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  • chocolate chip cookies
  • Strawberry Poppyseed Salad
  • Chicken Salad

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awul sandwich turkey cranberry on flat bread...

"awul sandwich turkey cranberry on flat bread about maybe 2 ounces of turkey a tablespoon of cranb..."

Read the order, it'll help

"I don't know why this single Panera manages outtake sooo badly. They have a checklist on a screen..."

Panera dead to me

"I was at counter in front of an employee at a register. She did not acknowledge my presence even..."

Panera bread 6915 west rd.,houston, tx 77069

"Worst manager. Arrogant & rude. Sloppy service but don't tell that to the manager becuz she'll ..."

Happy birthday to me!

"I was here in October to cash in a loyalty card reward. I had purchased at other Panera location..."

Evening Manager

"Everything tasted great but the only issue that I had was the Evening Manager. He was annoying..."

Maumee Panera

"Salads at Dussel Rd location very small relative to other Toledo locations. Go out of my way not ..."

Try to pre-order only to get to the restaurant...

"Try to pre-order only to get to the restaurant and it was not ready. Most likely short staffed. "