4200 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618-2902

Cho Sun OK Restaurant

Neighborhoods: North Center
Cuisine: Korean, American, Vegan

Cho Sun OK Restaurant is a Korean, American, and Vegan restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped between 15% to 18%.

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  • 8/15/2018

    A diner from Bartlett, IL tried it.

mmm_good photo


 New York, NY

Cho Sun OK! Should be Cho Sun Great!

This is my favorite Chicago Korean BBQ joint as it offers great tasting traditional Korean BBQ food. Food wise, the flavors of the various meats were consistent with better tasting Korean BBQ joints. In addition, the menu offers a wide range of meal choices. Service wise, well it’s an Asian Mom & Pop shop so the service was typical of such establishments (i.e. definitely do not expect a fine dining experience). Cost wise, well worth the buck as the portion/cost ratio was quite reasonable; the added bonus of it actually tasting good makes it an even better buy. Decor wise, again don’t expect much.

All in all, out of all the times I dined here (this was a favorite amongst my group of friends), I’ve always had a delicious meal. And yes, I did get cravings for this place; and, that has got to be a sign of a good restaurant, no?

tulips500 photo


 Los Angeles, CA

authentic korean

if you’re looking for authentic korean, cho sun ok will deliver. located in a very cozy corner shop, this casual restaurant screams mom ’n pop from its minimal english-speaking servers (w/their semi-chilly service) to its hustle-bustle feel in a simple, no-frills atmosphere. narrow “booths” line the wall, and big circular tables fill the center. (when we came, the place was unbelievably jam-packed w/koreans.)

be warned – you’ll come out smelling like BBQ (even if you don’t order it!)

Haemul Pajeon

i’ve had better, but this one wasn’t bad. a little more doughy than i’m used to and not too much seafood.

Suhn Dubu

it’s hard to do this tofu soup dish wrong, so it turned out tasty & spicy! always a great dish.

Bul - Go -gi

tender, tender, tender. thin slices of beef that i’ve never had so tender. i thought this dish was excellent, altho a few people i came w/felt otherwise – that it was lacking in flavor.

Daegu Maeun Tang

eh. this dish in general is one of my most fav, so i was really disappointed when i gave this a taste. the fish was a little tough & dry, and not flavored at all. boo.

Jab Chae

this dish is clear noodles flavored heavily w/soy sauce, sesame oil, and other goodies like carrots, onions, beef, etc. it wasn’t mind-blowing, but wasn’t bad either.

john photo


 San Jose, CA

Much more than OK

I came here for dinner and had the most authentic Korean meal I’ve had in a long time. What made Cho Sun Ok so authentic?

  • Real Koreans working there, who don’t speak much English
  • Lots of meat grilling with poor ventilation, so your clothes will smell long after you leave
  • Real Koreans eating there, and lots of them!

We came for a late Thursday dinner and still had to wait for a table. Service was brisk and very no-nonsense, and the menu was straightforward and simple.

One cool aspect of Cho Sun OK is that it’s BYOB, so you see lots of tables with bottles of premium liquor (Korean and American). The restaurant does sell beer (Hite) if you didn’t bring your own.

We ordered a ton of food, and I was grotesquely stuffed by the end of the meal (but in a good way). I’d definitely come back again for great Korean food. Hopefully they’ll add some more ventilation at some point.

Bul - Go -gi

Best I’ve had since I can remember. I’m not sure how they cooked it, but the thin slices melted in my mouth, with no sinew in sight.

Jab Chae

Some Jab Chae (or Chap Chae) are too oily – others suffer from an overabundance of noodles. This suffers from neither of those issues, offering great flavor and a lot of tasty vegetables and meat.

Suhn Dubu

Spicy and very flavorful. Comes in a big serving.

Haemul Pajeon

Too starchy for my tastes.

Daegu Maeun Tang

Had high hopes for this codfish spicy soup, but the taste was pretty bland.

gourmand photo


 Chicago, IL

great assortment of bahnchan. chal-dol-gui is da bomb and...

great assortment of bahnchan. chal-dol-gui is da bomb and the rice they fry afterwards is yummy. best korean food i’ve had in chicago, besides the stuff i make at home.

cristinb photo


 Chicago, IL

Korean First Timer

Cho Sun OK was the first Korean BBQ I visited in the Chicago area. I have tried a few others, but Cho Sun OK is still at the top of my list. There’s something about their bulgogi that brings them a notch above the rest. The bi bim bop is also pretty tasty. The service isn’t always the friendliest, with waitresses basically taking over the cooking apparatus for you without saying a word, but at least it’s a learning experience. Once, I had one of the cooks watching me eat my bi bim bop and warning me about how how the sauce was that I was using. When I kept on adding it and saying that I liked it, he just laughed and laughed. I’m sure that novices like myself are pretty entertaining to them! The only downfall is that it’s pretty small (I’ve seen a line going out the door waiting for a table) and your clothes really reek of meat when you leave. None of those things will stop me from going back!

Bul - Go -gi

Tender and perfectly seasoned

Bi Bim Bop

The rice isn’t crispy on the bottom, but everything else is super!

iamwil photo


 Darien, IL

Good food, fresh taste

I can’t say I’m an expert with discerning tastes in Korean food, but I do know fresh ingredients when I eat it. The Korean BBQ is quite fresh, though I have to say, what won me over is the Raw Oyster with Asian Pears dish. The Asian Pears are julienned which made it look like daikon, and thus was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. The Raw Oysters were fresh, and the sauce wouldn’t have been able mask not-so-fresh food.

The place is cramped and the decor is uninspired (though tidy), but like all good places, the food is what speaks the most.

The Korean BBQ itself wasn’t head over heels distinguished, but it made for a meal that was worth your money.

Raw Oyster with Asian Pear

The oysters were fresh and the asian pear was a delight and surprise.

jcfong photo


 Palo Alto, CA

Even better the second time around!

I forget how good meat is sometimes… I’m not a huge red meat eater, but Korean BBQ is always an exception! With the super thin slices and great marinated flavors, its even better when done right!

Yes, I love the fact that Cho Sun OK is BYOB. But even better is that we found out there is a Jewel right around the corner!

Authentic Korean BBQ in a nicely ventilated spot… a great combination!


Nothing but a positive experience here. Only...

Nothing but a positive experience here. Only downside is sometimes there’s a long wait if you have a group larger than 4.


Get the chadol begi because it's the best...

Get the chadol begi because it’s the best thing on the menu—strips of raw beef that you fry on the skillet with garlic. Just be careful not to burn it. Their oyster kimchi is fantastic. The place is cramped, the, decor is weird and the waitresses are gruff old ajummas, so don’t expect to be pampered. But damn, the food is good.

smallfry photo


 Chicago, IL

Real Koreans Eat Here

Wow. I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed this place yet. I’ve been here way too many times I suppose. And yes, the food is better here than San Soo Gap San. There, I’ve said it.

First, all the reviews below are correct. It is authentic Korean food. The waitresses barely know any English (it’s true!) and they can be a little rough around the edges (true Korean style). Don’t take it personally. They just get so busy. Motions, pointing at the menu, numbers – they all understand. The power is in the universal language of hunger. Second, real live Koreans eat here for every day meals. It’s cheap, hearty, and overall, a great place for families and friends. Maybe even for a hot date. Haha, just kidding. They kick you out pretty fast if the line starts to form by pushing the check and Double mint gum.


  • Get here before 6pm if at all possible. Make sure your entire party is there. The line goes out the door every single night. Doesn’t matter if it’s a weeknight. It gets packed because it’s a small space with only a few tables.
  • If you get the unmarinated meats to grill, this is the only time they will take the rice and all the side dishes at the very end and mix-grill it at the table for you.

Suhn Dubu

My absolute favorite. Super soft tofu in a spicy seafood broth.

Chadol Gui

A Korean favorite. The non-marinated thinly sliced meat that you smother with sesame seed oil sauce. For some reason, all the Korean guys usually LOVE it.

Bul - Go -gi

Everyone’s favorite. The marinated thinly sliced beef to grill in front of you.

Bibim Bap

This stands as a meal by itself. It’s rice, veggies, fried egg, and hot paste that you mix at the table. Very healthy.

Fried Dumplings

It’s filled with meat. They actually steam it first, then fry it. So good.

Haemul Pajeon

The non-Koreans really love the soft texture of this “seafood pancakes” or “seafood pizza”. I like it but I wish they put more seafood in it, like we do at home.

Jab Chae

Glass noodles with veggies and sesame seed oil.

calkim photo


 Chicago, IL

service is terrible

Very disappointed and will never go back to this place! The place was busy so I understand it takes time to serve a family of eight. First of all, we waited about 30 min to get in to the restaurant. Since I was new in Chicago, I really had no choice….

Once we sat down at our table, the waitress rushed me to order food, without answering my questions, so I ordered appetizers and lots of BBQ meats. Meats were quickly provided, though the quantity of seasoned gal bi seemed less for its price. We also ordered non-seasoned gal bi that was a bit thin and tasteless; the seasoning for it was really weak. After getting the meats, we waited over 20 minutes or so to get rice. Even more, we waited 30 min to get cup of water. My children needed water because side dishes in general were salty and kimchi was spicy. When asked to get additional water, it never came – that’s after we walked to the counter asking for it. About done with our dinner, they finally brought the appetizers (seafood pancake). I asked the waitress why it came so late. She had no answer. These waitresses have no expressions and no idea how to serve customers. The place had 3 waitresses when they could have used 6.

This is not a place for a large family with children (the place is small). It’s not a place for you if you can’t speak Korean because they will just ignore you. You have to make requests all the time for basic things as water, rice, side dish, etc. We asked for more side dishes – no response. If you can’t speak Korean, I think you are out of luck. I speak Korean fluently, and they treated me this way. I watched another table with folks who couldn’t speak Korean, and they had a difficult time getting anything from the waitresses. I’ve visited Korean restaurants in NY, DC, Atlanta, LA, etc. This place epitomizes the type of Korean restaurants 10-20 years ago. The service is atrocious, and I can’t recommend my friends and family who are non-Koreans. Only time I got a thank you from the waitress was when she saw my 20% tip: Honestly, I felt sorry for her.

Galbi Gui

so so

jinkwell photo


 Los Angeles, CA

Decent Korean Food

I like Cho Sun Ok much more than San Soo Gap San. Why? Well…there’s plenty of reasons. The food is more delicious, service is better, and the price is cheaper. How can I not help but prefer this restaurant over any other Korean restaurants?

Yes, yes. This can’t hold a candle to Korean restaurants out in LA, but it holds its own. The stone griddle are perfect for grilling different cuts of meat. But my fave is def cha deul bae gi! It’s sort of oily, but the thin strips are so delicious when wrapped around green onions, garlic, radishes, etc. The ban chan is plentiful and varied.

After most of the meat has been grilled, the server comes over and adds ban chan, kimchi, etc. to the grill and covers it up with rice. It’s sort of like a stir-fry finale. It’s a great way to end the meal! But spicy buckwheat noodles are great too; def try the neung-myun!

The price is awesome at around $10-16 per person, depending on how many people are in your party. So it’s an affordable dinner with SO MUCH food! Granted, you end up smelling like your meal, so like Karen L. says, wear comfy clothes. This is def not a restaurant where you wear designer labels! ^^

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