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Cuban Pete's

Cuisine: Cuban, American, Spanish

Cuban Pete's is a Cuban, American, and Spanish restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped less than 15%.

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"There are no pros to this establishment, I would give it a negative if I could."
"The food and the sangria were good. You can bring your own wine and they will add it to your sangria. We had a great server. "
"There was plenty of food on my plate and it was good."
"generally very good"
"What an idiot the manager is there. My daughter went for her 19 th bday with friends and waited 2 and a half hours only to be told a rude ugly excuse for a man that it's too bad they can leave if they want? Then he proceeded to call her friend a bitch. t"
"I've been to this restaurant a few times but today was the absolute worst! We were a party of 14 they told us an hour wait after an hour in a half they still didn't have a table for us on too of that after speaking to the manager 3 times he still did not "
"The food"
"Pleasent friendly a little taste of Cuba in Montclair "
"I knew there was a reason why I did not go there for over three years"
"Accommodating and professional. Owner is the best! Customer Service Rocks!"
"Good food, bad service!"
"The waiting time and the music is too loud."
"Tasty food, ambiance, and price..."
"Deliciuos food excelente service "
"This place should be SHUT DOWN!! We were a party of four on 7/3/17, put our names on their so called "LIST" and told the wait was 30 minutes. Informed the hostess we would be waiting outside since there is no waiting area other than the stairs which is pa"
"The manager allowed the next patrons to be seated, to stand over my friend and I while we were having our last glass of sangria. The busser glared at us and then came over to clean the table practically pushing us out of our seats in the process. I told h"
"i was told that I would have to wait 1 hour for a party of two. Ok, no problem. Good food is worth it. When they did call my name, some 10 minutes later, I was told I could not be seated since the other person had not arrived yet. OK...no problem. On"
"The staff could have been more accommodating specially with a large party. Remember ur customers r what builds ur business u guys have poor customer setvice"
"The Serbice"
"Tables are too close it's packed in you can't open a menu without somebody pump and you everybody's walking by the butt is on your table"
"Manager was very rude and nasty. Horrible customer service."
"We came to celebrate but got kicked out after waiting for MORE than an hour. First of all, there was 10 people total in our group we were told to wait an hour and an hour passed. We came back to the hostess to see how long more do we have to wait, the man"
"Waiting time and music "
"Tables are tightly spaced & no place to wait for seating "
"I will NOT return!"
"Service was not very good"
"Customer is never right in his book! Someone else is watching you DOMINIC, you'll ran into the wrong one- one day and Karma will come for you. You'll get old and all the money you have will mean nothing! Your evil, & the worst will happen to y"
"The food is very good "
  • 8/01/2020

    A Cuban chowhound from West Orange, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Tables are tightly spaced & no place to wait for seating
  • 6/15/2018

    A Cuban chowhound from US tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 5/26/2018

    A Cuban food lover from East Orange, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 5/15/2018

    A dining patron from East Orange, NJ tried it.

  • 4/07/2018

    A Cuban chowhound from Bloomfield, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 7/05/2017

    A dining patron from Wayne, NJ tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    There are no pros to this establishment, I would give it a negative if I could.
    This place should be SHUT DOWN!! We were a party of four on 7/3/17, put our names on their so called "LIST" and told the wait was 30 minutes. Informed the hostess we would be waiting outside since there is no waiting area other than the stairs which is pa
  • 5/13/2017

    A Cuban chowhound from CA tried it.

  • 2/18/2017

    A Cuban food lover from Jersey City, NJ tried it.

  • 10/05/2016

    A dining patron from Iselin, NJ tried it.

  • 8/22/2016

    A Cuban chowhound from Dayton, NJ tried it.

JNR photo


 Jersey City, NJ

Rude hostess!!

Let me begin by stating that I have been enjoying Cuban Pete’s for a few years now unfortunately my last visit there this past weekend has turned me off completely! I was aware going on a Saturday night there would be at least an hour wait time which I was willing to do since the food is so delicious but after being yelled at by the hostess I will NEVER go back again. After being told I was next to be seated I was waiting an additional 30 mins so I went up to the hostess table to ask the status when I was yelled at by the hostess saying she was not seating people at the moment and for me to turn back around and wait. The owner quickly interfered and rushed me to a table but the damage was done. He explained that he knows that woman is rude to customers but I should just ignore her. I was not satisfied with his dealings with her. If he knows she is rude to customers why hasn’t she been fired?? Right then and there he choose his rude hostess over me, a paying and returning customer. I will be sure to let all my family and friends know about this incident and they will also never return. I know of two other really good Cuban restaurants in the area where I have never been scolded by an employee and the food is just as delicious! Good riddans Cuban Pete’s!

DawnJSW photo


 Montclair, NJ

Rude & Obnoxious: Cuban Pete's in Montclair NJ

The owner of Cuban Pete’s, Dominic, was so rude to us—he physically pushed my friend’s chair into the table—with her in it—-so he could seat another party! When we objected to his actions, he shoved a table at us and told us we should leave! This guy is a total idiot and doesn’t deserve a penny from anyone. Steer clear of Cuban Pete’s and this jerk loser who owns it.

DougP photo


 Caldwell, NJ

Stay Away

I have been to this place many times before but never have I been so disgusted by the outright rudeness and arrogance of the staff as I was recently. I’ve come to expect mediocre service but the food is usually decent. I stopped going here on my own and only go when others want to as was this last scenario. Had reservations for 7:00 for 7 people. I have experienced this place not seating people until entire party arrives but that’s mostly on weekends when there are big lines. This was a weekday with plenty of open tables. We had 4 of 7 there and the others were going to be late. I asked to be seated since we did have a reservation and they absolute refused. The host than said “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” I was so taken off guard I asked if I had just heard him correctly. He actually seemed to enjoy being this rude. My wife and friends were in complete disbelief. I asked to speak to someone in charge. His immediate response was “that’s it, get out of here.” I asked again to speak to someone in charge and he basically threatened me and said something in the line of “don’t worry, someones coming and you’ll be sorry.” I really just stood there in disbelief. Never in my life have I been treated in such a way at a public establishment. This guy clearly gets a kick out of this type of behavior as was apparent to his smirking and under breath comments to the girls around him. It’s clear by the number of similar complaints online line about the staff that they just don’t care. Eventually this will catch up to them. I seriously suggest anyone considering this place go somewhere else.

AnonyMich photo


 Newfoundland, NJ

The worst restaurant experience thus far!

I usually do not waste my time writing a review about a bad experience, i simply never return again. but this restaurant is by far the worst i have gone to!

I was a server for 4 years and i usually tend to understand when there are a few mistakes here and there, but this place was horrible on every aspect imaginable!!!

To begin, it was superbly unorganized the trash was being carried out in the front lobby where all the food was passing and where everyone was piled up on the stairs. They have extreme safety hazards by having people pile up along the stairs, and when others are trying to exit the building they cannot hold on to the side rails to hold themselves!!!

We finally sat down and it took the server about a good 15 minutes to get to our table. When the server got there he tells us they ran out of about 50% of their products, which was quite mind boggling. Nonetheless we decided to stay because we had waited long enough and decided it was not worth going elsewhere, we were way wrong!

The food finally arrived and none of the food was what we had ordered. Then the server comes and tells us that they ran out of more things and that was the reason why our plates didn’t come as we had asked. Need i remind you i was a server before? The servers duty is to inform the customer that something is out as soon as it is out! not wait until the food is coming out and just throw anything on their plate and expect them to want that!!!! are you kidding me?!!!

The food was alright, but quite honestly after all the events my appetite was the least of my problems, and considering the prices they have on these plates it is so not worth your buck.

The cherry on top was the ending of our evening…. both the manager and the owner are the most incompetent business personnel i have every come across! No wonder the servers are how they are! They are rude, they have an attitude they have ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SKILLS and quite honestly they have no clue how to manage a business!!!!


Terrible Customer Service

My review is fair and realistic. I am not a kid and I am very serious about my dining experience. About a week ago, I might have given them 4 stars, because the food is pretty good and the service is ok. A little noisy for my taste, but fine, I am not a old man who can’t stand some loud music, but here is the problem.

We went out yesterday to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I can understand that they don’t take reservations and I knew that, but when most of the party was already in and waiting to suprise my wife, they were not allowed to sit unless we were there. Not to mention they were treated rude and unfair. When I arived, I approached the manager who had a extremely nasty tone for no apparent reason and he refused, I repeat refused to give us a table. Basically we were told to leave. For what? There was no problem up to that point and there was no attitude from our side. The only attitude I noticed is from the girl at the front desk and the manager. When I asked him if the owners knew how he manages the place, telling a party of 20 to leave. His reply was ‘I don’t care, you have to leave now!!‘. I have never been treated like that in my life. That only tells me one thing, the place doesn’t care about their customers. You will not want to waste your time hoping that the management might be in the good mood. You do not want to bring your friends and family only to embarass yourself and hope that someone, like a manager will do you a favor. This is not some kid that causes problems. We are all professional adults with the families, kids, good careers and it was uncalled for.

Now, while we started telling this unfortunate experience to some people, we realize that it is not an isolated incident and strongly advice for people not to go Cuban Pete’s. Do not punish yourself and your party. Find a place that cares about you and your money. You will not be sorry you read this. It will ensure you avoid the same rudeness that we had to encounter last tonight.

IHateCubanPetes photo


 Montclair, NJ

STAY AWAY! You Have Been Warned

The owner, Dominick Restaino, has Napoleon Complex. STAY AWAY! READ REVIEWS EVERYWHERE BEFORE YOU GO. You Have Been Warned.

If I could give this place zero stars I would. Waited for two hours only to be told to leave because I asked how my party was doing in terms of getting seated.

I guess Dominick Restaino has enough business that he can throw people out of his restaurant. Yeah, I hope it catches up to him and the place goes empty.

Seriously this man has a nasty attitude. I watched as he berated staff in front of customers. He seems to have something against women in particular. I would even call him sexist.

Regardless I used to go here. As of today never again. The food isn’t that good and it’s a bit over priced.

His staff hustles around serving customers while he stands around and is rude to customers.

I am also going to file a complaint with BBB and Mayors office.

Hungry photo


 Olney, MD

Run By Lunatic(s)

Went Friday night for dinner. First-Last Time. Told 1 hour wait for outside table. Put name on list. Wife went to check on status and see if could be seated inside(empty) for appetizers while await arrival of rest of party. Told No! Man behind her mentioned negative review, rude staff. Wife said read that too. Manager/Owner told both—names taken off list and to leave premises immediately!
Amazing that Cuban Pete’s Still in Business. Will NEVER Return
Went to Fin—Excellent food. Impeccable Service.

Basheema photo


 Jersey City, NJ


My friends and I went yesterday 5/31/2014 for a birthday dinner. We were told an hour wait. An hour wait became two hours. Finally it became three hours and by then I was irate. The hostess was very nice, but if you didn’t know the manager he wasn’t paying you know attention and wasn’t at least apologetic. I saw three different tables get seated and left because it took forever to get a seat in this crammed establishment however to get your waiter to order your appetizers. The food was fast, and I see why after you wait so long it has no choice but to be. My waiter was only there for the order part. Why am I tipping this man $53 and he didn’t even ask did we need napkins, or more sangaria. THE GRATUITY WAS INCLUDED. WHICH IS FINE FOR GREAT SERVICE…The food was good I can’t lie. But if you want to wait BRING SOME BREAD TO HOLD YOU OVER AND DONT EXPECT GOOD SERVICE..

SteveBass photo


 South Orange, NJ

Bad Experience

Bad Experience!! We had a really bad experience here. The manager was rude, the food was bad, the wait was uncomfortable, and they really force the sangria on you and make you pay alot. I have talked with friends who have had similar experiences. Save your money for someplace that values your business and treats you with respect.

Picadillo con Tostones


shaned photo


 Clifton, NJ

Racist, abusive, nasty owner. Below average food.

Do yourself a favor and AVOID this place like The Plague. BOYCOTT!

We waited 90 mins for a table on a Friday @ 6:30pm, after being told 30 mins. Then when the owner/manager called our group of 5, he brought us back with another group of 8. It was very confusing and we were a mixed-up line of 13 people weaving thru spaces too small for a child. When we got to the back, he pointed to me from 15 feet away and I motioned to a 6-top table to ask if it was for us. Not realizing what party I was with, he corrected me and brought me to a tiny table for 4. When i mentioned that were 5 people, he got angry and told me to go back to the front and wait some more. I said “but sir, you called our name and brought us back here”, he grew twice as angry and started shouting at me “GO BACK TO THE FRONT AND WAIT”.

I said, “But I don’t understand, you personally brought us here!?”. Not realizing that he had already sat a few of my friends from the front of the line at a teeny tiny table meant for 3 ppl max. He then literally screamed at the top of his lungs at me “GO BACK NOW!!!” Completely shocked, I said “Why are you talking to me like this?”, to which he replied “YOU’RE OUTTA HERE, GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT!!”

About 5 staff members stood around with a knowing look on their face, just shaking their heads. I asked one waiter “What’s with that guy?” to which he replied “Well he’s the owner, he just does whatever he wants”. At this point I realized that he didn’t know I was with the few ppl he had sat around the corner already, so 2 of us followed him and tried to explain. He then threatened us both with physical violence. No joke.

“DO YOU WANNA GET YOUR ASS KICKED? Leave now or I will get the Mexicans from the kitchen to come out here at beat the sh** out of you” Nothing like a shocking display of racism mixed with the threat of violence to make your birthday celebration extra special. If that’s what your looking for, Cuban Pete’s if your place!

As we all walked out (3 guys, 2 girls) he cursed at the females, and told the one guy with us who was latino “See what happens when you make friends with Gringos??”

I’ve worked for years in both casual and fine-dining restaurants, and I’ve never seen ANYONE treated this way. And a lot of fellow Yelpers have similar reviews for this place. The food is not good either, its just passable… why would you subject your friends and family to this, and why support this crazy, racist, abusive man? With a line out the door, he doesn’t value any customers whatsoever. BOYCOTT!

Michi photo


 Lake Hiawatha, NJ

QUE rrrrrrico!

this is one of my family’s favorite spots to go! The food and the service are great --- and so are the prices!!

Vaca Frita

favorite dish, hands-down! Extra crispy with tons of limes… mmmm mmmmm mmmm!!

JeanBean photo


 Blue Bell, PA


I live an hour and a half away and don’t mind the drive. Yes, it’s ridiculously loud there, yes they may seat you in a separate part of the restaurant that you have to go outside to get to (which is no fun on a cold night when the bathrooms are in the main part of the restaurant), and yes, they don’t remember your entire order, but the food is GREAT. My stand by’s; chicken lollipops and bacon wrapped dates for an appetizer. And the ricky ricardo ribs for an entree. Order it w/ the plantains and coconut rice, trust me! And it tastes just as good as leftovers the next day.

ricky ricardo ribs

Braised short ribs that are incredibly tender. Ask to have it w/ coconut rice and plaintains instead fo the regular rice and potatoes.

MMaak photo


 Caldwell, NJ

Cuban Pete's is always a great night out.

Cuban Pete’s is always a great night out. The food is always scrumptious and the dinner portions are huge. We always order lots of different tapas so everyone can get a taste. I always get the Datiles, bacon wrapped dates…. oh so good. I always have a hard time ordering anything other than the Lechon Asado. It’s just too hard to resist. Anything else I have tasted has been to die for as well. With all this food, it’s hard for me to make it to dessert. An espresso and flan to finish if I’m feeling feisty. My taste buds thank me, but my tummy usually is ready to burst.

We come here often, many times at begging request from our guests. We do come here year round, but the best time is during the summer. It is all about the outdoor seating area. It is busy and cramped so some people could be turned off. Staff can be standoff-ish, but its primarily due to the rush. The key to getting seated in the summer is to bat your eyes and flash a big smile. I find being courteous and understanding will win them over. Once you activate the friendly, all the servers will swoon over your table. It’s the Cuban charm.

The first time I ate at Cuban Pete’s, I recall the server commenting that just like Cuba, the staff has to be innovative about the table space. This is truly a sight to see. A tiny little table that piles up high with tapas and pitches of sangria. Don’t be afraid to stack!

Another area I should point out is that this is a BYO establishment. They do have many sangrias and mojitos to choose from, but they have little to no alcohol. I believe I was told they soak all of their fruit in booze ahead of time, and put the drained fruit into the ‘wine juice’. I’m never really impressed with their sangria mixes. Generally, their mixes are very sweet. I always bring a bottle of wine, apricot brandy and some regular brandy to spike it up. I also strongly suggest getting a full pitcher, that half pitcher never makes it very far. ;)

Lecon Asado

Pork always makes me happy and the first time I saw lecon on the menu, I couldn’t contain myself. Being Filipina, this was not the lecon I had in mind. What came out was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Shredded succulent pork is cooked with lots of garlic, onions and vinegar. It arrives on a shallow dish (sort of like a fajita pan) on a bed of banana leaves. Like most of their entrees, this is served with black beans, rice and sweet plantains. This is not a healthy dish. The plantains are fried in butter and the sugar from the ripe plantain caramelizes it. I order extra plantains since I like every bite to include a bit everything. I always have leftovers that last me through two more meals that I look forward to since the flavors continue to build.

Picadillo con Tostones

This is one of my favorite tapas. It arrives in a small tapas bowl filled with Cuban beef hash and potatoes. There are smashed fried plantain chips pushed into the beef heaven. It may be a tad clumsy, but scoop the hash onto the ‘chip’ for a Cuban twist on chips and chili.

Goat Cheese Fritters

I was excited to try this when I read the menu because it said this was hazelnut stuffed goat cheese with a sweet honey vinagrette. I am a fan of all of these things, so I thought we had a new fav on the tapas. I was wrong, this ball of goat cheese was a little odd for me. It was a lump of creamy goat cheese that was battered and fried. The honey made everything sticky. I think smaller pieces would have made this enjoyable.

Cuban RUDE American
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