These are the restaurants I eat at *all* the time...

The best sushi is town, hands down! The prices of sushi and sashimi are very comparable and you get the most bang out of your buck. With having great prices, Osakaya does not sacrifice taste or flavors of their sushi rolls. The ingridents that are in the rolls complement the choice of fish very well and the rolls are never too "simple" or "dull" or "boring". The rest of the menu is HUGE and extends all the way to different authentic ramen (far from the packaged, full of sodium crap that is sold at most mega marts for 10 cents a piece) and Japanese curries. There's never a wait to get a table. Okay, maybe there could be a minute or two wait BUT the sushi bar is always open for immediate seating. (Personally I like the sushi ar the best because I get my sushi order faster and it's a great way to entertain with a friend who is new to the restaurant.)
I highly recommened the baked mussels on the half shell and the "frozen" sake. **Make sure to put your order to baked mussels in almost as soon as you sit down because it does take a bit of time to cook.**

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