These restaurants are my favorite all-vegetarian.

1 Udipi Cafe

35 Richardson Heights Ctr
Richardson, TX

Indian Vegetarian

Northern and southern Indian veggie selections. Fresh dosa at the table. Good service; shallow buffet kept fresh. Variety from day to day an among dishes presented.
Iddli, sambar, dosa. Dals, puriroyals, panir dishes. Achars, pickles, salad greens; variety of chutneys.

Chinese inspired; emphasis on meat-substitute style dishes. All the food is good. This is a local UT hang-out on Guadelupe, so it's a great place to catch the action.

Taiwanese inspired; emphasis on fresh raw veggies. Good variety for a relatively narrow approach. Mushroom tea is good.

4 5430 Gurley Ave

5430 Gurley Ave
Dallas, TX

Kalachandji's is the name of this restaurant. It's in the Hare Krishna temple.
Hot buffet changes daily with traditional Indian veggie dishes as well as American-style and international veggie. Includes large salad bar, dal soup, yeast bread and flat breads, dessert. Everything is always good.

This is a macrobiotic restaurant. Though I don't know much about that, the approach seems to revolve around fresh raw veggies and barely-cooked veggie ingredients. Everything is very fresh and well-served. This place is in a lovely part of Austin, along the Ladybird Lake walk, close to Zilker Park and Barton Springs.

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