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  • Jack Daniel's® Steak and Shrimp
  • TGI Friday's™ Shrimp
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake

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TGI Friday's was closed years ago!

"Closed years ago and now replaced by a medical building!"

Never to return

" This was the worst restaurant experience I have ever been to,The food was horrible not to menti..."


"Service awful, food deplorible, host ignord us, please do not go there. "


"Do not eat at this establishment it's horrible. They people at work look like they sleep in the..."

Terrible meal

"I ordered the 12 Shrimp Dinner with Fries. I got 10 Shrimp & cold fries. For $13. & some cents..."

On February 28,2015, I called Fridays in...

"On February 28,2015, I called Fridays in Columbia, MD at 11:00 am. I spoke with the manager about..."

Restaurant behavior

"If your life is lacking drama...the sign outside states "Enter here" (at your own risk of course)..."


"I decided to invite my daughters, grand daugter and wife for a dinner. The restaurant wasnt busy ..."