Cubby's BBQ Restaurant

Cuisine: BBQ, American, Lunch

Cubby's BBQ Restaurant is a BBQ, American, and Lunch restaurant where most Menuism users came for a family meal and paid between $10 and $25.

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"Great food. Great service. Great place. Make sure you bring your appetite with you."
"Pulled pork sandwiches,and sliced steak sandwiches,fries,birch beer from them fountain,all excellant,best bbq my sister and I have found so far,will be back for more."
"Friendly service, good food convenient location"
"The Ribs are excellent and Pulled pork is so yummy with the cheese and onions on garlic bread. Also the burgers and steaks are cooked to your desired temp. which is rare when dinning out. "
"Great place with great food! My wife and I have been going to Cubby's since 1984! Gary Principato "
"the food was decent, my family and I enjoy the food. Only problem when we pick the food up, we saw no man behind the counter and a young man put their hand and eat fries out of a customers place that was waiting for pickup by the way to. I stayed back a m"
"Ahh I guess you can say price,but you do get great food,great friendly service from counter to bus boys."
"Refill drinks are expensive, "
"Have been to mighty quinns in clifton nj and found their pulled pork very good as well but expensive and lacked any bbq taste bottle on table is just ok nothing very good,Jim dandys in Rutherford and nutley,their pulled pork sandwich tasted very ketchup "
"Get the mashed potatoes! They are awesome. "
  • 5/07/2017

    A BBQ chowhound from Jersey City, NJ tried it.

  • 12/30/2016

    A dining patron from Englishtown, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Great food. Great service. Great place. Make sure you bring your appetite with you.
  • 4/16/2016

    A dining patron from Lodi, NJ tried it.

  • 1/06/2016

    A BBQ food lover from West New York, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Friendly service, good food convenient location
    Refill drinks are expensive,
  • 8/02/2015

    A BBQ food lover from Brick, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Get the mashed potatoes! They are awesome.
  • 1/03/2015

    A BBQ chowhound from Newark, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    The Ribs are excellent and Pulled pork is so yummy with the cheese and onions on garlic bread. Also the burgers and steaks are cooked to your desired temp. which is rare when dinning out.
  • 12/27/2014

    A BBQ food lover from Ashburn, VA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Great place with great food! My wife and I have been going to Cubby's since 1984! Gary Principato
  • 11/11/2014

    A dining patron from Newark, NJ tried it.

  • 7/14/2014

    A BBQ food lover from Newark, NJ tried it.

  • 11/02/2013

    A BBQ food lover from Hackensack, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    the food was decent, my family and I enjoy the food. Only problem when we pick the food up, we saw no man behind the counter and a young man put their hand and eat fries out of a customers place that was waiting for pickup by the way to. I stayed back a m
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king_leer photo


 Lodi, NJ


RIBS RIBS RIBS…that’s the first thing you see passing this restaurant. So when we stopped for a bite to eat, it was a no brainer on what we were going to get. We got ribs of course. It’s no wonder why they advertise them so much. They were seriously the best ribs I’ve ever had! My family and I were so please with everything that we’ll definitely be coming back!

Jackafa photo


 West Orange, NJ

Finger lickin' mmm

Hands down bar-none the best ribs I have ever had! First of all they’re hot when you get them, which, in the world of ribs, is rare. Second they’re so tender they practically fall off the bone; hardly any fat just juicy meat. And yummy sauce… kind of tangy, kind of spicy. The other stuff is fab too pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, chicken platters. Oh and fantastic sides… sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, garlic bread…. Plus the service is really fast and the place is spotless. If you want amazing bbq cubby’s is the only answer



Kwest photo


 Hackensack, NJ

Cubby's has me sold!

I love trying different kinds of BBQ and I must admit that Cubby’s has me sold. Their homemade BBQ sauce is absolutely delicious! I wish they sold it in bottles so I could use it on my weak attempts at throwing barbecues at my house. The ribs are like none I’ve ever tasted before. They come out hot and tender that the meat actually falls off the bone. And you are actually eating meat, not fatty tissue like some other ribs. The portions at Cubby’s are more than reasonable. If I wanted to, I could split the full rack with my wife but I choose not to so I could eat them the next day. The dinners also come with a side of garlic bread and your choice of side. This place really knows how to spoil their customers!

cfoley photo


 Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

amazing food at the comfort of your own home

I love the fact that I can call my order in and pick it up just in time to make it back home for the big games. There’s nothing like eating their BBQ ribs and their buffalo wings with all your buddies in front of the big screen. I love this place!

jaclynk photo


 Hackensack, NJ

they do not disappoint!

I first visited this place just last weekend for a friends birthday dinner. I have heard a lot of praise about it so I had high expectations. They certainly did not disappoint! I have never tasted better BBQ than here. The BBQ ribs were cooked to perfection, they were hot and tender and fell right off the bone. They were simply so delicious that I ended up ordering some to go for my husband. I’ll definitely be coming back!

mcneally photo


 Lyndhurst, NJ

love the food

You cannot find a better bbq pork sandwich! It’s not fatty and chunky like some other bbq restaurants I’ve been to. It’s actually shredded and glazed with their tasty homemade bbq sauce. It is always served hot and I like that you can get it on their delicious garlic bread. Of course, this isn’t the only good thing on their menu, everything tastes amazing you just have to find your favorite!

ciku photo


 Hackensack, NJ


The BBQ ribs are mmm…mmm…delicious!!! You have to try them!


They’re the best around!

bobercat photo


 Lodi, NJ

hackensack's little treasure

I consider this place as hackensack’s little treasure. The place is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside which is hard to find these days. The service is wonderful, everyone is so friendly and helpful, they always welcome me with a warm smile. The food, I just can’t get enough of it! Everything is so delicious here. I’ve been coming here for almost 20 years and I have always been pleasantly satisfied.

keneth photo


 Franklin Lakes, NJ

Great for the Family!

I love taking my family here. The quality of the food is the best around so I know I am getting my money’s worth. My kids love the counter service because they get to hold on to those pagers, which keeps them occupied while waiting for the food. The servers here are also very friendly, which is nice because it makes for a good experience every time we go. Eating here has pretty much become a tradition that we don’t plan to break.

jmere photo


 Little Ferry, NJ

Great Place To Eat

In my line of work it is customary to talk business over lunch. Whenever I take my clients out, I always suggest Cubby’s because I know the food will always be good and the atmosphere is perfect. The inside and outside have an appealing look, and there is a lot of history in that place so it is always a good conversation starter. I have not had a client who has not liked the food, in fact, many have raved about it and it actually has helped me with business.

dantheman photo


 Park Ridge, NJ


I must say that the grilled chicken salad is really good. The cottage fries and macaroni and cheese was excellent too. I had the BBQ ribs and it was great. It’s not a fancy place but it does have a good home cooking kind of feel to it. The service is excellent, definitely a must visit!

clarkK photo


 Morristown, NJ

Big Portions!

I think their prices are fair for the quality of food you get. There are always enough portions to carry home. I highly recommend this place!

evanhump photo


 Paramus, NJ

Worth the Trip

This restaurant had the best tasting BBQ ribs I’ve ever had! They’re one of the first ribs I’ve had that fall right off the bone. It’s a definitely a must try no matter how far away you live. You won’t regret it!

bassman photo


 Passaic, NJ

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this. The service was awesome and the food was really good. The whole staff was very friendly and we were in and out quickly.

souljess photo


 Princeton, NJ

Best Place to Eat

I go to this place often and as far as I’m concerned it’s the best place to eat around the area for the food and service is excellent. What I like about it is that it is counter service so you dont have to make reservations. All the workers who take my order are very friendly and the busboy is always attentive to the tables. Overall, if you want a place that is quick, with fantastic food, service, and good atmosphere then this is the place for you!

schnells78 photo


 Lodi, NJ

Best Family Dinners

My family and I go out usually every other week. It was hard to pick out a place that both my kids and I enjoyed until we found Cubby’s. Surprisingly, my little picky eaters love practically everything on the menu. The ribs being their favorite. It makes me happy to see my kids enjoy good quality food instead of fast food junk. Not only is the food amazing but the atmosphere of the place is unique. I would recommend it to anyone!

ArnoA photo


 Clifton, NJ

Healthy Eater

I would consider myself a healthy eater so when my now husband first said we were going to Cubby’s BBQ, I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t think they would have anything that would satisfy my diet. I was completely wrong. They have tasty grilled chicken salads, grilled salmon, and other things on their menu that have me coming back for more. So now when my husband and I go out for dinner, he is able to have what he calls their mouthwatering ribs while I am able to have a deliciously healthy meal. I even go on my own now whenever I want a quick bite to eat for lunch. Definitely the place to eat!

grilled chicken salad

The chicken is hot and tender. They offer different sauces for it but it still tastes great without it. The salad is always fresh and they have a variety of salad dressings to choose from on the side. Overall, this is one great tasting meal!

brohan photo


 Lincoln Park, NJ

doesn't get better than here!

I can’t think of a better restaurant than this, it just has it all. The restaurant itself looks beautiful on the inside and the outside. The service is friendly. The food is AMAZING!!! I have been coming here for many years and I’ve tried almost everything on the menu and I have never had something that I didn’t like. You will not be disappointed in dining here, I guarantee it!

cubana skirt steak

Besides the ribs of course, this is one my my favorite dishes. The steak is so juicy and filled with a lot of flavor. It’s the one steak that I don’t need ketchup or steak sauce on it. The mashed potatoes with gravy compliment the meal nicely.

kellyobrecht photo


 Wayne, NJ

Definitely My Favorite Place To Eat!

I love their food so much that I had them cater my college graduation party a while back. The ribs were such a big hit that they were the first thing gone. Whenever my parents decide to take me out to dinner, Cubby’s is always my first pick. The service and food are just unbeatable.


The ribs are my favorite thing to order from here. I have them almost ever time I go to Cubbys they are SO SO GOOD.

danielsm29 photo


 Hackensack, NJ


AMAZING FOOD! My buddies and I go there all the time. Whether it be before games, for lunch, or even dates with the ladies ;) the food and service never disappoints. There is so much to offer on the menu that it is hard not to find something you like. Of course I love the ribs and that is my usual order but sometimes I also switch it up with the BBQ pork sandwich or the sliced steak sandwich. If you haven’t tried this place then you’re missing out because it has the BEST BBQ in Jersey!


They are my favorite! They make their own BBQ sauce that is the perfect combination between sweet and spicy. The meat falls right off the bone unlike some other restaurants in where the meat is like shoe leather. I always end up licking my fingers at the end of each meal because it is just soooo good!

riblover photo


 Teaneck, NJ

WOWED me with great RIBS

Got to try the ribs out at Cubbys ,they hit the mark all the time.These are the best baby back ribs around try once and your hooked.My wife and I also love the pulled pork sandwich just the right amount of semi sweet sauce.Black Angus monster burgers OBOY these babys are to die for.Great place for a quick dinner.


RIBS RIBS and more RIBS they are to die for.

pork sandwich

Pulled pork always on the money great sandwich.

grillman photo


 Hackensack, NJ

Best BBQ baby back RIBS

Great BBQ is what we came to Cubbys for and that’s what we got. We took my entire staff here for dinner one evening and we made this a BBQ night out in Jersey. When we were done with our dinners at Cubbys, we thought we just had dinner in the deep South or out West. My staff and I travel a lot and we couldn’t believe the BBQ we just had was in Jersey. From the ribs,to the chicken, to the pulled pork to the black angus steaks and burgers this place wowed us all. If you haven’t already give Cubbys a try, it won’t disapoint.


tender fall off the bone baby backs

bbqsmokes photo


 Hackensack, NJ

Wow great BBQ

I took my family to Cubbys for the first time ten years ago. When I first walked in with my young kids, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this place. I smelled the sweet aroma of barbeque cooking in the back kitchen and from that point on I can say that my family and I have only had great barbeque meals at Cubbys. This joint I have to say has the best barbeque pork sandwhich that I have ever had. The sandwhich is put on a long french roll, and it’s smothered with Cubby’s original barbeque sauce.
I usually have it with the cheese and onions on top, with a side order of their jumbo baked sweet potato. You have to try this sandwhich , I’m telling you it rocks ! Now let’s get to the ribs. The barbeque ribs are fall off your bone tender as can be. These ribs are by far the best I’ve ever had. A full rack, fills one of those huge oval plates from tip to tip. You’ve got to give this place a try it sure has never disapointed me or my family.


Fall off the delicous.Tender and meaty

pork sandwich

Smoked to perfection this sandwich rocks.

hotman photo


 Teaneck, NJ

Best BBQ in Newjersey

This is hands down the best BBQ in Jersey. You have to try the Ribs they are out of this world. It is the cleanest rest. I have been in.All the dishes are great a place you have to give a try.Burgers are black angus and have a grear flavor wow what a place.Clean er than any place around too thats a big plus.Give this BBQ joint a try you will dig it.

pork sandwich

Greatest pork sanwich I ever had its great.


The best dam ribs in Jersey thats why all the N.Y Giants eat there

she photo


 Saddle Brook, NJ

Just "eh," not worth the price

I had heard about the magnificent Cubby’s for some time, and was excited to finally try it. What I found was that it was just ok food and was not worth the price tag. Perhaps I should have ordered ribs, but I was wearing a business suit and didn’t want to deal with the sauce. So I ordered a steak sandwich on garlic bread. It was fine, edible, but did not come with a side dish, took a long time to be served despite the slow crowd, and was overpriced. I probably will not be back.

lovekissblah photo


 Fenwick Island, DE

no brainer

amazing ribs, a huge selection of sides (which are all good) friendly fast service. what more could you want? all at a great price? yup they got that too.

awesome food. def stop in if you’re in the area

listingprint photo


 Teaneck, NJ

great restaurant

I enjoy lunch here very regularly. I usually get the ribs….I’m a sucker for a good hot dog too. Ribs are tender and fall off the bone. Get a lot of napkins. They have a very large take out menu too. Staff is friendly, floors are clean.

windowsprinter photo


 Teaneck, NJ

great ribs

I recommend cubbys to anyone that’s like real authentic bbq. Try the pork sandwich. It’s great food that always hits “that spot”.

pork sandwich


mushmouth photo


 Teaneck, NJ

great place

Great pork sandwich. I’m always looking for good bbq for lunch. Convienient location right off rt 80….I’m on the road all day.
“I’ll be back”

pork sandwich

very tender

advance photo


 Lyndhurst, NJ

Cubbys BBQ- a gem

Located right off Rte 46 in Hackensack you will find a gem of a restaurant. Cubbys offers wonderful fall off the bone ribs, great pulled pork sandwiches, mouth watering chicken and chili and other terrific down home meals.
Enjoy dining in this family type establishment which is a great value. The atmoshphere is one where the consumer feel relaxed . Dont hesitate and come on down to Cubbys..


the ribs were fall off the bone……to die for……..really….

mpcook photo


 Denver, CO


Bad food, bad service


bad food, bad service

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