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Beaverton, OR 97006-4829

Chang's Mongolian Grill

Neighborhoods: Five Oaks
Cuisine: Asian, Lunch, Barbecue

Chang's Mongolian Grill is a Asian, Lunch, and Barbecue restaurant where most Menuism users came for a romantic date and paid between $10 and $25.

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 North Plains, OR

Chang’s Mongolian Grill A Culinary Adventure

Chang’s Mongolian Grill
A Culinary Adventure
Over eight hundred years ago a powerful conqueror, Temujin, raced across Asia in an epic adventure and was proclaimed universal ruler “Genghis Kahn”, or “Great Kahn” by his supporters. The ability of his army, of superb horsemen and expert archers, to travel vast distances quickly enabled Genghis Kahn to create an immense empire of dominance and fear (History.com). Legend has it that when Genghis Khan’s armies camped for the night they built bonfires, threw their shields down on the hot embers, and used them as grills to cook thin slices of meat from the hunt (Chang’s Mongolian Grill). Chang’s Mongolian Grill has tried to recapture the essence of those campfires from long ago and take you on an adventure as Kahn did with his followers back in the 13th century.
The first time you enter a Chang’s Mongolian Grill, your culinary adventure begins. From the parking lot to the final check, nothing about this place is ordinary. Each step and misstep along the way captures your attention and has you anticipating the next. Throughout your journey a ribbon of enchantment and surprise will weave its way to your final destination – fulfillment (metaphor).
The Beaverton Mongolian Grill is a small unassuming building that seems, on the outside, to be quite run of the mill. However, as you endeavor to find a parking spot in the all too often filled lot, you begin to see that not everything is what it seems. You may even catch yourself thinking “Should I have ridden the bus?” as you finally squeeze your vehicle into a spot (rhetorical question). While stepping from your car the doors of this ordinary building beckon you in (personification).
Once inside, the smells wafting through the room caress your senses like lovers on a moonlight walk (Simile). Glancing around you’ll find the ambiance relaxing and exciting at the same time. It has an open floor plan with four distinct seating areas. The front tables face the grill where you can watch the chefs perform. It is worth the noise to be seated in this area so that you can observe the show while you enjoy your meal. Behind that is a small area with booths and tables. The upper deck has larger booths to accommodate the family and is separated to line two walls of the establishment. The décor is simple, but the focal point is outstanding. A far wall holds a large mural depicting Mongolian warriors and their steeds racing across the plateau. Mood lighting draws you in and if you stare long enough you will begin to think you can actually hear the whoosh and whistle of the wind surrounding the warriors as they gallop into battle (Alliteration).
Food here is remarkable. This is not dinner as usual. You leave your seat to form lines on two sides of a covered buffet area (food bar) where you choose one or two bowls to place your choice of raw ingredients to include in your meal. In general, the choices include:
Meat… Shaved beef, turkey, chicken, pork, shrimp, and fish give you a great selection to choose from.
Noodles… Noodles become the base for most meals, however they are not required.
Vegetables… A wide variety, including broccoli, spinach, carrots, cabbage, onions, sprouts, cauliflower, water cress, tomato, and green onions to name a few, are a must for all, but especially nice for those trying to stay within their diet.
Seasonings… At the end of the buffet area you get to customize how spicy or sweet your meal will be. There are several choices to make, and a loose guide is located above the selections to give you an idea what the different ingredient combinations will produce. This includes, but is not limited to, garlic, salt water, sesame seed oil, hot sesame seed oil, cooking sherry, sugar water, soy sauce, oyster sauce, lemon juice, and lime juice.
As mentioned earlier the Mongols used their open shields to cook, however, according to legend, the largest, most extravagant shield would be used to create a special meal for Kahn and his fiercest warriors (Mongolian Grill). Inviting you to share in that atmosphere, Chang’s Mongolian Grill uses a much larger exaggeration of Kahn’s open shield. Reviving the Mongol’s ancient tradition, 1-4 chefs keep your food on the move. First by taking the bowls that you have filled and laying your choices out on the grill, and then by working around the grill alternately tossing the food and using water and their spatulas to clean the grill as they cook. It is definitely fun to watch. Occasionally you will get a shock as a couple of your neighbor’s ingredients may sneak over into your meal. Not a good thing if you have allergies, but sometimes a welcome surprise to this adventure.
You’ll find that your expedition has taken a new direction as you savor every bite of the meal you created. The food carries an air of mystery due to the fact that you may have gotten a little over-zealous and your food might be too spicy or maybe just a little too bland because you weren’t daring enough. Remember there could be a surprise or two! By the way, did I mention you can return as many times as you want to refill your plate? Depending on the time of day you may have to have a lot of patience as the line at the food bar can get quite long. Ice cream is offered for dessert, and is a pleasant way to finish a great meal, but the piece de resistance is the fortune cookie that comes with your bill. Having your fortune told at the end of any adventure is a must! Be careful though, you may find yourself walking away sated, satisfied, and destined to come again (Parallelism)!
From beginning to end the service, atmosphere, and the chefs wrap you in a culinary voyage of discovery (Metaphor). I found this place to be one of the best places I have ever eaten. You really need to stop in and check it out! Although I dined at the Beaverton Mongolian Grill, there are several in the Portland area for you to enjoy. If you like great food with an air of adventure, make it your quest to join me by visiting one of these Chang’s Mongolian Grills near you:
Beaverton: 1935 N.W. 167th Place, Portland, OR 503-645-7718
Portland:12055 N. Center Ave., Portland, OR503-240-0205
Portland:1600 N.E. 121nd Ave., Portland, OR503-253-3535
Milwaukie:18925 S.E. McGloughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, OR503-655-2323
Gresham:2502 E. Powell Blvd., Gresham, OR503-665-8998



Asian Dinner Lunch
Mon-Fri 11:00AM - 02:30PM
Sun,Sat 12:00PM - 03:00PM
Sun-Sat 05:00PM - 10:00PM
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