it within the first...

Double Front Cafe

Why does the food cost so much?

Why does the food have to cost so much? I feel like it wasn't worth it if I weigh what I'd gone through. I waited a long time...

Double Front Cafe

Smellin Rotten!

The first time we visit that restaurant the food that they served has the good quality but as we continue every month we...

Double Front Cafe

Bloody Chicken Mary

Besides of the bloody chicken the place has no atmosphere. Definitely not a good place or a place for a salad and glass of...


Can it get any worse?

We were seated and 20 minutes later a server saw us while loudly saying "who are the people at that table... I hope they at...

Golden Corral

Out of business - too bad - was a great buffet...

Out of business - too bad - was a great buffet place

Papa Murphy's

the worst food and service i have ever gotton

in december of last year we ordered two take and bake pizzas had done this maney times when we tried to eat them they tasted...


the best pizza in missoula with out a doubt

we have ordered from here every week for the last two months have never gotten a bad pizza always the best in town most...

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