35 Neptune Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235

1001 Nights Restaurant

Neighborhoods: Sheepshead Bay
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Turkish, Russian

1001 Nights Restaurant is a Middle Eastern, Turkish, and Russian restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends and paid between $10 and $25.

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  • 12/18/2020

    A Middle Eastern chowhound from US tried it.

  • 2/15/2018

    A dining patron from AM tried it.

  • 2/12/2017

    A Middle Eastern food lover from Moscow, 48 tried it.

  • 8/01/2015

    A Middle Eastern food lover from Northport, NY tried it and liked it. They liked the food and liked the service.

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    A Middle Eastern food lover from Miami, FL tried it.

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    A diner from Newark, NJ tried it.

  • 5/07/2015

    A Middle Eastern food lover from Atlanta, GA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

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    A Middle Eastern food lover from Newark, NJ tried it.

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    A Middle Eastern food lover from Miami, FL tried it.

  • 3/14/2015

    A dining patron from Ashburn, VA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

Aziz photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Nice Place For Dinner..

Nice place and atmosphere for enjoy dinner or lunch with friends and family….with entertaining belly dance.

Sabochan photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Many of us might have heard of middle eastern cuisine, some among us might have tasted it, but if you want to enjoy it with the middle-eastern type environment, come visit 1001 Nights Restaurant. Delicious food and best services are guaranteed at this Restaurant.



 Brooklyn, NY

Visit 1001 Nights Restaurant

When we visit any restaurant, from customers perspective not necessary is that good is good enough. Customers comes with high expectations while would like to spend less. 1001 nights restaurant is best place for such customers, my personal experience entails the story that we had good enough at so less exciting prices.

Iosif_Stalin photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Famous For Belly Dancing

Its our fifth visit in 1001 Nights, every visit gives a different experience, we have encountered many changes made in the setup from our last visit, it is already famous for belly dancing, still the owner keeps on doing something new to attract customers. We can even see the difference in the belly dance, its not always the same one, even the artists also changes.


The principal dish of the Great Orients. A good shish kebobs becomes a feast of taste and a true delight. Shish Kebabs (Shashliks) owe their inimitable taste to fire and the splendid quality of fresh meat.

DonaldHarris photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Visit 1001 Nights restaurant

Visited 1001 Nights restaurant last night, its ample amount of space, variety in food, facilty to go for hookah and affordable rates all makes it a valuebale place to enjoy and have fun therin.


The principal dish of the Great Orients. A good shish kebobs becomes a feast of taste and a true delight. Shish Kebabs (Shashliks) owe their inimitable taste to fire and the splendid quality of fresh meat.

Tosha photo


 Brooklyn, NY

My Favorite Place For Middle Eastern Cuisines

If you are looking for some great, authentic middle eastern food, this is your place… if you are looking for a beautiful atmosphere, this one is for you. It’s motto should be "just good food with nice atmosphere, always & the prices are very easy on the budget. Great place, my favorite place for middle eastern cuisines. 5 stars.

Sergei10 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Lovely Chicken Chops...

I have never tasted amazing chicken chops like i tasted in 1001 Nights Restaurant i love that restaurant and its traditional dishes mind blowing taste…with belly dancing what else you need more than that.

Yursinoy photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Representing Middle Eastern Cuisines

1001 Nights Restaurant is representing middle eastern cuisines in brooklyn..1001 nights provides you real taste of middle eastern cuisines and the entertaining belly dancing is another specialty of the restaurant. I like that place for having dinner with the friends & family.

Azam photo


 Brooklyn, NY

No one Can Match The Taste

1001 nights restaurant is the best place in brooklyn for middle eastern food and belly dancing. There are many Middle Eastern restaurants in brroklyn but no one can match the taste of 1001 nights restaurants..the taste which will make you their fan..

Halim photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Want To Make Your Weekend Rocking !!

Want make your weekend rocking enjoy the belly dance & awesome food..go 1001 Nights Restaurant brooklyn and enjoy..i visited many times…… :)

Zamira photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Perfect Place For Shish Kebabs.

1001 Nights Restaurant is the perfect place for enjoying delicious Shish Kebabs who ever taste those Shish Kebabs never forget the taste…great Shish Kebab Restaurant in brooklyn.

JeffCollins photo


 Brooklyn, NY

NYC Belly Dancing

Heard of 1001 Nights restaurant, famous for NYC Belly Dancing, there are many places in Brooklyn, NY which provides facility of belly dancing but 1001 Nights Restaurant is famous for its dancers, the moment they take the floor, the environment becomes completely different, we find our self in a new world. Book your seats immediately.



Shahnoza photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Interesting Place

It is an interesting place to visit with friends and family where you will find mouth-watering dishes and other facilities like Hookahs. The waiters are nice, fast and attentive towards their customers without problems.

Zhora photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Great place!

Great place! If you’re looking for decent middle eastern restaurant and specifically middle eastern cuisines, 1001 Nights Restaurantis one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, NY. The prices, food variety and service make the place an exceptional gem in the heart of Neptune Ave in Brooklyn.

Sacha photo


 Brooklyn, NY

This place is awesome!

This place is awesome! The food is great, and the entertainment is even better. Every day they have fresh pita bread delivered from a bakery and they serve unlimited amounts to anyone who is ordering food. Sometimes, the server is awesome, .If you’re not sure about something on the menu, just ask.I have never had an issue with anyone explaining anything on the menu to me. 1001 Nights Restaurant is Awesome place!!!!

Aybek photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The 1001 Nights Is Heaven of Middle Eastern Cuisine

The 1001 Nights Restaurant is heaven of middle eastern cuisine…specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine of the decadent sort, including grilled fish, delicious pilaf and shish-kebabs and many more delicious dishes.

Carlos1 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Every Restaurant have something unique in it

Every Restaurant have something unique in it. Some are famous for Delicious food, some have variety of cuisines, some are famous for having best services, but it has been generally seen that no one have all the qualities at one place. If you want everything at one place, 1001 Nights is best for it, located at NY, Brooklyn is one of the top most Restaurant.

Shoxrux photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The Food At 1001 Nights Restaurant Is Tasty & Reasonable

The food at 1001 Nights Restaurant is tasty and reasonably priced. I ordered the Yangiyul chickens which is really tasty & fresh. They were chewy like they should be and flavorful, they come topped with yogurt and spices. Very delicious. I also tried the special Chicken chops which also a pleasure to eat. Then the meat is surrounded by cracked wheat and deep fried, served with salad. Also delicious. Even the salad was spiced and seasoned well. The location makes it a perfect place to hit up for lunch or dinner.

ilhom photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Special Place In My Heart

I’ve been here on a few occasions. The first time I went 1001 Nights Restaurant the food was excellent and different from other Turkish Restaurant In Brooklyn I’d had before. After many late nights I stopped here it’s been always a warm welcome from the staff with the delicious food. This place holds a special place in my heart because i feel here like home.

Ilyos photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The best Belly Dancing Restaurants In NYC

The Lamb Shish Kebab was delicious! A hearty, tasty meal. Absolutely excellent. The appitizer Khanum was also very good refreshing and not too heavy. Definitely go here for a quick meal or casual dinner/lunch. Everything I’ve had here has been excellent. This is my favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant Brooklyn. The staff here are really nice, as well. It’s a super tight space on weekends but they will serve you with there best service. Belly dancing is worth to watch on weekends while enjoying dinner, the best Belly Dancing Restaurants In NYC.

Madina11 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

I Am In Love...With 1001 Nights Restraurant.

1001 Nights Restaurant is Great place for middle eastern cuisines. The guys in this place are pretty fast and friendly toward their customers. I got the Shish Kebab and was very impressed. All the toppings are not what I usually get but glad I did because it all tasted wonderful :). The food is always consistent, the service fast, and I have always been able to grab a seat. I am in love…with 1001 Nights Restaurant.

Maqsud photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Everything On The Plate Is Pretty Damn Delicious

So after eating at 1001 Nights Restaurant a dozen times, I’m finally writing my review of this place. I’ve always gotten the Lamb Shish Kebab with plov, samsa & some my favorite appetizers like Khasyp, Khanum both are amazingly tasty. Everything on the plate is pretty damn delicious including the white and hot sauce they use. I prefer this place over any of the other Middle Eastern Restaurant NYC. For the quality and amount of food you get, more than that any other local Middle Eastern Restaurant.

Bakhram photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Beautiful setting, excellent services and wonderful food!

1001 Nights Restaurant Beautiful setting, excellent services and wonderful food! We went in as a group 4, ordered Khanum , Chuchvara , mixed kebab, salad and a few side dishes, it was just absolutely delicious! I also love their lamb shish kebab, which was warm, puffy and fresh. I wouldn’t say it’s a cheap place, but for the ambiance and setting, it’s not very expensive either. I would totally go back again.

Madina2 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The service is also smooth & attentive.

Finally made it out to 1001 Nights Restaurant and I’d have to agree with everyone else: it’s the best Lamb Shish Kebab and Plov in the city! Each ingredient was fresh and delicious. I had the lamb shish keba since it was my first time out and of the three types there was no clear winner – they were all fantastic. The service is also smooth & attentive.

Oygul photo


 Brooklyn, NY

All over it was a memorable experience.

On a recent trip the City my friend and I stumbled across 1001 Nights Restaurant after a good day at the the Brooklyn Flea and with our treasures in hand we rested our tired feet and enjoyed a nice long lunch. We ordered Shish kebab & plov. we also ordered appetizer Khanum which is delicious. The shish kebab was perfectly cooked and the flavors in all of the components of the meal were savory and the portion of the meal left us full and happy for the rest of the day. All over it was a memorable experience.

Temurbek photo


 Brooklyn, NY

I have found my new dinner place!

I have found my new dinner place! i Had the plov, salad and soup delivered from 1001 Nights Restaurant to Dumbo and everything arrived delicious and fresh. Even the soup was still hot. It’s not often you get this kind of top quality food, large portions and great service at such a decent price. Very impressed. Watching beautiful belly dancers is so much fun….

Aybek5 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

1001 Nights Restaurant is one of my favorite spots in brookl

1001 Nights Restaurant is one of my favorite spots in brooklyn, and whenever someone asks me that brainracking question: “which your favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant NYC ?” my mind picks 1001 Nights Restaurant for the safest, most sincere reply. I love the Lamb Shish Kebab, 1001 Nights Restaurant is really the best place to enjoy delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine NYC.

Breanna21 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The food Is Decent With Good Spices & Flavor

1001 Nights Restaurant is literally the best Middle Eastern Restaurant NYC you’ll be able to find in the whole city. Not even generalizing it. I’ve tried many different places and this one still beats them out on the quantity and quality of food you get. The food is decent with good spices and flavor & the experience of dinner plus belly dancing on weekends is awesome….

Behruz photo


 Brooklyn, NY

1001 Nights Restaurant is Great place!

1001 Nights Restaurant is Great place! If you’re looking for decent middle eastern cuisines and specifically belly dancing, this is one of the best restaurants in brooklyn-ny. The prices, food variety and service make the place an exceptional gem in the heart of 35 Neptune Avenue in NY.

kyndal photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The Best Belly Dancing Show NYC I Have Ever Seen.

My friends told me this place has the “Best Middle Eastern Restaurant NYC” so i had to check it out. popped in on easter sunday for dinner with some friends. the weather was gorgeous that day so there was a wait for tables outside but indoors it was smooth sailing and i was promptly seated. i have ordered some appetizers and Lamb shish kebabs everything was very tasty nad fresh. We have enjoyed the belly dancing also it was the best Belly Dancing Show NYC i have ever seen.

aziziy photo


 Brooklyn, NY

1001 Nights Restaurant Is A Perfect Place

If u lives in Brooklyn and you’d like to have a good middle eastern cuisines in a good atmosphere 1001 Nights Restaurant is a perfect place for that. Service is great never seen the service like that before at any middle eastern restaurant. I guess we were just late walk ins and everybody was tired around but they served us with smiles. We have ordered Lamb Shish Kebabs & samsa with salads every thing we have ordered is delicious in taste & fresh. 1001 Nights Restaurant has the service of Fast Food Delivery Brooklyn which delivers the fresh, hot food on time.

birame photo


 Brooklyn, NY

The Food Was Very Fresh & Hot I Enjoyed The Food

I have read about 1001 Nights Restaurant on the internet..i decided to got there for lunch or dinner but when i saw Order Online in Brooklyn 1001 Nights Restaurant i decided to order food online…they entertain me very well i have ordered shish kebab & samsa..the food arrived on time & the food was very fresh & hot i enjoyed the food a lot. The prices are very reasonable..love to order again.

Vikenti photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Just Order Your Favorite Dishes Online & Enjoy The Food.

1001 Nights Restaurant is as good as it gets in terms of quality of food at quite low prices. I am regular customer of them. Sometimes if you are not able to go to the 1001 Nights Restaurant so you can Order Online Brooklyn for the delicious middle eastern cuisines, so no need to wait anymore for the table just order your favorite dishes online & enjoy the food.

Elmurod photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Great place for fresh food.

Great place for fresh food. I wasn’t such a huge fan in the beginning, thinking, but now i m a fan of 1001 Nights Restaurant is really amazing, i am regular customer of 1001 Nights Restaurant My regular order is shish kebab, samsa & plov. This probably is the best middle eastern restaurant in brooklyn nyc.

Shuhrat photo


 Brooklyn, NY

1001 Nights Restaurant Is My Favorite Restaurant In My Area.

1001 Nights Restaurant is my favorite restaurant in my area. The food is quite reasonably priced, the service is good whether you dine in, carry out. We have done both. The food is hot and as always, amazingly good. Every time I have been in, the service has been great. The staff is all very friendly and attentive. I’ve ordered most everything on the menu and it’s all been fabulous. Perfect place for the middle eastern cuisines. Everyone should try shish kebab & samsa the best place in NYC for both dishes.

Sarvar photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Always Super Friendly

I live very close to 1001 Nights Restaurant and no matter when i pass it there are ALWAYS peolpe in line! I think that says a lot about the place! you go there in the midlle of the night or at any time they will serves you with the great service. 1001 Nights Restaurant is very famous for shish kebab and the guys in there are working really really hard! always super friendly.

Charos photo


 Brooklyn, NY

I Had To Give 1001 Nights Restaurant Five Stars

I had to give 1001 Nights Restaurant five stars mostly for the “Healthy Salad”; it was amazing. I found this amazing salad very tasty and fresh, I had the shish kebab & samasa too, and they were best. The staff was friendly and accommodating; I went there on Saturday night and they still served me very nicely. The place is specious and comfortable & nice and pleasant to have a meal & entertaining belly dancing. Overall great place for healthy bite; quick and inexpensive. what else could someone ask for?

Oksana photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Pleasantly Surprised With The Quality OF Food

Pleasantly surprised with the quality of food at 1001 Nights Restaurant. Try the sausage and fries appetizer way better
than it sounds. The shish kebabs & samsa is also awesome. Price is right, atmosphere is good, food is amazing, and the staff is prompt and friendly.

Middle Eastern Shish Kebab Middle Eastern Cuisine
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