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3.1 overall rating across 10 reviews

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  • Tempura Bananas
  • Omakase Deluxe
  • Spicy Seafood Udon Pasta

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Overwhelming and not in a good way

"While the sushi is good, the service and timing of the food is horrible. You sit for waiting and..."

my experince with Kabuki rest. in Ventura

"first got there they gave us a box to carry with us so they can call us we were out side and peop..."

Had a Sushi Craving

"There is no denying this is a franchise chain and when you're in a pinch and are craving sushi, t..."

Decent, but no the best

"I am certainly a fan of good Japanese food. I have many friends and clients that are Japanese and..."

Pretty Good Sushi for a Very Good Price

"This Kabuki, as well as the other one that I have gone to in Valencia, is a good place to get dec..."

Not a place for real sushi eater

"This place was so so, not a good place to eat REAL sushi, sashimi but absolutely a great spot for..."

Sushi at Kabuki is always safe, it's a chain...

"Sushi at Kabuki is always safe, it's a chain that caters to a lot of Americans who like the norma..."

My family and I enjoyed the "Love Boat" combination. Thei...

"My family and I enjoyed the "Love Boat" combination. Their Karate Punch is a great fruit cocktail."