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Frank's Pizza

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Lunch

Frank's Pizza is a Italian, Pizza, and Lunch restaurant where most Menuism users came for a meal on the go, paid between $25 and $50, and tipped more than 18%.

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  • 7/03/2016

    Honestlygood tried it.

HonestlyGood photo


 Flanders, NJ

Complete garbage, horrible service, gross food, overpriced.

Okay, if I could give a 0 star, I would. I don’t even know where to start.

I am very close to this restaurant in terms of where I live, just wanted to put that out there.

Today is 7/3/2016— the day before 4th of july. Which I’d understand might be a busy day, but still doesn’t excuse this poor excuse of service.

1st strike: I call up, they answer quick— which is great. I ask if they deliver, they said yes. Then I proceed to ask two more questions, the first one was if he could do a 4 cheese pizza with wheat dough— they said yes so I ordered it. That’s great, now I asked about the garlic knots, because in some places garlic knots can contain different ingredients— all I asked was if it had cheese in it or not- not even mid sentence the guy cuts me off and tells me how he can’t be on the phone all day answering questions and that they’re really busy and proceeds to say are you going to order or not? Which I respond by saying yes, as I wanted to still give them a chance. To see if these positive reviews were correct— which in my opinion they are a bunch of lies because that sort of attitude is not and should not be allowed in a place of business… The guy sounded like he was middle aged so I would think he’d know by now how to treat customers. Funny thing is, I gave him my order and he calls back asking what the soda I wanted was again- even though he was rushing me to begin with. I did answer but wasn’t amused.

2nd strike: The food arrived after like 45 to an hour after the order was placed. The delivery guy first changed the price to a higher price— I was going to give him a tip anyways, and I ended up doing so anyways… but when I looked at the ticket it clearly stated the price and he tried to overcharge me before I even looked at the ticket, the ticket was infront of him and he had read it before even handing it to me… I also had the total from the guy on the phone, so I did not appreciate that stunt…

3rd strike: The food was extremely gross, and greasier than any other place I’ve been to(I’ve been to many local restaurants, and even chains— and this one by far was the greasiest). The garlic knots were overcooked, stale, and extremely hard. I tried eating one and couldn’t even stomach it. It was so bland, stale, and hard.

I gave my brother his cheese steak roll, and he said it was gross, extremely salty(saltier than any cheese steak he’s ever had), grease was flowing out of it like crazy, and the meat was just appalling… I personally tried a small bit of it— from the center to give my own opinion, and he was right, but gross is an understatement.

We each tried a slice of the pizza, I snapped a photo of it because the 4 cheese pizza itself looked like it was overcooked, stale, and just bland… To no surprise, after I took a bite, I found it wasn’t just bland, stale, and overcooked… It also tasted worse than one of those cheap frozen pizzas from the supermarket… You know? Like worse than totino’s frozen pizza, or worse than the shoprite boxed one. Funny, because the guy said it was going to have a lot of cheese, and that if I put any other ingredient, or more cheese it would taste not that great… Turns out the cheese was just a regular amount— which is fine, but I don’t understand why he couldn’t add toppings or extra if I was willing to pay for it. I am glad he stopped me though, because the pizza itself was disgusting. My mother and brother tried it, both said it was extremely salty, greasy, overcooked, hard and felt like it had been there for a while.

So in conclusion for those of you who “tl;dr” (too long; didn’t read), here’s the run down:

1st: Guy on the phone was rude, and rushing us. Even though we weren’t being slow or anything, and just asked a total of 3 questions..

2nd: Food arrived pretty late, about 20-30 minutes late. Usually pizzerias have a thing where pizza is delivered within 30-40 minutes if you’re in the town over, and less if you’re closer. The delivery guy, read the paper receipt and he clearly tried to overcharge for the pizza, whether he meant that it was towards the tip or not, I don’t know. But he didn’t even mention that— even then delivery people aren’t allowed to suggest or ask for tips. But to those of you who might wonder if I did leave a tip- yes. I left a good tip for what I paid for. Still wasn’t amused by the stunt.

3rd: The food was gross, greasy, salty, overcooked, and stale. The garlic knots were hard, stale, and just gross. The cheesesteak roll was extremely greasy, salty, the meat tasted weird, and it was overall gross to have greasy pouring out of the thing like crazy. The pizza was the worst of all though, not only was it extra greasy, and extra salty, but it was also very bland, felt like it didn’t have enough ingredients, the crust felt hard to the touch, and it was way overcooked.

Overpriced, overcooked, rude workers, gross food, late, etc. IMO I don’t recommend it, rather go for dominos than this garbage.

4 cheese wheat pizza

Gross, overly greasy, overly salty, overcooked, hard crust, just low quality for a high price…

Garlic Knots

Stale, pretty hard, bland, tasted gross- had to spit it out.

cheese steak roll

Extremely greasy, soggy, salty, and the meat flavor was questionable. Overall extremely gross.

TMF photo


 Flanders, NJ

Has Gone Down Hill

This USED to be our favorite pizza place, but it has gone down hill BIGTIME! We have been going to Franks for over 10 years and I remember years ago when they used to use canned mushrooms on their pies, but then switched to fresh mushrooms for at least the last 10 years or more.

Since the recession, Franks has cut back on quantity AND quality. The side salads that used to be a decent size are now miniscule. The other staffers he has hired make frequent mistakes on orders – sometimes they add bread, sometimes not. Sometimes burnt crust – sometimes not. And now, to top it all off BACK TO CANNED MUSHROOMS! And on one visit it tasted like imitation mozzarella on the pan pizza.

Our last and worst experience was picking up our order which we were told would be ready in about 25-30 minutes. We got there at about 40 minutes after placing the order, just to give them enough time knowing they were probably busy. Well, went in and it was packed. The main guy saw me and knew I was there for my order – but after standing next to a wall for 40 minutes – I was more than pissed – and then to find the pizza had canned mushrooms.

It’s time to find another pizza place – because the service and quality are down the tubes.

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