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2.4 overall rating across 8 reviews

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  • Grilled Chicken Club
  • Memphian
  • "The Big Nasty" Sandwich

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Worst experience ever

"Really, I do not even believe Seigen McAlister's Deli deserves 1 star. My husband and I have had ..."

Quick and Good

"This is a good spot to take a break from "mall shopping". Inside it's laid out a bit like a Hard..."


"For the past two Sundays I have visted this Mccllister's between 2p-3:15P I have ordered my food,..."

its sas

"Its disheartening that some people give this place such a bad review full of lies. ive been there..."

Sucks Dont waste your money

"Now look this is the second time i have emailed yall in the last month. I want a phone call from ..."

Great food! A little pricy

"The food has always been good every time I've went there. I don't think I've ever had anything th..."

Mcalister's Deli

"When i went there the line was long but it was moving quick. The sandwiches were pretty good and ..."

09/02/08 Lunch - Beware of Morons

"Today I wanted a sandwich. However, at my work location, we are limited in choices. I didn't want..."