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Dinner's Ready

Neighborhoods: Lincoln Heights
Cuisine: American, Catering

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 Spokane, WA

Dinner's Ready Prep Night

Dinner’s Ready Spokane

OH boy. Overall, and this is totally without tasting the food, the place was OK. Perhaps I was spoiled by Barb over at Meal Makers, but upon arrival, the gist of the place was explained to us by a young girl who was not really clear on her instructions and whose voice only reached about three of us leaving the other five in the dark. Moreover, she did not once suggest we wash our hands before beginning. What WAS nice and was different was that all of our labels were preprinted for us listing servings and items. This way we did not need a clipboard and a print off of the menu items we had chosen. This, I will say was entirely more convenient!

Few points to ponder before starting meal prep analysis, the muzac type music (actually I believe it was Kiss FM adult easy listening) was soon replaced by none other than Power Radio, Jesus FM. OMG – in this store, preparing meals we have a Jew, an Atheist, three liberal I am not sure whats although one claimed Swedish and two Presbyterians who make church on the Christian High Holy Days. Like we all want to hear about Jesus in our life while we prep our food. Next point: this place is corporate. Actually a little Gestapo like. You must prepare this way. No, you cannot alter the recipe. No, you cannot cut the Pot Pie into two servings of three (never mind you that the six servings were really about 10 servings). You simply cannot budge from the outline they present you. Period, Stop and end! Next point: and perhaps Barb spoiled us, BUT, Dude our stations remained dirty. Anyone attempting to make enchiladas after Karen was faced with a FIASCO of a mess. I actually wet my own paper towel and cleaned up a work space. Also, one of the crocks I found was used and had goop on it! Yuck! So, the place just did not seem anywhere near as clean as Meal Makers and the staff was less than attentive though nice and charming. This dirty work space thing, was a big issue for me! I know you are shocked. Oh and last point: No alcohol! No Wine. WTH? Please.

Food. Ok you definitely get more food than if you were going to Meal Makers. I mean rather than just getting BBQ’d chops, you get BBQ’d chops & baked beans. For about the same price, at least on this item. Others were more expensive than Meal Makers. It was also nice that you had more ingredients to create from as you were assembling creating more layers of different flavors. At Meal Makers, it seemed that all the dishes used similar ingredients and some kind of sort of started to taste alike after a fashion. It was nice to have a wider range of ingredients. Unfortunately, many of the items are pretty darned high in fat. Several actually used, wait for it, Cream of Mushroom soup. This got a huge WTH from me. I mean seriously, if I want quick and easy that uses COM, this I can make myself, right? Moreover, we tend to stay away from White Trash Dinners overall and adding COM, makes it a little WT! Another oddity was that you made meal packets. Now for some things, this is super convenient. Think Chicken Parmesan. The chicken is prepped and breaded and placed in its own container (Oh BTW, the foil containers from Dinner’s Ready come with the price. You DO NOT pay extra. Nice!!). In another two bags, you assemble the cheese mixture and the marinara sauce. Nice!! On the down side, the meatloaf is a let down. I do NOT think this place trusts you to touch raw meat! Thank God for Meal Makers and Barb who thinks you are adult enough for meat handling. Back to the meatloaf. So you assemble the sauce in one packet, the dry ingredients in another, grab a bag of chuck and put it all in another bag. This means on the day I want meatloaf, I still have to assemble it at home. Bummer. One last comment on the negative: Rather than mixing up a meat marinade and putting it in with the chicken (think Chicken Margarita here), you keep the two separate. I always thought it was kind of nice to have that chicken marinating while it slept in the freezer waiting for its glorious coming out party. Oh well.

Bottom line, you definitely get more here – side dishes and serving sizes etc. And you get a wider array of dishes to choose from. It is nice to pick and choose the sizes of meals you want. I suspect several dishes will be rather yummy (think lasagna, pot pie, calzones, pork loin with apples). I suspect others will be run of the mill. Watch out for the fat content and the processed food content (this being an even bigger bummer than listening the Jesus all night long) and clean your own stations. Next stop Class Act off of Indian Trail.

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