Akita Sushi & Hibachi

Cuisine: Sushi, Hibachi, Japanese

Akita Sushi & Hibachi is a Sushi, Hibachi, and Japanese restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped between 15% to 18%.

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"Price for quantity"
"Every single thing"
"Fast service, food comes to table quickly. Friendly staff. Big menu that isn't overwhelming. "
"So good"
"This is a great place to try a variety of items without having to pay a la carte prices. The first time visiting the waittress was very helpful in ordering and every visit after the service has been great. I bring friends, co-workers and family here and e"
"Sushi is excellent"
"Servers need to listen better!"
"$25 all you can eat is a little expensive so I don't often visit on weekends. The $15 weekday lunch buffet is a very good deal though. I have never had sushi or other item that I didn't like. "
"You're so full after"
"We recently had a waittress who was still learning English so we didn't get everything we ordered but she was extremely apologetic and very attentive and our meal was still very enjoyable."
"When staff make errors that affect satisfaction of customers, management should not have to be begged for compensation!"
"Try new things, everything is good. Unagi sushi is seriously delicious. It's made of eel, it doesn't smell or taste very fishy, and it is very tender. Soft shell crab (spider roll) is delicious too."
"Try something different every time and save a little room for the delicious ice cream."
  • 7/17/2017

    A Sushi food lover from US tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    Price for quantity
    Servers need to listen better!
    When staff make errors that affect satisfaction of customers, management should not have to be begged for compensation!
  • 9/05/2014

    A Sushi food lover from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 4/10/2015

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it.

  • 3/27/2015

    A Sushi food lover from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Every single thing
  • 3/04/2015

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Fast service, food comes to table quickly. Friendly staff. Big menu that isn't overwhelming.
    $25 all you can eat is a little expensive so I don't often visit on weekends. The $15 weekday lunch buffet is a very good deal though. I have never had sushi or other item that I didn't like.
    Try new things, everything is good. Unagi sushi is seriously delicious. It's made of eel, it doesn't smell or taste very fishy, and it is very tender. Soft shell crab (spider roll) is delicious too.
  • 2/21/2015

    A Sushi food lover from Chicago, IL tried it and liked it.

  • 2/10/2015

    A diner from Dallas, TX tried it.

  • 12/29/2014

    A Sushi food lover from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    So good
    You're so full after
  • 12/16/2014

    A Sushi chowhound from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 8/23/2014

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

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 Maplewood, MN

sticks and stones may break bones.

Well I enjoyed Akita Sushi so much I stopped in again. As usual to food was wonderful and the service excellent. The manger in question even opened the door for us with a big smile on his face and greeted us warmly! Great service! I spent my dinner at that wonderfully shaped Sushi bar. I love this place so much! I can’t get enough of it!

I just cant figure out some of these posts though….. I think someone here must be operating one of the other sushi restaurants in town. Your remarks are way out of line. And if your so disappointed then why don’t you approach the manager and express yourself. Quit hiding behind your computer!

The old saying " sticks and stone will break my bones " But your words cannot stop a good thing!


Try the Sushi Fall, it is great!

stopwhining photo


 Woodbury, MN

Still wonderful!

I have been to Akita Sushi on many occasions and have not been dissappointed as of yet.

The food is always great and the service outstanding! I’m sure at some point I will have a day there that is not so wonderful. But I have found that at any place I have dinned after dinning there enough times. We all have bad days and good days.

You people really should get a life and stop whining!

Oh, the person that began their review with " Not worth the trip " You probally were " not worth the trouble "

The complainers, complain to everyone. The happy people say little it seems…..


I had a wide variety of sushi, and it was all wonderful! The chicken fried oudon was great as well!

jsf157 photo


 South Saint Paul, MN

See for yourself

I actually stumbled upon this place. And I thought it was great. Hey, form your own opinion and check it out for yourself. My girlfriend and I were going to Tamarack to do some shopping before hitting Fuji-ja and took a chance on the new guy and were big winners.

Monday night, about 6 o’clock, medium crowd. We were greeted and seated promptly and were a little confused about no prices on the menu, we found them on the back. A brief explanation from our waitress and we were off, ordering whatever we wanted.

Food arrived within ten minutes and WAS EXCELLENT!! We even added a bottle of wine and with a healthy tip, paid far less than I would have paid for just for the food elsewhere.

It’s new, give it a chance. The busboy was even friendly as heck! This is like “happy hour” prices on a whole menu.

Dragon Roll

Ordered a second one after finishing the first. Nice mix. Highly recommend.

aka55129 photo


 Woodbury, MN

The food was great...

However, I have to agree that the service level wasn’t very good. We waited 15 minutes to be seated. We weren’t greeted upon arrival nor were we told how long of a wait to expect. We experienced the same thing with the manager who had a single red rose in his jacket pocket. He would pick up the phone and take care of the caller instead put them on hold. He didn’t seem very customer friendly.

Our server was a little impatient, but if you’re understaffed, I understand the need to hurry to complete other duties. She took our menus away after we ordered which I wish she hadn’t done because the menu has so many items. I would have liked to sit and look at it and decide if there were other dishes I wanted to try.

The food was great. We loved the sushi and the tempura! It reminded me of the food that my japanese grandma makes. The Miso soup was fantasic and so were the spring rolls. We’ll definitely go again, but just keep in mind that the service isn’t very good. I think it’s worth to go for the great food.



gojoe photo


 Woodbury, MN


I have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Things I have learned from beginning a restaurant from scratch are- It is a nightmare at the beginning. Eventually after a month or so it smooths out. Those that have patience are willing to wait. Those that can’t wait complain. Unfortunately they complain to anyone that will listen. < ie > the complaints here.

I am new to the Woodbury area and hope to live here for sometime, so my reviews will pop up from time to time. I have waited only about two weeks before giving my feedback on Akita Sushi because I like to give folks a chance. I was at Akita Sushi the day it opened it was in fact the nightmare I thought it would be. But like I said " I like to give folks a chance " I was there again this past Saturday night ( 4-12-08 ) while things were not perfect they were doing much better. The servers, waitresses, and yes the manager all show improvement, and all display an attitude of pressing forward to become a high quality restaurant. I think folks should give them a chance. How would you like it if you were only given a limited chance before you were condemned?

For the review. I have eaten at almost every Japanese style restaurant in the Twin Cites. I cannot remember ever have a higher quality tasting food from any of them. My service was superb, my food was fresh. I never noticed anyone that did not want to serve me according to what would be expected at a restaurant.

On a side note: I find the reviews here very contrasting ( as others have pointed out ) You should be more careful, to say only what is true. Slander applies to the internet as well. You can be prosecuted.

Thank you for your time

Don, Chicken Fried Udon

Cooked to prefection!

iamopie photo


 Woodbury, MN

Very good - great atmosphere - growing pains

I would agree with some that the service is still getting up to speed. But the food is excellent, and the all you can eat price is very reasonable.

I’ve been there 3 times in the last week (4/25/08) for lunch. I would agree that the kid at the front door (who is not the “manager”, BTW) comes across a little stiff. Give him a break. He is just a kid and means well.

2 of the 3 times, I’ve had great service. Once, I don’t think the waitress could understand english very well. I got the right food eventually, but it was a struggle.

I’ve eaten at dozens and dozens of sushi restaurants all around the country, and the nigiri here is as good as any. The rolls are a bit sloppy, since they are put together a bit hastily, but they are tasty.

There are certainly nicer sushi restaurants in the twin cities, but you’ll pay a lot more and get a lot less. For Woodbury this place is great. The prices are very reasonable. I predict in another month or so you won’t be able to get in the door at lunch time. Word will spread quickly.



tayloreily photo


 Hastings, MN

Wonderful Dining!

I had read the mixed reviews on this restaurant but my husband and I still wanted to give it a shot as we have yet to find a great Japanese restaurant in our area. We were very pleased when we walked in and saw the nice environment. Our server was friendly and tended to us quickly our entire visit. My husband ordered the all you can eat buffet and enjoyed many items from sushi to beef teriyaki. Everything it ordered he enjoyed. I ordered a beef entree from the menu and was pleased with the quick service, hot food, and delicious flavors. We did not wait for anything on our Satruday afternoon visit. As we left things more and more people were filling the restaurant , we were pleased to see things going well or this establishment as we plan to return many times.

Hibachi Steak

Hibachi Steak- prepared wonderfully, great flavor!

yummyyummy photo


 St Paul, MN

Still a few service kinks, but food was GREAT!

My companions and I marvelled at the quantity and quality of the food we received at lunch for $14.99. The salmon sushi was especially delicious and necessitated seconds. We also tried the edemami, miso soup, cold tofu, white tuna sushi, salmon, avocado and tuna hand rolls, California and Rainbow rolls, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and one of the udon noodle dishes. When done we didn’t have room for the dessert offerings that were included in the all-you-can-eat price.

The waitress checked with us frequently, but forgot elements of our order, and was slow to deliver the last of it. Beverages were refreshed often.

I didn’t quite understand the manager’s greeting (which my companions interpreted as a brief explanation of the all-you-can-eat option — although no alternative was presented). Perhaps it was off-putting that I mentioned having read reviews when asked if we’d dined there before…I was refering to the positive one in the Pioneer Press, but he may have interpreted it to be a reference to this site, which has been less than flattering in its characterizations.

My companions and I will definitely return!

salmon sushi

fresh, bright, sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth good!

bennyluge photo


 White Bear Lake, MN

Not bad at all

I was quite surprised to read some of these negative comments because it was very decent sushi. There’s a few things to keep in mind…anytime you go for an all-u-can eat sushi situation, you’re bound to have some sacrifices….such as a fairly limited menu and fish that isn’t of the absolute highest quality.

But with that in mind, you order off the menu (so its all made to order), there is enough on the menu to please everyone (the hibachi selections will please even the non-fish lover) and I have never in my life gotten that much fish in my belly for 30 bucks. Period.

So for all you nay-sayers out there who demand the most premium sushi on the plannet – go elsewhere and spend $100 + downtown. I’ll go here and have some darn good raw fish for a fraction of the cost.

whatever I could get them to serve.

Great fish, excellent prices

foodlover1231234 photo


 Woodbury, MN

mixed feelings

After reading the reviews i was rather surprised so i decided to go try the food myself.

Right away when walking through the door we were greeted by an adorable hostess with big curls in her hair, she was very friendly and helpful. She was quick to describe the two different menus to us and made us feel right at home. Being seated wasn’t all to difficult, the hostesses all described how it could take some time, we sat at the bar. The food was wonderful, i will have to agree that the waitress we had never knew english all that well which was rather frustrating but it didn’t change that the food was wonderful!! The wait on the drinks also took some time and the people next to us were getting somewhat angry, the bill wasn’t all that bad for the great food! When we left the same hostess asked how our meal was. It was a very nicely decorated place i would tell anyone that its great!


very good and fresh!

shogun photo


 Eagan, MN

Japanese food.....?

My grade for this restaurant is Fail. This is supposedly a Japanese restaurant. The service here is atrocious. That is clue #1 this isn’t a “Japanese” restaurant. These days, sushi has become wildly popular. Everybody wants in the game. The owner is not Japanese. The service is not of Japanese quality. The employees do not even know what a person is talking about if they ask for a Japanese spice to go with their food. Huh!?

The food is OK. Just OK. You could get the same at any other similar place in the metro. Go to the famous national chain hibachi restaurant, I believe there is one in Golden Valley. You won’t know the difference.

My feeling is come here if you want cheap sushi (price and quality). Don’t think you are going to a Japanese restaurant though, because you aren’t. The only thing Japanese about this place is the name Akita. The owner isn’t Japanese. That is likely why the standard of service is so low. His previous ownership was of a Chinese buffet in Florida. Service in a buffet and a normal restaurant are very different, but you couldn’t tell here. Why not just call it Ni’s Sushi and Hibachi? Why Akita? That implies Japanese origin and quality. There is very little of that here.

If you want buffet style atmosphere, quality and service, this is your place. If you want actual Japanese food, service and high quality, go somewhere else.

Additionally, I believe you send messages with the tip. 15% is considered a standard tip. If your service is substandard, why should it be 15%, or anything at all? Tips are not an obligation, they are a reward for good service. With good service I will tip spectacularly, with poor service be happy you got anything at all. It certainly won’t be 15%. You have to earn it. Just like I have to earn my wages.

sushi & various don

sushi is just ok. one step above supermarket sushi.

Panda photo


 Lake Elmo, MN


First off, know that I’m a patient person and I understand that akita is a new restraunt and such restraunts takes time to improve. Servers make mistakes sometimes and shouldn’t be thought of badly over a small mistake of wrong food or “little” late timing.

A group of friends and I went to akita pretty late, some of us got there late, so we tried to hurry and finish quick. I was part of the late crew so when I got there, everyone of my friends looked dissapointed. (we’re minorities so dont think we’re racist or anything because of what I typed below)

They said they were given bad attitude by the manager himself while being seated by him; a caucasion late 40’s – 50’s. However, I guessed he learned of what he did and tried to be nicer after that. Browny points for him!

Our beverages also took a while to be refilled.
While being served our food, a server dropped a plate holding sushi and spilt some soy sauce on a friend. The server, a (young asian male) simply walked away and didn’t even apologize.

By the way… the plate was dropped loud enough to be heared from the entire bar. No way he did not notice it.

After that, tentions were high and we called for the manager. He gave us a minor discount and a few coupons. I dont know if he fired the server or what.

In the end, we were all pissed and left no tip. We were even thinking of just leaving without pay. What kind of service is this?!

I’ve been to akita many times, the food is good but the service makes me wanna back hand someone (the server themself). Go at your own risk, but be warned!! Dont be suprised if the same thing happens to you.

whatever I could get them to serve.

Good food, good sushi, great tempora, and ice cream.
DO NOT order the fried scallop with mayo. It is disgusting. If you like it, more power to you. You should be on the Andrew Zimmern Bizrare foods show.

shooter photo


 Stillwater, MN

I can't say enough bad things about this place

This is a beautiful building with so-so food and absolutely the worst service I have ever whitnessed.

We were promptly seated as the place was about 2/3 empty. Our order was taken quickly. That’s where the trouble began. We were a party of four. One full hour after ordering, one of us had completed dinner. The other three had not been served. I calmly discussed the situation with the manager (the guy with the rose in his lapel mentioned above). He explained that they were busy and doing the best they could. I told him that with service like this, they would not be busy for long. He offered NO help in getting our order. We finally left after one hour and forty five minutes. We never did receive much of what we ordered. The waitress was very elusive. We saw her fly by several times but she sure didn’t want to toke the time to explain the delays. Other servers kept coming to the table with food we did not order. Nobody seemed to know what food went to what table.

This was all at lunchtime, 11:30 to 1:15 midday.

If I am looking for a place for a half hour lunch break, I must look elsewhere. Same if I have a one hour lunch break. If I was entertaining clients or trying to impress a date, I would not even consider this place.

Nice building though.

whatever I could get them to serve.

Very ordinary.

CoachK photo


 Hudson, WI

AYCE Sushi

I have been here 4 times and have left very full. The Dragon and Spider Rolls are very tasty. Service is a bit slow, but if you order a few rolls at a time everything works OK. For $25 AYCE, you make some sacrifices.

Dragon Roll


Woodburyresident photo


 Woodbury, MN

I was so excited to try the sushi

I never got the chance. My husband and I went to Akita yesterday to look at the menu since they do not have a website. After talking to the host, we decided we would sit at the bar since all the tables were full. The bar was not busy or close to full, but we sat there for 15 minutes without being greeting or asked for our drink order. Besides the very nice hostess who sat us, everyone else seemed crabby and avoided eye contact. While we waiting we noticed that they didn’t have any of my favorite/normal nigiri selections. One I particularly enjoy Hamachi/Yellowtail – they didn’t have it on their nigiri menu or mentioned on their rolls. They do not describe what is in their rolls and since the service was so poor we never had the opportunity to ask. We left. Will never go back for sushi or hibachi.

Giapponese is the best sushi in Woodbury!

Heidi K

seoulfood photo


 Stillwater, MN


The food was great. Service… Not so.

Not to play the race card, but damnit it’s an Asian restaurant. I am Asian. And NOT ALL asians tip bad. I’ve given tips of 40% if the service was great.

I watch every time I go and the servers treat the caucasians so much better than my group. They refill their waters, and skip ours.

I at one point was so upset with this one guy who was really short and the worst of all of them. I left on my signed reciept, “NOT ALL ASIANS TIP BAD!” And still tipped him 15%. I don’t believe in not tipping for bad service because they will never learn or never know what they could of gotten.

The owner looks like an idiot as well. For an AYCE sushi place, the food is of overall decent taste and quality.


Decent. Tasty. The spicy mayo is not good.

Eastmetrofoodie photo


 Woodbury, MN


The restaurant ambiance is nice. As a vegetarian, I thought it would be a nice addition to Woodbury but I have to say I was disappointed.

The nagiri we tasted was off color and didn’t seem to be very fresh. We ended up with a california roll which was ok but it’s hard to mess up.
What I did like was the prices but I guess you get what you pay for.
The service was great and the host was very engaging.
But the food was less than superior if you want high quality sushi.

Jumping4Joy photo


 St Paul, MN

Horrible service!!!!!

I went to Akita for a friend’s b-day party and everyone got the buffet. The service was horrible. Our water’s were never refilled, peoples orders were mixed around, and people didn’t even get what they asked for. Several of us had to ask for one thing 3 different times before recieving it. The organization of the buffet was horrible since we had about 15 people. What was the point for us to individually order when all of the sushi came on big platters of randomness that everyone had to share? The food was okay, but I didn’t get to eat a lot of it because there never seemed to be enough there. I think the group could of ordered more, but by the end of being there nearly 2 1/2 hours, most of it waiting for food, we were sick and tired of the service. It also seemed like they were catering to their caucasian customers better then they were to us, their waters were always filled and they seemed to be having a better time than us. This was the worst restaurant I’ve ever been for service, I should have just took the mandatory gratuity and ran.

angel21 photo


 Saint Paul, MN

Great foods but BAD Customer Service!

We went to Akita in Woodbury to celebrate a friends birthday (paid for AYCE). The food was fresh ( or seemed like it) and tasted great. I haven’t tried many sushi places so can’t really compare on the foods, just that it was tasty. The main thing that ruined our party was the VERY BAD service we received from the waitress; she was rude, gone for long moments at times when there were only 3 or 4 groups of people there, did not refill our water glasses, and after being there bout 20 minutes, it seemed like she didn’t want us to order any more foods; it is an all-you-can-eat, and we were not full at all. After all that bad service from her, our group of bout 14 had to tip her 15-18% because it was required of such a large group; she did not even thank us once or acknowledge us in a kind manner at all; i rather pay more some place else for better hospitality then pay cheap for extremely bad service.

boca_ack photo


 Woodbury, MN

Not worth the trip

I drove past this restaurant several times and wanted to try something new…..big mistake. The dining areas is very loud as there is noise from the hibachi room: drums, yelling, clapping, etc… The miso soup was very salty – I could not eat it. The sushi was mediocre at best. The spicy tuna roll was not spicy. The rolls has little flavor.

I will stick to Sushi Tango which is a just up the street, always fresh and always delicious.


just ok.

MNHarleyChik photo


 Eagan, MN

This place won't last...

I know it was the 4th of July, which is why I called to find out if they were open, and for how long. I was told by the hostess that the latest they would seat new customers was 8 pm. We left our home in Eagan and drove immediately over to Woodbury, we arrived shortly after 7:30. Upon arrival, we were greated by the friendly hostess, who told us that they weren’t seating any longer. I explained I had called, and she remembered me.

The manager (I like to call Lurch, as he has as much personality and charisma) with the infamous red rose in his pocket, informed us that they were closing early (the closing time on the door was 11pm). I explained we drove all the way from Eagan to try this resturant. He said that they just made the decision to close down early, but offered us to order al a carte. We said no thanks and left.

I called back after we left, and the hostess was very appoligetic, and explained that the manager had simply made the call to close down early, and didn’t fully expain to the staff what that entailed. I told her that was fine, but I would be adding to the bad reviews. I will not attempt another trip back, as I can see my business is not wanted. Not worth the time…

If your looking for a good Hibachi and sushi at a great price, try Osaka in Apple Valley or Eden Prarie.

Celebryani photo


 Woodbury, MN

Mixed Feelings

Woodbury needs more and varied Restaurants. I had been waiting in great anticipation for this to open because of the lack of good, non-chain, varied restaurants.

I have mixed feelings about this place. I stopped in around lunchtime, saw that it was busy, so made reservations for that night. While waiting to make the reservations I saw exactly what others are seeing. I had enough time to observe.

That evening showed me more. Here are my observations:

1 – the manager does minimal effort to help his staff. When the waitress had not come back in a while, I flagged him down to get a To Go box. He looked very affronted, without a word turned away. We did not know if he would be back. 15mns later a box was deposited on our table w/o word, thanks your or goodbye, hope you enjoyed yur dinner.

2 – Staff is disorganized and inefficient. This compounds the delays when it is busy. I am sure everyone would get wonderful service if it were slow.

2 – The hibachi chef was AWESOME!!! Funny! Engaging! Everything you want a Hibachi Chef to be. WONDERFUL FOOD.

I will go back, mostly because of the Chef and Food. But that manager is obviously clueless, does not run a good show and it is a bad bad sign when he refuses to get his hands dirty to help those he manages.

Hibachi Teriyaki Chicken

Awesome, and very reasonably priced for a Hibachi dinner.

woodbury photo


 Woodbury, MN

Worst Service Ever! Incompetent Management!

Great idea (all you can eat sushi for $21.99) and pretty good food. The wait to get in is out the door and now we know why. Once you order, don’t expect to be able to order again or even get more water. After waiting for 45 min after we ate our first sushi rolls, and being ignored by our waitress, ignored by the busboy, and told by another waitress that she could not help, we finally asked for the manager. The manager gave excuses for the poor service, did not offer to assist in any way other than bringing the check. For over $70.00 for three people we paid, we did not receive more than appetizers and a few rolls. This place is a waste of time and money. The manager even admitted that they are short staffed, but did not offer any compensation or offer to get us the rest of our dinner. In fact, he suggested that we should have reserved the hibachi tables for better service. Nice, since I did not want hibachi. I suspect that he has no management experience and do not recommend anyone in the Woodbury area even bother to try it out. If you must, don’t sit at a table, try the bar. Or better yet, drive into the city for better service and quality.

moro photo


 St Paul, MN

Pros and Cons

I have been to this restaurant many times, as well as many other sushi restaurants. In my overall opinion, I like the restaurant.

I specifically go for the all-you-can-eat, and have tried both the lunch and dinner menus with larger groups ad small groups. Despite having either fabulously attentive servers or rather inattentive servers (though my more recent visits have had far more of the former) the speed of delivery of the food is infinately better than other AYCE places! The food typically arrives less than 10 minutes after you order. I have only had to wait longer than that once, because there was another table being incredibly inconsiderate and ordering 30+ items at a time…The food always tastes fresh, and the presentation is good.
The only real complaint I have is that if you are there a really long time, the servers tend to get less friendly. However, they are never unfriendly, and I can understand that they probably don’t like serving $150 of food to someone paying $25 for the AYCE, and getting tipped as such. Yet, they do thier best, and you can’t blame them for it.


second best buffet in the twin cities for taste, but best for the speed and price.

asianCHEF photo


 Woodbury, MN

The worst restaurant ever.

We had a group of 4 people, and we all had the “all-you-can-eat” sushi for $25 per person. First off, let me say, the service is so bad. They don’t care if you are waiting 20 minutes for your next order. The sushi itself was the worst. They stuff hand rolls with as much rice as possible, and thinly slice the sushi, so there’s barely any. I left the restaurant eating about 10 pounds of rice. Their goal is to get you stuffed to the max with rice so you can stop ordering. Do NOT waste your money here. There are plenty of other great sushi restaurants in the Twin Cities. This place sucks, I don’t know how it’s still in business. I’m very disappointed with their restaurant.


Tastes like plain rice and nothing more

skboss photo


 Minneapolis, MN

Service was a joke

Do they know what sashimi is?? it certainly isn’t paper thin fish. I’d rather pay more for a good qualiy sushi than have to pay less for less. Try Origami in the warehouse district.

Are their servors legal?? I they have working permits? Somebody should probably look into that.

Those are just a couple of things I wonder.
The tempura is mediocre, and the bartender doesn’t know how to make the simplest cocktail.

Oh well,
crappy service+stinky sushi=akita

j12340 photo


 Minneapolis, MN

Bad Service

The food was mediocre since I’ve been to many sushi restaurants. I’ve never been there before but went for a friends birthday. The service was quick but at the end of the meal when it was time to pay the server was very unorganized. It took her a long time to get everyone change and bring back the credit cards. My credit card got overcharged. I paid for a 9th person when we only had 8 and I didn’t receive an apology. The waitress kept telling me that I was charged the right price when my receipt only said to pay a certain amount. I’ve been a server before and I know how the business works. It would have been nice to receive some sort of apology instead of making me feel like I was in the wrong. The server was quite rude.

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone at all.



jdin photo


 Cottage Grove, MN

Try for yourself!

I thought Akita was great! We went for a friend’s birthday with a group of 13. After reading these reviews my fiancé and I were worried about what we were getting ourselves into. When we arrived we were all seated right away. Our waitress was very friendly. She took our drink order and those came right away. After we all had drinks and looked at the menu for about 5 minutes she started to take our orders. We all ordered numerous times and our food came out within minutes every time. Our waitress also separated our bill right from the start so there was no issue in the end with paying.

The food was very good and our service was excellent! We all ordered different food and shared with each other for the most part. My fiancé had never been to a Sushi restaurant before and he really liked it. There is a mixture of items for non-sushi people also. But I would recommend trying it. He was glad that he did. I loved the Dragon Rolls!!!

If you have ever worked in a service industry you know that one person calling in can totally disrupt the entire day. That could have been the case on any of the visits below. You also have to take into consideration the day and time that you are going to a restaurant. Friday and Saturday nights are going to be busier. So be more patient.

Take a chance and find out for yourself if you like Akita or not. Everyone has a different experience!


Very good and fresh!

imarealtor photo


 Oakdale, MN

Customer Service????

I think this restaurant needs a new Manager. Review sugested that reservations be made for the hibachi part of the restaurant. In trying to do so, the establishments doors were locked before 2:30 (which the sign said they were opened until), and they did not answer their phones during regular business hours. When I finally got a voice messaging system, I left a message. No one returned my call. Arrived at requested time with a party of 8 and was told the answering system didn’t work. It was a birthday celebration which turned amuk as they could serve us for several hours. When talking with the manager, he didn’t even apologize for the equipment failure. This establishment won’t be around long!

EmeliaHope photo


 Woodbury, CT

Not a Good place at all!!

My fiance and I have been dining at Beni Hana’s many times before and knowing that this place was similar and closer to our house we decided to give it a shot.

We were greeted by a white male older in his late 40’s to 50’s and he talked us into the all you can eat and swore it was the same as the al la carte menu.
We sat down and I did not see anything I liked on the all you can eat menu so I asked our server if we could see an al la carte menu. The menu was way different and had so many other options.

The service was horrible. As a server myself I have to work very hard for my tips and always give good customer service, not here at all. The server, which I am not going to disclose any names, had the bad broken English and did not seem to listen to our wants at all.

I ordered steak and shrimp and I ordered my steak medium rare. It came out well done. I worked at a steak house so I know what it is supposed to look like. I got the wrong food she brought out steak and chicken. She was not friendly at all and did not deserve the tip we gave her.

The atmosphere of the place was horrible. It was very umwelcoming and extremely uncomfortable place to be. It felt like they did not even want us there.

I am not a picky or needy customer. As I mentioned earlier I am a server so I don’t act that way. But I do like good service and for people to work for a tip.

The cultural and language barriers are very obvious in this restaraunt.

Hibachi Steak

The food was good besides the over done steak.

Snickersmom photo


 Woodbury, MN

Hibachi Review

Manager (with flower) was brusque. The waitress was good – a little slow. We went around 2:00 p.m. on a Sat. We were the only people eating hibachi food at that time. The chef was very friendly and put on a nice show for us. Although there were people there taking pictures which was annoying but they stopped once we gave them looks of disgust.

This place has potential. Might not run right back but would definitely try in a few months or more.

Hibachi Teriyaki Chicken

The soup was good – the salad dressing was very good however the lettuce was watery. The shrimp appetizer was rubbery and the chicken was overcooked. Also my husband had lobster, steak and scallops. The seafood pretty much tasted the same. The steak was fine if not a little dry.

Acon photo


 Saint Paul, MN

Worst Customer Service Ever

When we called in to make a reservation for a table- whom ever pick up clearly didn’t speak well English. All she said, “No we don’t take reservations!” Hung up right away. I see in other reviews, that they do take reservations (if their having a good day) I dislike the services that the waitress, Ryan had given us(I mean he barley spoke English) he was hard of hearing or something- we had to speak loud for him to hear us. Kept us waiting and waiting… for refills, for re-orders and waiting on our food. When our food came out- it was cold already (deep fried and soups) I took a bite into the meat and demanded a new order, but the waitress said “the plate is still warm!” it was hard as rock. Yuck! I had everyone at my table try it and everyone agreed with me. Another waitress came by- we would ask for their help and they would say, “oh I only bring food, I don’t do that!” For real- you got to be kidding me didn’t even go and assist with the situation. At this time, we were fed up and wanted our bill and left. We are never coming there ever again!

Bottom line: “Customer service goes a long way and it shouldn’t matter how many people is sitting at the table that you’re serving. Each customer deserve the same service no matter what.” And, don’t think because we are Asian, that we don’t tip or whatever- don’t overlook the situation. If you do a good job you’ll be rewarded.

Have a blissful day!



Della photo


 Woodbury, MN

I love this place

I would actually go 4.5 stars, but it was not an option. I am just getting into eating Sushi, I have eaten ay Osaka in Apple Valley and it is a little better than Akita’s as far as Sushi goes, BUT as far a price goes, I think Akita is awesome and fun. You can easily spend $25 on Sushi in one sitting, so to have the all you can eat option $25 is a savings. Plus you can try different things and not feel you are wasting your money. My husband does not like Sushi and usually does not stray far from his “meat and potatoes” diet, but even he LOVES eating here. He loves the sirloin they serve, and just tried the udon for the first time and really liked it. We had never been to Akita and have gone 3 times in the last month. There are a variety of servers, but all seem willing to help out when you have questions about certain items on the menu. GO! Just try it, it is way better than a buffet because the food is made to order and fresh!

whatever I could get them to serve.


Northernlights photo


 Cottage Grove, MN

Akita Losing Longtime Customer

I’ve been going to Akita for a long time – since they opened. I love sushi. I’m also a 24/7 single parent of a grade schooler. Even when Akita raised the prices to $25 and my son to $15 (when he was 8 and 9) it was still a good deal. (My son eats like a BIRD, barely 1 scoop of rice, a few edamames, maybe 3 pieces of tempura and that’s it! seriously!), I figured $40 for sushi for me was still a deal, just barely. I guess the owner didn’t want to raise the prices of the adults so they raised the prices of kids – 9 and up now pay full adult price. What’s funny is all the times we’ve been there (and it’s a LOT) we’ve seen hardly any other kids. It’s enough of a deal breaker for me to stop going – I can get better sushi (seriously better sushi) somewhere else for that amount of money and my son can still get his fill of rice and tempura. Bye bye Akita. You’ve lost a long-time customer AND a future customer (my son).

Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy salmon roll was the best of what they offer.

WIwoodtick photo


 Centuria, WI

A Bargain for quality Sushi!Arrived on a S.aturday

Arrived on a Saturday afternoon 3:00. Did the all you can eat Sushi. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. We had a Sushi snob in our party and he loved it!! White Tuna, Salmon,Octopus Yellow tail. were all very fresh. Did not try Hibachi menu, we really like Sushi. Service was excellent, especially since we ordered many different times and tried many items. Our waiter, Alex, was excellent and very patient. We would have easily spent double at most Sushi restaurants. Plan on going back soon!!

AllKevins photo


 Woodbury, MN


We had reservations for 4 at 8pm. We got thee at 7:57 and waited 30 minutes to be seated at the cold front door where the walkway was snow covered to get in the front door in the first place. They seated us and then told us that that was not our real table was not actually ready, so we sat at a "holding table for 10 minutes before they moved us over. FINALLY at 9:00 pm they started taking drink orders and only at 9:15 did the chef even come over to turn the grill on. When we asked for the all you can eat Sushi special they offered they said we were seated in the wrong area and would have to be reseated even though we were in mixed comapany (some eating sushi and some hibatchi), though no one asked us preferences before we when we checked in. The salad, soup and actual food was paced far apart and we were hungry by the time real food was served. It was hard to get refills on drinks and the chef was hardly entertaining. The rice was flavorless and the meat and seafood overcooked and stillhad shells on the shrimp and lobster. THIS WAS THE WORSE!!!! 3 hours and almost $200 later we left with a bad taste in our mouth in more than one way! WE WILL NEVER RETURN! Terrible….

whatever I could get them to serve.

bland and small portions for the price

mngirl0410 photo


 Woodbury, MN

Awesome restaurant and awesome prices!

I have been eating at this restaurant since it opened. I have also been eating at it’s sister restaurant Kyoto in Eagan for almost a year. We eat at these restaurants about 5 times a month and have yet to be disappointed. I moved to Minnesota from NYC, where sushi is in the hundreds of dollars and takes weeks to months to get a reservation at an equally tasteful spot. I have never had fishy tasting food, the salmon is always melt in your mouth amazing, and I cant get over the price.

The people that are rating this restaurant poorly are clearly unaware of what restuarant they are reviewing and should be negated. I highyl suggest visiting this local establishment.

Spicy Salmon Roll

The spicy salmon roll is one of my favorites! The added crunch is awesome and it is just a classic meal item.

snowmountain photo


 Stillwater, MN

Amazing all around

I must say…I have been to many Sushi restaurants in the cities and surrounding suburbs. Akita has excellent sushi, and a great selection of other food if you are not into sushi (such as teryaki chicken, rice, noodles, tempura, even a hibachi bar!)
They have an excellent “All you can eat” menu – 14.99 during lunch, and 24.99 during dinner time. They have SO many choices on the All you can eat menu, I don’t know why people would do anything else, unless if you have the money to spend on the regular menu.
The wait staff come at perfect times to ask if you would like to order more, and even if it’s a busy Saturday night – The wait will not be more than 5 minutes, and you get your food right away.

Dragon Roll

Very Very delicious. One of my favorites. I’m rating this 4/5 stars, because I am pretty particular when it comes to Dragon rolls. But this roll, especially for the price is amazing!

TiffanyRae photo


 Inver Grove Heights, MN


My husband and I went out on a Friday night at 7 without reservations and were told 20 minutes, but we were seated in 10. Our server was slightly awkward, but did her job well. She refilled our water as needed, and the food came remarkably quick! We opted to not do the all you can eat because we ordered 3 plates of sushi and some tempura and it was more than enough! It was cheaper than the 25/person. Don’t go to an all you can eat sushi restaurant and expect to order everything on the menu and eat one piece, it’s wasteful. The food was beyond amazing, I will be going back this weekend to try the Hibachi!!!

sushi & various don


wh2aw photo


 Cottage Grove, MN


I thought the sushi and the udon noodles were delicious… however the teriyaki chicken could have been better?! if i was to suggest something to someone it would have to be either the california rolls or the potstickers(dumplings)..On another note..why do people complain about a certain restaurant and decide to go to the same place two weeks later?! Or go to a certain restaurant, for example..olive garden, knowing they don’t like garlic or don’t want pasta?! people should probably learn about a restaurant before going or don’t go out at all!!!!!


I highly suggest the california rolls!!!!

kapaun08 photo


 Minneapolis, MN

Never Again

The one star is for the giant Sapporo I got at the beginning of the meal. I am not normally one to complain and am content with just about everything. But this place SUCKS. Hands down the worst place I have ever been to. Everything about the place is cheap and has a really unauthentic feel. If you have ever enjoyed sushi, you will find something weird with their rolls. We also got chicken fried rice that was all chicken fat. It seems like a good deal for the $25 meals. But don’t waste your time expecting something genuinely tasty. We left unsatisfied and still hungry.

sushisan76 photo


 St Paul, MN

Perhaps a Rough Start, Now Great!!!

I think that perhaps some of the negative comments in the reviews were when they were trying to get started at Akita sushi. Sure some of the servers are quiet but they are friendly and nice. A lot of them are ESL speakers and do quite well. I bring this up due to a bunch of negative remarks regarding staff. I am usually concerned with food…let’s get to that.

First things first…25 bucks for all you can eat sushi is a GREAT price. Considering that you pay an average of $16 for a sushi roll in the metro area its a great price. On top of this you have such a great variety of choices of other foods as well! The have the classic sushi offereings of seaweed and octopus salads, edamame and a bunch of great other appetizers. They have tempura choices, yakisoba choices, grilled meats, fried meats, soups and more, all done pretty close to Japanese style!

I have been there at LEAST 6 times and have never received old fish. Quality seems to be maintained fairly well. I have, earlier in life, also cooked in a variety of kitchens in restaurants for over a decade. To all of you who don’t know a whole lot regarding “fresh” fish…almost ALL sushi fish, either on the coast or in the middle of the country, has been frozen before. Salmon caught in Alaska is frozen ON the boat when its caught. Trust me, I commercial fished in Alaska. Tunas, Halibuts and more, all frozen. Doesn’t matter! Its frozen live and maintains freshness.

But I digress. Fish quality at Akita, great. Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki choices. Pretty good variety of fish and a whole lot of other great choices on the menu besides Sushi. I recommend it. You could EASILY spend $25 on Nigiri and Sashimi at a regular joint and still end up hungry.

Did I also mention that I lived in Japan for a year and have managed a Sushi restaurant myself in the past? Give it a go!

SSX photo


 Saint Paul, MN

Not too bad but not great.

I tried out this place for the first time back in November with my sisters. We opted for the dinner sushi buffet ($25/person and I think the lunch sushi buffet is $20/person) even though it was around lunch time because we wanted the most selection.

Basically, we were each given the dinner sushi buffet menu in which we could order what ever we liked. After a round of our first order, the waiter took away all menus except for one for us to refer to as we order along. The green tea came and it was luke warm rather than hot and I like hot beverages to be HOT. However, this was corrected when the waiter brought our group a tea kettle filled with hot green tea a little later on. Our first order from the dinner buffet menu consisted of miso soup (you can’t have japanese food without miso soup!), sushi, sashimi, gyoza and assorted tempura. The miso soup was good. The sushi was average. Not the best I’ve ever had and that’s because it isn’t as fresh (and I’ve had A LOT of sushi so I was able to tell right away). The sashimi was average too. However, after reading all the complaints/negative remarks about this place all over the Internet, I was surprised to find the gyoza and tempura to be superb! Especially the large tempura shrimp (with the delicous dipping sauce) was very memorable. I’ve had a lot of gyoza from various places but I’ve never tasted GREAT gyoza until I tried the ones from here. We did order two or three more rounds of different dishes (definitely more gyoza and tempura shrimp) and wanted to try out more things but trust me, these foods fill you up fast and there is a 15% charge for wasting the food so go figure. Other highlight dishes of this restaurant is their beef udon noodles (great broth!) as well as the to-die-for green tea ice cream (if you like green tea as much as we do!). Other not-so-good dishes we tried were the eel fried rice (not worth eating when you could be eating something tastier) and the seafood udon noodles (for some reason this didn’t taste good like the beef udon noodles did). Overall, the service we received was pretty good. No one was rude to us and the waiter checked on us in good intervals. I was shocked when we walked out that we had stayed for almost 2 hours but we weren’t in a rush and the place wasn’t very busy that day.

So, I’d say try out the restaurant if you want to and then form your own opinion. I’d go back because I liked the gyoza, tempura, green tea ice cream, beef udon noodles, etc. but I wouldn’t go back for the sushi alone because there are better places out there (or I could make my own since I know how to!).

Hibachi Teriyaki Chicken


Laureate651 photo


 Roseville, MN

Never disappointed

I have been to Akita about 6 times now and have never been disappointed. Reading reviews about the bad service and what not made me a bit wary the first time going but I have never had a problem. The waitresses are always smiling, very friendly and polite. After the second time there the waitresses recognized me and my friends and were even more cheerful and polite. I have tried the AYCE selections for both lunch and dinner and loved them both. Lunch is relatively cheap at $15 person and the menu is quite generous. Dinner comes in at $25 a person but I believe it is worth the extra $10. Mainly just for the spider rolls. I have never felt cheated at Akita and every trip I probably eat at least 5 times what I pay for. The crab and shrimp sushi are fantastic, I can also vouch for the deep fried scallops, spider roll, snow mountain roll, squid salad, dynamite roll, #9 roll, shrimp tempura roll, chicken teriyaki roll, beef sirloin,spicy tuna roll, unagi roll and the deep friend eggrolls. Really I have never had anything bad there. They have an excellent selection of fried rices, soups and noodle dishes on the menu as well. The only thing I don’t order are the various hand rolls. They are great but huge and a bit much for me. The miso soup is very tasty but it’s a crap shoot on how many items are in the soup. Once I was stuck with just broth. Overall this is a great place for a delicious meal. Don’t let the negative reviews deter you from this place, go and check it out for yourself!

foodcritiquer photo


 Minneapolis, MN

Great sushi, HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!

There is a very nice variety on the all-you-can-eat menu here and the sushi is great but the service is so bad that it almost ruins the entire experience. The waitresses are rude, have no sense of customer service, and do not know how to provide quick and efficient service. The price is reasonable and the atmosphere is awesome but the lack of respect for customers is both irritating and disappointing. I was there for lunch with TWO other people and it took us THREE HOURS until we were able to finally leave. It took 25 minutes until someone would even look at our table and an additional 45 minutes to get edamame. Edamame does not even need to be cooked! When we finally got our sushi an hour and a half later, they failed to put 3 of the six rolls that we ordered on the platter!!!!!!!!!!! They also served the appetizers after we received the sushi. No one checked on us and we practically had to beg the bus boys to help us. I’ve never had such horrible service in my life. If you go to this restaurant, I suggest you bring a magazine and a snack because customer service means nothing to the wait staff.

whatever I could get them to serve.

The sushi was not bad, but the garbage quality service ruined everything.

Puglover photo


 Saint Paul, MN

Don't Believe Everything You Read

I read every review on this site regarding Akita after hearing about it from a friend. I’ve debated for many months whether to risk the money on it. After asking my friend her thoughts about it once again today, I decided to take my son there for our Christmas dinner.

We LOVED it!

The service was outstanding, the staff friendly and the food wonderful. We had better service, and less wait time, than Sushi Tango just a mile away. The quality of the sushi was not as good as Origami in Minneapolis (I haven’t had any THAT good yet anywhere!), but it was tasty and fresh. And for the price of the buffet, you can’t beat it!

We definitely enjoyed the surroundings. I think the one complaint made about the noise from the Hibachi area is because of the concrete floors instead of carpet. We didn’t find it annoying, however, but adding to the fun as you could hear laughter and cheering from that area.

All in all, we will go back again without hesitation and would recommend it to friends. It was easy to tip our server well.

What we had: miso soup, edameme, yellow tail, red tuna, white tuna, octopus, squid, unagi, spicy tuna roll (VERY good!), crab, tilapia, Philadelphia roll, surf clam (a first for us), mushroom tempura, eggplant tempura and Teriyaki beef.



asheffield1 photo


 Cottage Grove, MN

Horrible resturant

I went to Akita this weekend for lunch expecting amazing food a service, instead I was very disappointed. My fiancée and I were given 3 menus in which to choose are lunch. I wanted a meal off one of the menus and he wanted the all you can eat menu, both entrees cost about $30 each. As we ordered we were told that we had to eat the same exact meal or we couldn’t order. It was totally ridiculous so we paid for our drinks a left, they willing let a $60+ customer walk out the door without so much as an apology. I don’t recommend this restaurant unless you want to eat the exact same meal as your date.

12owlet04 photo


 Elk River, MN

Not Bad!

I was pretty worried after reading all negative reviews but the experience was a good one!

I went to Akita with a bunch of friends (total of 8 adults and 1 kid). The waitress took our drink with no smile on her face (which was the only negative thing) but her service was prompt. I used to work as a waitress and I knew how frustrated it could be when serving big group because it could be a chaos. So everything thus far with her service was tolerable.

The food was awesome! A lot of variety and they don’t have time limit! The sushi was so fresh! We can’t wait to go back again =)

whatever I could get them to serve.

Fresh and juicy!!!! Don’t forget to ask for green tea ice cream as dessert, yummy!

mayy photo


 Brooklyn Center, MN

Bad services

Waitress was begging for extra tips….manager was speechless…it made a big scene! unprofessional,bad services,& bad waitress!

whatever I could get them to serve.

california rolls,beef udon

hungrydawn photo


 Woodbury, MN

Averge at best

After mixed reviews I decided to try this place. I was not impressed at all. The food was bland and the service was average.
We tried the dumplings to start which were decent.
The spicy tuna roll did not seem fresh. It had very little taste.
The salmon roll was the best. Recommended if you go.
Good color and presentation.
Sake list was OK but our server had no idea about the different descriptions of sake.
Not a good experience overall but I know it’s a new restaurant.


Spicy tuna roll did not seem fresh. Rice was also dry.

ppony photo


 Cottage Grove, MN

Massive disappointment!

I’m pretty easy to please. I’ve never written any review of any restaurant before. But the food we had at Akita was so horrendous, I felt compelled to say something. I certainly have told my friend in the area to not bother and they won’t. I’ve never been so sickened and disappointed in ANY place than I was with Akita for lunch the other day. I’ll add to the reviews that said the service was bad because it was horrible! It was nearly am empty place even at 12:30 and still, it took forever to get our food. But lets start at the beginning where I will whole-heartedly agree that that manager at the podium knew nothing about being in the job he was in. When he asks people if they have eaten there before, since it is new, 90% of the responses he’ll get will be “no”. But it’s woefully ill-prepared for that answer and doesn’t explain anything other than putting you on the spot to choose between the all you can eat menu and the ala carte w/o letting you view either or offering for you to do so. And his personality is about as warm as ice.
So, onto the food quality. My husband is a sushi connoisseur. I myself, don’t like seafood at all but I went for my husband and I can always find something I’ll eat. (I love Origami in MPLS. Not for the seafood though it’s reputation precedes itself and a premier in that arena, but because the other things they offer are sublime.) Almost all of his fish/seafood was old and in the case of the salmon on that day, turning rotten. He couldn’t even eat his plate. The scallops were mushy inside and the tempura crab was a stupid imitation crab stick lightly dipped in tempura batter and fried. YUCK! On to my meal. I had some of the steak. I’ll tell you, that steak tasted SO MUCH like fish I swore I was eating fish! I had to spit it out! I didn’t eat it. Prior to receiving our food, I had ordered salmon for my mother to go as well as steak for my father who are homebound. We didn’t tell them anything about what our food was like other than we were really disappointed but we didn’t want to sway what they might think prior to trying the food. My father said without knowing what I had said) that he felt like in several bites of the steak, he felt he was eating fish! Though he doesn’t mind fish. Still, it ruined the steak completely. So that was 2 separate people, one not even in the restaurant that said that. They were damned lucky neither of us had a serious fish allergy. My father does to skin on the fish but thankfully none of that was there. They could have had some REAL issues. I’m actually contacted the MN heath department to see who to talk to about that kind of thing. Fish should NOT be made on the same place as other meats.
I have no problem paying premium (which this wasn’t) for meals if they are good. Super market sushi is FAR better. And the sushi at the Chinese buffet in the old Timber Lodge building is FAR and away better and FAR fresher.

Oh yes, and that infamous manger at the podium with us as well, didn’t say “thank you” or any pleasantries as we were leaving. he just continued to talk to an employee. That’s Restaurant hosting 101 man! Tell people THANK YOU! Don’t waste your time or money.

JapaneseGirl photo


 Eau Claire, WI

Left Hungry

When we arrived we had a 20 minute wait for lunch. We were thinking “hey this must be a great place to dine with a wait time that long for lunch!” They asked us if we wanted to sit at a high table by the bar. We agreed. Once we got in he tried to seat us AT the bar. He got irriated with us for not wanting to sit there. Once we sat down we ordered our sushi and other food/drinks. Sushi was the worst I’ve ever eaten. It tasted old. Teriyaki Chicken looked like it was all the bad parts of the chicken. I couldn’t eat much of that. The best part of our meal was the salad! We were only asked if we wanted another drink after our meal was done and we had waited 15 minutes with empty drinks. I have never had such a rotten experience. We left hungry and ended up going elsewhere for a better meal. Expensive lesson!

Hibachi Teriyaki Chicken


Kay12 photo


 Saint Paul, MN

sushi buffet? NO way....

WEll the thought of all you can eat buffet under $20 for lunch is amazing. Unfortunately, my experience here was horrible, like most folks, I agreed that the service was TREMENDOUSLY HORRIBLE. When I walked in, the staff was not yet prepared, but still tidying clean dishes up during the opening hour. In other words, it SUCKED ASS. I was forgiving that it’s pretty new, but business should be more professional, such as waitresses serving water to the whole table, and not just one person from a party of five, or the manager that although is tidy is very CLUELESS of what is going on. I observed him and the customers most of the time. I thought the manager needs some basic training in social skills or hosting, he was very rude (at least to my party). The customers were Obviously upset because of the long wait for their food, just like me. I felt horrible for the couple that sat next to me, they waited about 15 mintues to get their water after being seated by the “manager”. My party waited 25 minutes, to get our next order. The hot tea was not hot, it was warm. Thus, after one cup the tea is cold.
(The sushi chef is good, but slow and not sociable. NO offense, but hopefully this is constructive criticism for (ahem) him/them.)

The only good thing about the restaurant was the beautiful building and the varieties on the menu. Make sure to reserve at least two hours for lunch for what you’re money is worth.

whatever I could get them to serve.

Dish varieties was great

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