661 N La Salle Dr
Chicago, IL 60610-3722

Fogo de Chao

Neighborhoods: Near North Side
Cuisine: Buffet, Salads, Brazilian Steakhouse

Fogo de Chao is a Buffet, Salads, and Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid more than $50, and tipped between 15% to 18%.

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"Servers are epic"
"Food was great"
"The whole experience was the bomb "
"Great selection of meats. Meat servers were always around."
"The selection of meat is the best of the best. Yet the sides were few."
"Lamb Chops! Key Lime Martini!"
"How much is it for like the people who go there from kids to adilt"
"Price was a small issue"
"No cons whatsoever!!!"
"It was very pleasant"
"Salad bar is a plus!"
  • 12/11/2018

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 1/05/2017

    A dining patron from Dallas, TX tried it.

  • 5/29/2016

    A Buffet chowhound from Melrose Park, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 4/07/2016

    A Buffet food lover from Mokena, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 3/14/2016

    A diner from US tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 2/12/2016

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 3/02/2015

    A Buffet food lover from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 1/28/2015

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it and liked it.

  • 10/29/2014

    A Buffet food lover from Chicago, IL tried it.

  • 10/24/2014

    A dining patron from Chicago, IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

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turtley photo


 Irvine, CA

Chow down at Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian buffet with exquisite service. The meal has two parts: salad bar and a merry go round of meat. The second part, as seen in the other reviews, is where Fogo de Chao excels. Serving 16 different types/variations of meat, it’s impossible not to find a meat you won’t like (unless you’re vegetarian. =P ). My favorite meats were the Chicken Leg, Parmesan Beef, Filet Mignon (the plain version and the bacon wrapped version), and the sausage. They were all good though.

Seeing as the meal is $50/person, the restaurant should, and does, go beyond just good food. Since the merry go round of meat relies on efficient walking around of waiters. They come to your table with giant meat skewers and get you the meat in front of you. That service, and the normal waiting staff was beyond excellent. They randomly pulled out my seat for me, they refilled water almost instantly (unlike most places), and they replaced the side dishes quickly (pilenta, fried banana, and mashed potatoes. The fried banana is addicting and a nice change of flavor from meat).

All in all, if you have the money to burn, eat here.

parmesan beef

I doubt everyone would agree that this is a five star rating, but I really enjoyed the quality beef with some parmesan cheese on top. A little salty, but it blended well. The beef was also really soft and tender.

frango (chicken legs)

Amazing. Juicy and the best thing here.

fried banana

Mmmm. sweet and soft.

mashed potatoes

Another side dish. Silky soft. You might feel guilty for eating more since you’re already powering down all types of fancy meats.

Filet Mignon - Filet Mignon at Fogo de Chao

Filet Mignon

The bacon wrapped version is especially juicy and soft. Probably not great for you, but it tastes great. The filet mignon itself is also good.

spam_i_am photo


 New York, NY

The best Churrascaria

I’ve tried several Brazilian steakhouses, and this is the best I’ve had so far. More variety of meats, and of better quality and taste as well.

It also has one of the best salad bars around (ironic for a carnivore’s dream restaurant). There was a vegetarian in our group and he didn’t mind being in a steakhouse because the salad bar was so good. Plus there is a discounted price if you just want to eat at the salad bar.

The preset price may seem high at first, but if you think about it, you’d spend just as much at any other higher-end/quality steakhouse. Further, this is a buffet so you get more food. For an even better deal, go during lunch and it’s cheaper. Just don’t plan on being very productive the rest of the day.


One of the best salad bars

frango (chicken)

Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon. Mmm … bacon.

beef ancho

My fave, a rib eye.

justin photo


 Los Angeles, CA

Always a good meal

Even if you don’t want to totally stuff yourself, a meal at Fogo de Chao is always a fine experience. The service is amazing, the decor is nice, and food is great.

The salad bar is amazing and you can even just opt to eat that if you want (or if you’re vegetarian). But even the waiters will advise you not to eat too much salad the start. Once you eat a couple pieces of lettuce, the fun starts and you turn your green disc up for the meat to start coming. Sometimes you’ll have to keep your hand near the disc because they come so fast you need time to eat all the meat on your plate!

The desserts and coffees are also really good if you have the stomach for it.


So many tasty meats and great salad. What else could you ask for? It’s like your own little farm: pork, beef, lamb, and chicken.

fraldinha (bottom sirloin)

I like this cut. It’s really tender and juicy.

Filet Mignon - Filet Mignon at Fogo de Chao

Filet Mignon

Always a solid choice. Make sure you get it a little rare so its juicier…err, bloodier :)

frango (chicken legs)

Bacon around anything is good and this chicken is no exception. It’s exceptionally juicy and tasty.

costela de porco (pork ribs)

While not totally fall off the bone soft, they taste very good.

JDogg photo


 Sunnyvale, CA


How can you go wrong when waiters dressed as Brazilian cowboys serve you a limitless supply and selection of freshly barbequed meat?

Oh, I guess the salad bar is pretty decent, too. The fried polenta is awesome, but try not to fill up on that or else you won’t be able to eat all the meat!

tulips500 photo


 Los Angeles, CA

great meal for carnies

the wide selection of meats is impressive, and the brazilian cowboys serving them make for an even more impressive dining experience. it’s a hefty $50pp so be prepared to eat your money’s worth and you won’t be disappointed. i’ve been to a few other brazilian bbq restaurants nearby, and fogo’s is definitely where i’ll be returning to when the craving for bloody goodness arises.

fattiusthebear photo


 Berkeley, CA

meat heaven

This place isn’t for those who like to spend money on food. Each buffet is $50, which is not easy to make up for. But it’s worth it for the experience and pure variety of food you get. The restaurant is decorated very nicely, with a salad bar in the middle. It is a very extensive salad bar, offering lots of different types of vegetables and good stuff. While one might be able to eat a buffet on the salad alone, that’s not what you are there for.

The meat here is generally very excellent, and comes in unrelenting waves if you have your card flipped. You get a card where, if its on the green side, servers will flood you for food, while the red card tells them to stop. But if one person has a green card, chances are, you are gonna get the meat there because it is WAY too tempting. While the meats are great, you also get fried banana, polenta, and mashed potatoes in the middle. AND you get a cheese bread thing which is super puffy and really good. These dishes are a welcome change from the onslaught of meat. It’s always cool to see the servers give you meat off a sword.

I thought the most memorable part though was the service. I am not used to such good service, where they constantly refill water, give you new side dishes super fast, and give you meat right when you want it. It was ridiculous. They are all also really nice, and seem to have telekinetic links with each other. If you have money to burn and want a new food experience, I suggest that you go here.

Man, these are so addicting! - cheese bread at Fogo de Chao

cheese bread

This provides a nice beginning dish and a refreshing side from all the meat.

costela de porco (pork ribs)

The ribs had good meat, though some bites were a bit salty and the meat didn’t fall off the bone like some places.

frango (chicken legs)

Small chicken legs with a fried skin around it. The meat is super tender and it was just really good.

linguica (sausage)

A juicy, super meaty sausage which any sausage lover would devour in a jiffy.

fried banana

You could eat this banana all day, because it is sweet and refreshing, especially after eating a ton of meat. Mmmm.


Orgasm in all-you-can-eat steak form. Totally worth the $...

Orgasm in all-you-can-eat steak form. Totally worth the $25 for lunch or $50 for dinner if you do the anorexic thing for a day or two before venturing to the Fogo. Definitely the best of any of the Argentinian/Brazilian steak buffets around… Sal et Carvao and Texas & Brazil do not even compare. Excellent cheesy bread and fried bananas, and a buffet with maybe every kind of cheese and artichoke and antipasta ever invented. There are really friendly waiters dressed in goofy gaucho pants catering to your every beefy desire. And chicken and bacon and pork too. They carry open-pit roasted COWS on swords, it’s pretty much a merry-go-round of steak. Excellence.

jinkwell photo


 Los Angeles, CA

Meat is King

Come hungry. Really. From the salad bar to the table, everything is up for grabs in unlimited supply. The salad bar has an amazing selection, but my favorite is the asparagus. They’re frickin HUGE! And at the table, fried bananas, mashed potatoes, and cheese breads are amazing, especially when eaten with different cuts of meat. Alternate between crisp salad and tender meat, and that’s quite a meal. Yeah…the price is pretty expensive. But when you consider what you’re getting, it’s not that bad. Especially if you’re hungry and eating platefuls!




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