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    Pizza Hut

    Switching to dominos. Every time I order...

    Switching to dominos. Every time I order delivery takes way to long and I live ten minutes away last time took two hours no...

    China Wok

    Best Chinese Food in Harrisburg

    The best Chinese food I have ever eaten. I have been a customer for 12 years . The food is always awesome!! The food is served...


    Great Experience

    I came in on a Friday night with my girlfriends, we had the Malaysian Scallops Appetizer, we each got a different hot rock to...



    Great Happy Hour, even better food, and the BEST service in Camp Hill! The New Years Resolution for 2016 is to try everything...


    Great Food

    I've never had a bad meal. My favorite meal is the Filet on the Hot Rock, unique flavor, tender, and fun to cook! They also...

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    boba2 at Masala Bistro

    I believe you completely. If you use a credit card to pay for your meal, the woman manager/owner dishonestly adds to the the final amount, which you can see on your bank statement. When you pay cash, she attempts to shortchange you. The woman who is running the place is completely dishonest. I will never eat their again.

    The chef salad looks pretty filling! What’s your favorite pizza to order from Brother Joe’s?


    JB (Author) at Arepa City

    Come to Harrisburg! this one is really really good!


    annie at Miyako

    love your user name!


    ariddle1019 at Masala Bistro

    This is the 2nd horrid review I’ve read from PA. RE: new ethnic restaurants. Born & raised in Pa, Asian, Indian cuisine is not the usual norm.
    I now reside in Fla & have a slew of friends from P.A.
    We couldn’t find a decent pizza joint for years. Much less a peirogi.
    We have few Indian restaurants near Tampa, lunch buffet is approx $6. Thai, $6. Chinese all over. $6. Greek, Italians, Germans near the beach or inner city. Mucho Spanish & Mexican. They’re all trying to make a living, just like you.
    Sounds like this jerk was seriously nickel diming you,from YOUR point of view. The last review from an Asian place, Snooty Shadyside, Pittsburgh cost the party $350 a piece. For lousy food. I agreed with that review. They got ripped.
    I don’t care where the establishment is, you don’t throw customers out at closing. Although you’d LOVE to! As much as yours, his or mine, customers are your bread & butter. Some just aren’t worth it. Period. It’s time to leave.
    I sat many an extra hour as a waitress/bartender cause the table was kibbitzing & I needed to get home, take care of the family, get some rest & start all over at the crack of dawn. In the Ice, snow, sleet.
    Then get stiffed on the tip.
    I agreed with the first review, but yuns guys are way outta line.
    In all fairness, the owner should state, last orders accepted 1/2 hr before closing. Which gives diners enough time to dine & chit chat. It also gives the establishment enough time to get ready for next day’s biz.
    The owner needs his profit & has to pay the overhead. The employees need to get paid. Just like you do.
    On another note, I find it extremely rude, self centered, self absorbed to walk into ANY establishment 5 minutes before closing and expect special service, unless you made prior arrangements for a private party.
    Most places would not serve. Nope, kitchen closed.
    Including some of the finest restaurants in the country.
    Even Frank Sinatra didn’t expect to walk into Patsy’s N.Y. anytime he pleased.
    He called ahead, if having an after hours & paid for it.
    I’m sure he didn’t fuss over a 1/2 price coupon 5 minutes before closing.
    When you rent the P.N.A. or church hall, you rent it by the hour. Even the church expects you to get off your butts, move on, so they can clean up.
    How would you like it if a client walked in 5 minutes before you were ready to go home after a long days work, if you work, expect you to sit & wait while your electric bill is running up into your profit?
    Unless you happen to be the upper 10%. If you were, you wouldn’t be haggling about coupons. 5 minutes before closing.
    Even when the mills were running, an employee was asked, AHEAD of time if they wanted to do extra hours for time & 1/2.
    Small biz owners don’t get a paycheck. Especially in the shakey restaurant biz, on top of this lousy economy.
    Besides, PA. isn’t well reknowned for 5 star restaurants.
    Cripes, ya gotta drive to God knows where just for a Giant Eagle or Walmart.
    Its Mom & Pop joints just trying to make a living for their families.
    How would you like it if someone popped in your kitchen, like you really have one, right after you fed all, cleaned up & expected you to get out the pots & pans & start cooking again? For basically, a pittance nor thank you.
    There’s plenty of places that stay open late. That’s their business hours, LATE NIGHT.

    I had the pleasure & opportunity to work for many upscale establishments, including The Gateway Clipper, League of Cities & Marriott, Pittsburgh & Chicago. Not including small established Mom & Pop long standing start from nothing places that survived wars, depression, the whole nine yards.
    If lunch stated 11:30a-3pm, them boys & ladies were fed, drunk or not & out by 3pm. Dinner, out by 9pm. From the upscale Drs, Lawyers, Mayors, Indian Chiefs down to the ‘common folk. The crowd moved on to the bar, back to work, home or wherever.
    Go to Eat n’ Park,some greasy spoon diner have piece of pie, pot of coffee, 24/7. Continue the converse there till ya drop at 6am. They have high chairs there with your name on it.
    Eat while it’s fresh, hot & being served. Period.
    There were no argues about it.
    It was/is common sense & respect.
    It’s business.
    If the county courthouse is open from 9a- 5pm, I gaurantee no case is heard after 4pm, so they can close day’s biz by 5PM!
    They may stamp papers till 5pm.
    5:01pm, you’re outta luck, till next day’s biz.
    They’re not gonna open back up for spoiled ‘AmberLeigh’
    Get a grip!
    As a bartender, last call was last call. Drink up & get out.
    GO HOME, Irene, say Goodnight! So I can clean up your mess, count the drawer & run the business. Feed our families. If ya don’t get up & out,I’d throw ya out!
    As far as I’m concerned, your bunch was rude, crude & ignorant. You nickel dimed them. I would’ve added a pain in the ass tax to the tab.
    Aggravation tax.
    The restaurant, whether it be Indian, Italian, Asian, German,
    Bar food during the game, or your own dinner table.
    Get there while the food is hot & good. Otherwise, yuns be lucky if there’s any leftovers.
    So don’t complain & cause a fuss. Try acting like a lady, if that’s ever possible.
    I doubt it.
    I enjoy Indian Food & culture. They are very gracious, spiritual people & their food & spices are very well balanced, complex, easy on the digestion. They put much thought into their cuisine,way of life.
    The spices are imported, not cheap. It’s a very carefully balanced mix.
    If you offended them, it may be due to the fact you were ungracious, disrespectful,ill mannered. And just a spoiled snot, brat.
    The next time your crew decides to get ‘eclectic’ & wreak havock, ruin a nice dining experience. Don’t bother.
    I’m sure you caused your lovely parents enough embarrassment.
    Hit the local for a Big Boy, French Fries & Coke.
    The waitress there will probably tell ya where to get off, no doubt.
    If ya cause a fuss, they’ll call the cops to throw you & boyfriend out.
    I feed the homeless.
    Maybe yuns guys should try it.
    Then you’d learn some manners, respect for others & count your blessings.
    Instead of fussing like spoiled kids.
    Seems your’e more upset with your girlfriend than the proprietor. and fussing over seperate checks.
    How very petty.
    So silly.
    Small town, small minds.
    I’m sorry, if I were out with my parents, God Rest, I would’ve picked up picked up the tab, like a respectful daughter & lady & be done with it.
    Glad to do it.
    They’ve been paying your tabs all your spoiled, ill mannered,snotty, petty little life. Feeding your belly. Clothing your silly butt.
    Shame on you.
    You owe all involved a huge apology.
    Go to your room, you’re grounded. No cell phone, no T.V, NO Computer.
    No dining out till you work 50 hrs community service in a restaurant.
    Grow up, little girl.
    Have a blessed day.

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