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Forks Diner

Cuisine: Diner, Catering, Lunch

Forks Diner is a Diner, Catering, and Lunch restaurant where most Menuism users came for a family meal and tipped less than 15%.

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  • 4/24/2018

    A dining patron from Reading, PA tried it.

  • 4/28/2017

    A Diner chowhound from Easton, PA tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They didn't like the food, liked the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

  • 4/14/2017

    A diner from Easton, PA tried it.

  • 4/14/2017

    A dining patron from Easton, PA tried it and liked it.

  • 2/26/2017

    A dining patron from Easton, PA tried it.

  • 5/14/2016

    A Diner food lover from Lyndhurst, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 1/30/2016

    A diner from Easton, PA tried it.

  • 12/31/2015

    A dining patron from Coplay, PA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 11/19/2015

    A Diner food lover from Quarryville, PA tried it.

  • 4/15/2015

    A diner from Ashburn, VA tried it.

athrax photo


 Easton, PA

PATHETIC. Don't go here, ever.

This isn’t going to be a friendly review by any means. I’m infuriated, and I’ll let everyone know it.

Last night I had yet another bad dining-out experience that topped off with a nasty confrontation with the old, snotty, and chauvinistic owner of the Forks Diner. Frankly, I don’t know why we went here. We were nearby and starving, I guess.

Being originally from New Jersey, I have been in my share of diners, good and bad – but let me tell you that this was an abomination.

I ordered crab cakes, but unfortunately they were out of macaroni and cheese which killed my mood since that was what I was craving. My dining partner ordered stuffed flounder with crab meat. Our food arrived, and it looked… well, like something you would expect to get at a diner, but far worse as we came to find out.

The house salad looked old, so I took a few bites and set it aside. I tasted the carrots, which were worse than disgusting, and set them aside, too. I tasted the crab cakes, and I wanted to toss them on the floor, but I just set them aside with everything else. The only thing that tasted decent was the baked potato, which I proceeded to make a meal out of. How sad is that when the only thing that tastes good is a baked potato? (Guess I was showing my Irish roots…)

I politely told the waitress that the crab cakes I ordered tasted “gross” and “not good at all.” She could clearly see that I took a bite of the one crab cake, mushed it up, and set it to the side. They had the consistency and appearance of soggy wheat bread with small little chunks of “crab”, and my dining partner had the same mystery crab-and-bread matter as a “filling” for her fish. I didn’t even get to mention that the carrots were mushy and disgusting, and looked like a leftover war ration from WWI, and the salad was in the walk-in a little too long. The waitress apologized about the crab cakes and asked if I wanted anything else, to which I said no, and said that she was going to mention something to the chef or manager.

When the bill came, I was infuriated to find that nothing was done about the disgusting $10 plate of crab cakes that I mushed up and set aside, or about the $13 fish dinner that was about equally as bad. She even charged extra for the baked potato my dining partner ordered on the side after we discovered that the carrots were old and disgusting. Our bill was about $30 for garbage that we hardly even ate. We were essentially paying $30 for side dishes because the meals weren’t too tolerable: two potatoes, two salads, and two other small side dishes.

I went up to pay and asked the other waitress if I could speak to a manager. Our waitress was standing right next to us at the counter at that point, and she didn’t even come over to say anything or even listen to what I said to the manager/owner; she ran off to hide in the kitchen. It infuriated me that she didn’t bring someone over in the first place, like the nasty old jerk that I was about to encounter, to show him/her that we were dissatisfied while we were seated, but running off and not saying something about it after my second complaint was the icing on the cake for her. Maybe she was afraid of dealing with this jerk, who obviously has a gross amount of control over his small female wait staff, but I’m not afraid to tell him off.

The manager/owner came over. I politely told the him that we just got done and I had told the waitress that the crab cakes were not good at all. I described them as tasting and looking like soggy bread, and mentioned how I took one bite and set my plate aside because they were that unappetizing. I was perfectly calm and collected until he started getting arrogant: “Well, nobody has ever complained before” and “what do you want me to do about it?” were the replies I received after I went as far as to use words like “disgusting,” “gross,” and “horrible” to describe the meal that I didn’t even eat.

I was floored, to say the least, and any tolerance I had was absolutely gone at that point. An owner shouldn’t act that way after receiving a complaint from a customer, and I don’t think I have ever gotten that kind of response from an owner in my life. He told the waitress at the counter to take only half off my meal, and dissappeared into the kitchen only to make a brief appearance as we were heading out the door.

The waitress whipped out her little calculator and apparently couldn’t do simple math because 50% off turned into about 30% off, and the bill only went down a few dollars. I was so angry at that point and just wanted to leave, so I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to say, “That’s unacceptable. We’re NOT paying for that garbage.” As for the waitress, she only got $1 tip for not handling things the right way. Hell, it’s more than I received in the past as a waitress for giving GOOD service.

To say that I will never be going there again and that I will let people know of my bad experience is a gross understatement. I am obligated to give a star rating of at least one star, but if I had the choice I wouldn’t give even that. Zero stars for a diner with worse-than-pathetic food, pathetic service, and a pathetic owner who doesn’t know how to handle angry customers or take criticism.

Ihateforksdiner photo


 Allentown, PA

Forks Diner

I made this account with one specific purpose; to make this review (as you could probably tell by the username). I’ve eaten here before, a few times, as it is next-door to my father’s work, and it was simply horrendous each time. One time, after experiencing the repulsiveness of their sorry excuse for ‘dining’, I got a turkey burger, out of pure hunger and desperation. I thought “hey, this isn’t too bad. Maybe I was wrong about this place”. Nope. About half way through the burger, my stomach began feeling VERY upset, and it actually progressed to the point of where I was dry-heaving in the bathroom. The servers and other employees could not possibly be more rude. This morning, once more, out of pure desperation, I called in to place a simple order for eggs, and (I was hoping for) turkey sausage. I call in, and some guy answered, sounding in a rush, and not having enough time to listen to even HALF of my one question, he hands the phone off to some lady. I begin to ask; “do you guys have turkey sausa—” she rudely interrupts— “No.”… I reply “oh… Well do you guys have ANY type of turk—” again, she interrupts— “Nope. Don’t have that”. I laughed, and hung up. Then I proceeded to sit down at my laptop, and make this review. Please, please, avoid this awful shit-pit (excuse my language) at all costs. You will never find yourself enjoying the food. At least not for long. Hope this helped.

Turkey burger

Terrible. Almost had be throwing up.

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