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"Great food"
  • 12/28/2015

    A Chinese chowhound from Ayr, ON tried it.

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    A dining patron from Toronto, ON tried it.

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    A dining patron from Toronto, ON tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

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    A dining patron from Newark, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, didn't like the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Great food
  • 1/12/2014

    A diner from Toronto, ON tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 4/13/2013

    A Chinese chowhound from AB tried it and liked it.

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 Kitchener, ON

Cameron's Chinese Food - Chicken Ball Nazzi

The Chicken Ball Nazzi
by Nathan Grieve

Many details to a restaurant come into play when writing a review. Naturally, the taste of the food and restaurant cleanliness; but also important is the atmosphere and the customer service.

Cameron’s Chinese Food, known for its great tasting food will never again be visited by this chubby, Chinese Food lover.

My daughter was celebrating her birthday dinner with my wife and I and our 3 other children. It was her choice as to what take out we would order to celebrate her birthday. She (being 6 years old) wanted the kids favourite order of Chicken Balls and Beef & Broccoli. The other children quickly agreed, so we placed the order.

Now when we lived in Guelph for 5 years we had 3 or 4 Chinese Food restaurants in close proximity and we frequented them loving all of them for their different dishes. Since returning to Kitchener we’ve tried 10+ restaurants and still can’t find one comparable to our Guelph faves. The best Chinese Food around comes from The China House in Cambridge, but it’s a bit more pricey and a lot farther away.

So we decided to order from a city landmark named Cameron’s Seafood Restaurant. My wife ordered and drove 20 minutes to Cameron’s to pick up the food. It was all stapled shut in the ’as per usual" Chinese Food bags, with a receipt taped to the top. She returned home the 20 minute drive and I had set the table with the boys and was ready to enjoy the food with the family.

The food smelled great, but to our dismay … the chicken balls were missing!!! What? Anything but the chicken balls!!! When my little guy (age 2) heard the horror story, he shed a few 2 year old type tears and my birthday girls was on the verge of tears looking at me with those birthday girl eyes that say “Daddy, please do something to get me some chicken balls” … as her favourite part of the meal was missing. I told her not to worry I would call the restaurant and I’m sure they would fix the problem.

I called and a young girl answered. When I told her our predicament, she said “There’s nothing we can really do for you sir.” Oops… she didn’t really mean that did she? I politely asked to speak to the manager and a younger Chinese boy came on the phone and told me he’d give me a $5.00 credit for the next visit. Of course my reply was “… a $5.00 credit for $10.00 chicken balls that I already paid for?” I don’t think so. I asked if he could have them delivered to me. He answered “delivery charge is $3.50 as we use an outside delivery company, but it will be 2 hours before our next driver is available”.

By now it was 6:30 pm… 2 hours would be 8:30 and the kids go to bed at 8:00? Not to mention it was time change night, so that made it even worse.
Hmmm…. not very helpful. I asked what other options I have and he said I can drive back to the restaurant and he’ll give me fresh chicken balls. That’s 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back?
The kids would be done eating by then, what’s this guy thinking!!!

Then out of the blue, a lady got on the phone and said " I remember your voice and I remember putting Chicken Balls into the bag". Excuse me… but it was my wife who ordered and my wife who picked up but she remembers my voice and remembers putting the chicken balls in the bag. I tried to mention that every item on the receipt was crossed off except the chicken balls. She interrupted and told me I was lying and I should get no chicken balls. (No Chicken Ball fo’ you!!!!!)

I said… if you can give me a credit for the amount I paid for the Chicken Balls then I’ll just have to settle for that. He replied “I can’t do that, we’re busy here, if you dont’ want the food you can just bring it back and we’ll give you a credit”.

Well that comment from the Chicken Ball Nazzi made me see red. I packed all the food into the bags, scraped it from off my kids plates and dumped it back into the containers and off I went to return the food.

Thank goodness the drive was 20 minutes long, because I got time to cool off and listen to some sports talk radio, and call my big brother and get him to help me settle down, realizing hurting someone over Chicken Balls would be a dumb was to end up in jail. (however he did mention that throwing the food all over the restaurant would probably suffice and keep me out of prison)

When I arrived, the place was packed which was to my advantage, because if I was going to freak out on these guys I wanted to make sure the entire restaurant heard. A 12 year old manager quickly approached and grabbed the bag from my hands and yanked the receipt from my other hand and went in the back. The customers in line were starring at me and wondering what I could have done to upset this little guy so badly. A few minutes later he came out and asked for my debit card and disappeared again into the back of the restaurant. Moments later he returned and told me “No Credit fo’ you” and attempted to explained that the card I gave him doesn’t match the card I paid with.


There was some talking back in forth in their native tongue with almost every employee in the restaurant…. while customers in line talked to me about what happened. Three (3) customers waiting for take-out left and said they’d go elsewhere and one (1) customer in line left and wouldn’t eat in the restaurant because of my little story. The manager gave me my refund in cash and said “You go now”. I said “not so fast Mr. Chicken Ball”… now that I have my money back I want to tell you what I really think. " And I took a few moments to tell him how a $10.00 order of chicken balls turned into them losing my $50.00 food order, 3 customers in line for takeout, 1 customer in line for the restaurant and I would never order there again… and of course I threw in that I had many friends who worked with the newspaper and he’d see a nice front story page on the weekend about his poor customer service. (So I got carried away and exaggerated a little bit.)

He said “it’s okay, we’re always busy so we don’t care about you”. I smiled and exited the restaurant dusting off my shoes as I left, vowing never to return.

I drove home, stopped at Taco Bell for the kids to order some cheese fries and headed home wondering how a place like that can stay in business. To me customer service can be just as important as the taste of the food.

So readers beware … Please be careful to check your order before you leave … as you never know… there may be “NO CHICKEN BALL FO YOU

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 Kitchener, ON


As Kitchener becomes less and less or a manufacturing centre, and more and more a wonderful quite sophisticated downtown in which to live, I am very pleased that Cameron Chinese Food is one of my local hangouts. I have never been disappointed by the quality of the food, the incredible friendliness of the staff, and the ambiance. I was very please that my “dining out” group had chosen the Cameron as an event location and to a person were impressed. Aside from the tradition prix fix options (very very reasonable) and piles of food, they have the wonderful selection of a la cart and also offer dim sum.

It’s quite a neat place. I’m a regular and would recommend it .

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