1 Thai Seafood

17926 Highway 3 Ste 107
Webster, TX

Seafood Parking Catering

OMG! This place is amazing! Let me start with the atmosphere. The place is very quiet and they play lovely calm, serene thai-new age music. The tables have lovely tableclothes and the servers wear tuxedo shirts and bowties. The service is impeccable. They are very kind and friendly. The food is well priced. Now on to the important stuff: the food. First off, presentation is stunning. If you get a dish that has white rice on the side, it'll come to you in the shape of a heart dressed with delicate, decorative carrots, apple slices, or peach slices. Once they made the rice heart look as if it had wings using apple slices. The presentation of the food is lovely. Now to the taste! Well you won't be dissapointed. The food is flavorful and delicious. It's one of my all time favorite restaurants.
catfish panang or steamed fish with lime sauce. always get the chicken satay as an appetizer their peanut sauce is perfect!

everyone knows this is THE place for authentic sushi. just go there if you haven't yet been; it's the best place in town for sushi.
lingo roll, the fuji apple is a refreshing ingredient, i get it every time.

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