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  • 12. Mixed Tandoori
  • 32. Chicken Curry
  • 33. Chicken Tikka Masala
Indian Cuisine In the Heart Of the Valley!

"Taste of India is a tucked away unique establishment that is family run and offers fresh-tasting ..."

keep away; atrociously bad food in unhygenic place

"KEEP AWAY !!! I cannot believe anyone would give this anything more than zero stars; they must ha..."

Pleasantly surprised and impressed!

"I have only had Indian food once or twice before I went to Taste of India, and I sure am glad tha..."

Quite Good

"Good service, good ambiance, and good food. I've been to several Indian restaurants in the Twin ..."


"I am craving the curry from here right now so,,, this is the best indian restaurant i've ever ta..."


"We made the mistake of coming back to this restaurant after previously having to wait forever for..."

Good Indian food, never crowded

"This restaurant is off the beaten path but its the place that all my friends from India want to t..."

Taste of India's Lunch Buffet is Tops

"We walked through a double entry that was small and kind of busy into a quaint nicely decorated a..."