102 Earle St
Clemson, SC 29631

Backstreets Pub & Deli

Cuisine: Bar, American, Grill

Backstreets Pub & Deli is a Bar, American, and Grill restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped less than 15%.

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"Friendly staff, great wings, awesome place to be"
"The food was surprisingly good. Best "bar food" in Clemson, hands down. I had the doobie wrap and it was delicious! I'm guessing that the negative reviews of the food were because of the "controversy"."
"It's delicious. Great deals for yuengs and wings on Wednesdays. "
"I had to try the place after all the recent controversy and couldn't believe the food was as ratty as folks were saying... Well, it was. Service was ok but couldn't make up for the poor food quality and warm-ish beer."
"Good beer"
"No pros. This place sucks. Why is it even able to stay open? No weapons allowed. That means I am not welcome to come there either. But even if I did not carry, the food sucks. Low quality food."
"There are multiple exits, making leaving this rat's nest easy."
"...your kidding, right? NONE, after just being there 20 minutes I'd had too much and left..."
"Dirty , bad service , gross food"
"Eating somewhere else after we left"
"When I walked out"
"Owner is a blithering idiot"
"Bad in every way. Two thumbs down. "
"Haha there was pros?"
"Getting to leave "
"Best food came from vending machine in the corner"
"They have a glory hole in the bathroom too small to fit my large gun toting cock"
"When I walked out the door!!!"
"No pros"
"Owner said he could repay the bad service by wipping out his cock to allow me to suck it."
"This place is un-American. The manager's mother was a hamster and his father smelled elder berries. The owner is the load his mother should've swallowed."
"Best part of my experience was leaving!"
"At least I know never to go back there."
"The highlight of my experience was walking out the door this place sucks plain and simple 111%"
"Horrible Food And Service,NoT To Mention They Have A Sign Up Not Allowing Concealed Carry And Called The Patrons Douchbags."
"They suck"
"Saw the owner tounge punch another mans fart box near the ice machine the whole time he was saying I have a tiny penis and he is a liberal idiot ! "
"Owner is a racist. "
"Not a thing"
"You get used to the terrible smell after a while."
"Owner is a db"
"None. This place sucks all over."
"Terrible service. Food tasted nuked. Flat beer. Find a better place."
"I got a free hand job in the bath room. "
"Rude ownership. Piss poor management. Close your business douchebag!"
"This place sucks. Horrible service Horrible food."
"Not worth writing a review about. "
"Rude service, dirty restuarant"
"Service was poor, employees attitudes were poor, moral compass severely flawed. They appear to indulge in the belief that they are better than everyone."
"This place is horrible cold food and hot beer, found hair in my food and saw a rat on the toilet"
"The owner asked me to preform anal sex :("
"Food and beer."
"Owner is an insulting ignoranus"
"Nasty and dirty place. My glass still had lipstick on it from someone before. The fork was still dirty. The people acted unfriendly when I asked for a new glass and fork."
"It's open for business and it gives you a substitute for real food."
"Terrible food and the owner was a total loser and a douchebag"
"this place = no good"
"Bad attitude. Poor service. Poorly prepared food. Took a chance. Made a serious mistake. Won't be back."
"Rude, obnoxious and wait time for service all add to the description of this horrid place"
"My girlfriend and I stopped in while driving through town. We walked in holding hands. The owner confronted me and said that they only serve "homosexuals." He then offered to service me but only if she waited outside? The only positive thing i h"
"New owner an employees"
"Calling customers losers, douchebags, and morons. "
"REALLY... A sign calling people douchbags and losers on the front door. "
"Owners cock in my face."
"Everything "
"Everything from environment to food. From waitstaff to the chairs. Whole place sucks "
"Terrible food and terrible service. The owner is rude towards customers and the staff is awful."
"Everything "
"They burned "ritualistic" crosses at the table before we were allowed to eat dessert :("
"Owner was in the kitchen humping an obama doll"
"Came in for a beer and burger.. the food had hair in it and the beer tasted like hog piss"
"Rude, ignorant, bad food"
"Everything "
"I chocked the prostitute in the bathroom, they need to be more durable."
"The best improvements would be close the doors!"
"A sign hanging that referred to gun owners as, douche bags. "
"Had to go to the hospital after eating here"
"Can't improve because everything is Crap"
"Cons? The Place And Owner Suck Donkey Nuts....Why Is That A Com You Ask.....Cause They Ain't My Nuts!!!!"
"large disrespectful sign on front door will keep me from returning, that and the horrible smell."
"Food was greasy with no flavor. "
"Undercooked wings, still bloody. Poor service. "
"Everything "
"I don't like anal sex "
"Piss poor management. Filthy floors no wonder no one ever eats here."
"Food sucked managers suck bar sucked. "
"The owner is a joke. "
"Close your establishment and jump off a cliff."
"Owner-attitude "
"Horrible experience. Rude employees. Bad food. Hot beer. "
"Owners attitude!"
"Eat at McDonalds instead."
"Stay clear of this one. You will be glad you did"
"Don't waste your money or time"
"Stay away unless you like getting food poisoning and treated like crap"
"Hard to recommend this place to someone who is hungry."
"Find another place that's more accommodating to people in general "
"This Place Will Shut Down Shortly Due To Rotten food"
"Don't bother coming here, there is a Chinese restaurant close buy that is more American than this place!"
"Try not to stick yourself with the dirty heroin needles under your table"
"Fell sick after eating here."
"Called people with concealed guns names. This is America bitch if you are so scared of the 2nd amendment go to Europe or another country that shares your views on how sheeple should live their lives. "
"Avoid this place"
"Go somewhere else."
"Wash mouth out with buckshot or leave the country"
"Stay away from this restaraunt the owner is a pedophile tried to lure my child to reach in his pocket"
"Shut down Resturant "
"I would rather eat cold leftovers than anything served at Backstreets"
"The owner is a liberal scum and is a failure to the advancement of human society!"
"Going to make sure I tell everyone to avoid this place at all costs!"
"Do not eat here unless you are into vomiting and diarrhea after you eat"
"My tip is avoid this place "
"Stay away"
"Go somewhere else, this hole isn't worth your time"
"Don't "
"Don't go here. "
"Stray somewhere else. Maybe somewhere IIA friendly. "
"Make better food"
"Don't go!"
  • 6/29/2017

    A Bar chowhound from US tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Friendly staff, great wings, awesome place to be
  • 6/17/2017

    A diner from US tried it.

  • 1/28/2016

    A diner from Anderson, SC tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    The food was surprisingly good. Best "bar food" in Clemson, hands down. I had the doobie wrap and it was delicious! I'm guessing that the negative reviews of the food were because of the "controversy".
  • 4/12/2015

    A Bar food lover from Atlanta, GA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    It's delicious. Great deals for yuengs and wings on Wednesdays.
  • 2/27/2015

    A dining patron from Atlanta, GA tried it.

  • 1/01/2015

    A Bar chowhound from San Jose, CA tried it.

  • 11/10/2014

    A diner from Ashburn, VA tried it.

  • 3/31/2014

    A diner from Ashburn, VA tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    I had to try the place after all the recent controversy and couldn't believe the food was as ratty as folks were saying... Well, it was. Service was ok but couldn't make up for the poor food quality and warm-ish beer.
    Food and beer.
  • 3/20/2014

    A Bar chowhound from Miami, FL tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    Eat at McDonalds instead.
  • 3/20/2014

    A diner from Chicago, IL tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    Good beer
    Owner is an insulting ignoranus
    Stay clear of this one. You will be glad you did

What kind of business post signs calling people douchebags

Sign posted on front door calling potential customers douchebags and losers

dabs photo


 Newark, DE


Although I respect your right to the first amendment, how dare you restrict my right to the second and more importantly, call concealed weapon carriers ‘douchebags and losers’….. I would never patronize your business and I’m sure you’ll find yourself OUT of business soon.


dish of insults

Passingby photo


 Chesapeake, VA


The service, is poor at best, the food taste rancid, when try to speak to the waitress about it, their reply was, " you can always eat somewhere else", and that’s exactly what we’ll do!



Blu photo


 Charleston, SC

Never again!

I cannot think of one good thing to say about this place except it’ll keep you dry in the rain.


Stay away!!

I should have left as soon as I walked in and got a whiff of the place… Unfortunately I ordered and over 30 minutes later a rude waiter brought me the poorest excuse for food I have ever had. DO NOT EAT HERE!! The bathroom had bugs swarming around.

mushroom swiss burger

Overcooked, smelled strange couldn’t eat it. Left after getting this disappointing food over 30 minutes after ordering.

Southern_Sense photo


 Beaufort, SC

Useless Idiot!

I am a legal, background checked & professionally trained CPW holder. I am a retired NYPD Cop. I am a woman. I will not recommend, to anyone, your establishment, nor will you find me or any of my fellow South Carolinian’s or Americans recommending your establishment.

  1. - I am NOT a loser
  1. - I object to be called a “Douchbag”
  1. - Just 2 months ago, South Carolina State University was on lock down after a student was shot and killed on campus. I refer you to:

This is only one of many incidents that occur nationwide. Yes, guns, legally owned, have a place, not only, on university campuses, but throughout our society.

If you are so concerned about the safety of your patrons and local students, then why are you denying them the comfort of safety you, yourself enjoy in a CPW? Or does one set of rules apply to you and not to anyone else? Are you so elite and superior to anyone else that your safety is tantamount ,and the rest of us, we peons, are insignificant?

I am a 5’3" female and yes, I carry. When I carry, I do not drink. I do not know of a single responsible CPW holder who will drink or take medications that inhibit their thought processes or motor skills.

However, I do question your abilities, since you consciously took the time to think out and create that abhorrent sign. You took a step further when, you consciously posted them in your establishment in numerous locations. You added to the insult, when new signs, less obnoxious arrived and you deliberately left one of your offensive original signs posted.

You locked, loaded and fired across the bow of all legal gun owners. Now we are firing back at you. YOU feel insulted? Tough!

I too, live in a college town, Beaufort and have on several times had to flex my CPW muscles to protect myself. Simply because we are in a college town, does not mean the bad guys stay away.

Because you live in a city, does not mean a cop will be Johnny on the Spot within seconds of trouble starting. As a retired cop, I can honestly tell you, the precious seconds between my response to your call for help will vary, based upon time of day, number of active calls we respond to and the local we are responding from. Responses can be anywhere from 2 minutes (120 seconds) to never!

Now, to get an idea of the amount of time a 2 minute wait is, sit down, hold your breath, watch the second hand on your watch or clock and count down 120 seconds.

Seems a lot of things can happen in those 120 seconds. Have you turned blue yet?

While you took the time to dial 911, wait for an operator/dispatcher to respond, answered the dispatcher’s questions, how much time has passed? Long enough for a perpetrator to attack you? Stab you? Shoot you? Did that call take2 or 3 minutes of your precious time?

Now, you’re injured, possibly dying and you are waiting for law enforcement to respond, that is,if they took the call or got the address correct. How long will they take, another 2 minutes or far more?

See that pool of blood spreading on the floor? That’s yours. That is your life spilling out and 120 seconds have not passed yet.

But, wait, you’re a CPW holder, but to prove your sanctimonious point, you left it home, or locked in your cash draw. Time is slipping away and so is the perpetrator as they run out the door and away from the cops.

The seconds tick slowly down and now your mind drifts off to your family and what they will do without you.

This can easily happen to you and does happen to hundreds of innocent people each and everyday. What prevents these events is a legal and responsible CPW holder, which successfully deters criminals.

Ask yourself, how many lives are saved each and every day, because someone is a legal gun holder. You don’t see those stories in the news. Why, because they are not sexy or titillating enough. What you will see are those of criminals, as the media follows their golden rule of “If it bleeds, it leads”.

Three times while retired I faced down perpetrators. The fact that I am a CPW holder has saved me from disaster. So, you will not see me the next time I travel up to Clemson, your competitor will, as long as he or she welcomes CPW holders.

It seems your big mouth and lopsided mores has caused more damage than if you actually fired your weapon. Yes, words can be more powerful than he sword, or should I say gun!

jeb0505 photo


 Pendleton, SC

Not a fan

I dont usually write reviews, but figured after what i read about the owner of this joint posting a sign on his front door calling a group of people “douchbags” that i would interject.

Dont bother going here, people, whether you carry a concealed firearm or not. The food is nothing to write home about, the staff is mediocre, and the owner is a bigot. There are tons of other places in Clemson to go, without having to deal with an idiot…



rlh1957 photo


 Atlanta, GA

Unsafe Place, invites criminals to rob the place.

“I won’t be going back. The place feels unsafe. They blazenly invite criminals to rob the place by putting out a sign that says the legal gun owners aren’t welcome. That is not a place I want to go with my family.
Service is ok, food is hit and miss. But having to worry if some psycho is coming to take advantage of No Guns advertisement, I will go elsewhere.



RedDog6 photo


 San Diego, CA


Everything about this place is low class! The owner is a pretentious guy with an ego that calls his customers douche bags. Avoid this place. Food is terrible



LBell photo


 Taylors, SC

Full Disclosure

The owner has no qualms about advertising his/her views of any patron that exercises his/her 2nd amend. They have done so in a very unprofessional manner (notices posted that plainly state any CWP holder is not welcome – while resorting to immature name-calling.) Further, the notices posted are not legally binding and will not stand in court. However, the mission of the notices were to discourage CWP holders from patronizing the establishment. I think it is safe to say the mission has been accomplished much to the owner’s dismay as public outrage is currently in full swing. At further detriment to the owner’s, the general public is now aware that this establishment will make a fine target for armed robbery as there will be no individual on hand to prevent such an occurrence. Congratulations, Backstreets. You’ve successfully alienated a large portion of the surrounding community and further painted a very visible target on your back for would be criminals.



KrystalJRoy photo


 Los Angeles, CA


Back street Pub and Deli is an amazing restaurant. I have been visiting this restaurant off and on with friends. kanadoll And I always got an appreciable taste from the delicious meals of the restaurant. They have good service too.

RockG8898 photo


 Chicago, IL

Fat Stupid Clown Haircut Bar Owner

Amazing that you actually run a pub and you’re that stupid!

Insulting customers or the general public? What a loser moron!

I would never eat here

This owner is out of touch with decorum. Like we give a crap about his personal preferences. How did he ever last this long?

GFIN photo


 San Francisco, CA


Bad service and attitudes from all in restaurant.



Gino photo


 Tampa, FL

Just awful....

Had a cheeseburger and wings there this past weekend and left with nuclear holocaust diarrhea. I’ve been to Mexico several times, inadvertently drank the water, and had less abdominal discomfort than I did after eating at Backstreets. Not only did they under cook my cheeseburger (ordered medium – served close to beef tartar) the staff was/is rude, and unprofessional. Saw many of them smoking cigarettes in front of customers. The wings were the cheap frozen kind fried in oil that probably hasn’t been filtered since Hitler was a Corporal. Rubbery and bland at best. Bathrooms are disgusting and full of drain flies. They do have a decent happy hour though. If we could contrive a foodie time machine, I’d rather go back in time and eat at a Jack in The Box of the 1990’s…


Burger – Under cooked (dangerously had a few bites then stopped) and bland.

Wings – Rubbery and bland. Need to change the cooking oil, that was the overwhelming taste – dirty fryer.

PeteSucksdick photo


 Loveland, CO

never eat somewhere that calls it customers douchebags

Hey Pete. I just saw the news story on your antigun sign. you said no one needs a gun in a bar full of children. LOL. so I take it you are serving underage? why so many children in an establishment that serves alcohol? and what do you plan to do when a criminal sees your sign and realizes you bar is an easy target with a bar full of unarmed drunk children? it is YOU who are the loser and douchebag. I promise you I will do my part from here in Loveland Co. to make everyone I know aware that you are a loser and a douchebag and to get as many people as possible to eat somewhere other than your criminal safe zone bar full of drunken children.


Nothing, I did not eat there. Pete thinks I’m a douchebag. suits me fine. fuck his shit hole bar full of drunken children.

Concealcarrier photo


 Colonial Heights, VA


Nasty to customers! Horrible food!! EXTREMELY unsafe establishment……Douchebag/loser owner actually has a sign up WELCOMING criminals to enter!!! Plenty of other good places to eat/drink in the area.

mushroom swiss burger

Bugs everywhere!



Douchebag!? Your place sucks!



awhucks photo


 Oriental, NC

Douche bag Aye???

Wouldn’t feed my dog food from this place! Yuck!!!

pWWest photo


 Atlanta, GA

Never again

Ate here awhile back while on a business trip and never thought of commenting till now. Ordered a burger MR and it was well done, dry and the staff had attitude when I asked for it done correctly, which I did very nicely. In SC often and won’t eat here again.


Douchebag owner

Only a douche bag of an owner would put up a sign so disrespectful. Hope your business goes under you prick.


Dish of insult

Redneck838 photo


 Clemson, SC

Worst bar in town

Don’t waste your time. The glasses are dirty, spotty, and the beer that was warm.

escoffierchef photo


 Asheville, NC

ignore all reviews from 3/18/2014 and on

I have been to both bars there. It’s a typical college joint. I don’t eat here since a friend has a steak house there.

Ignore all of the fake posted negative reviews from March 18th 2014 on. They are all because the owner posted a few signs telling the public guns are not allowed. This has out raged the idiots on the net that have never set foot in the place. (Ask one of them what color the floor is, they will never respond)

AngelEyes2014 photo


 Clemson, SC

Top Notch Restaurant

Backstreets is my favorite restaurant to visit when I am back home in South Carolina!! The wings are outstanding. The atmosphere is fun with many cool items to look at. When we have a trip planned the kids always want to go eat at Backstreets. The staff is great and always very attentive. Best dining experience ever. Always recommend it to my friends who will be visiting the area and they are always so full of compliments about this exceptional establishment. Also, the Swiss mushroom burger is perfect!

mushroom swiss burger

The meat was cooked to perfection!!


Best wings I ever had!!

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